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Share your 2019 Top Ten Lists - Here's my top 10 Board Games of 2019

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Maybe we can all share our own personal Top 10 lists.

Here's one from me, my top 10 board games from 2019.  These weren't all *released* in 2019, but they were my favorite games I discovered and played in 2019:

10.Japiur: 2 player competitive card game; fast and clever
9. Fox in the Forest: 2 player competitive trick taking card game; fast and clever
8. Cahoots: 2-4 player (best with 2) cooperative card game, fast and easy and relaxing
7. Escape Tales the Awakening: Long escape room game with a dark story
6. Aeon's End Legacy: Legacy cooperative deck-building game (best with 2)
5. Rise of Queensdale: Legacy competitive non-take-that board game
4. Orleans: Brilliant competetive bag-building game with medieval art
3. Pandemic World Tour: Not a single game; we made a check list of every pandemic (coop board game) variant and played them
2. 7th Continent: Cooperative exploration board game with best sense of exploration of any board game
1. Chronicles of Crime: A masterpiece mystery-solving cooperative board game

Click to read more..

Little Runmo: Animated short

16 minute animated video inspired by side-scrolling video games.  Haven't watched it all yet (wanted to share it first), but so far so great:

Planet Zoo - the wonderful world of simulation games

The trailers for the new zoo simulation game "Planet Zoo" are stunning... To see how far we have come in a few decades with these simulation games is draw dropping. 

And the icing on the cake is how involved people are in taking this sandbox tool and creating interesting things with it.. This combination of programmers creating tools that other people then take and create with is one of the greatest things.

Similarly amazing in different ways are the videos of Microsoft's new flight simulator engine:

Think about where flight simulators were when I started programming:

It's just mind boggling what an amazing age we are living in and to imagine the future of simulations.

Cooking with tourettes

As a life skill, being able to laugh at yourself cannot be overrated.

Check out this ladies awesome cooking videos:

We should all be so lucky to have such good attitude about making a mess in life, and a family that shares it.

NANY 2020 Pledge - Android App - DiscussionList

Screenshot - 10_10_2019 , 7_57_32 PM.png
A new android app I wrote for NANY 2020 event.  It's a simple thing that lets you manage a collection of relationship/discussion questions, to facilitate weekly discussions, etc.
In the past my wife and I have used a sheet of paper that we bring with us when we go on walks, now we use this.

You can organize questions into categories with tags, etc.

There will be some included questions, and of course you can add your own.

There are 2 main modes, one is just the standard listview management view that you see in all of my android apps. And the other is a new minimalist "slideshow" type view where you can swipe left and right to move through the questions one by one.

Official download from google play store: https://play.google....coder.discussionlist

Click here to read more and download and discuss..

Nice detailed article on handling delays in real-time multiplayer games

Screenshot - 10_19_2019 , 12_16_31 AM_thumb001.png
Here's a nice long article about delay vs rollback strategies of handling synchronization of state in real-time multiplayer games.  Very interesting.

When there is no information from the remote player, delay-based netcode needs to pause and wait, as described in detail on the previous page. Rollback’s main strength is that it never waits for missing input from the opponent. Instead, rollback netcode continues to run the game normally. All inputs from the local player are processed immediately, as if it was offline. Then, when input from the remote player comes in a few frames later, rollback fixes its mistakes by correcting the past. It does this in such a clever way that the local player may not even notice a large percentage of network instability, and they can play through any remaining instances with confidence that their inputs are always handled consistently.


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