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Share your 2019 Top Ten Lists - Here's my top 10 Board Games of 2019

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Maybe we can all share our own personal Top 10 lists.

Here's one from me, my top 10 board games from 2019.  These weren't all *released* in 2019, but they were my favorite games I discovered and played in 2019:

10.Japiur: 2 player competitive card game; fast and clever
9. Fox in the Forest: 2 player competitive trick taking card game; fast and clever
8. Cahoots: 2-4 player (best with 2) cooperative card game, fast and easy and relaxing
7. Escape Tales the Awakening: Long escape room game with a dark story
6. Aeon's End Legacy: Legacy cooperative deck-building game (best with 2)
5. Rise of Queensdale: Legacy competitive non-take-that board game
4. Orleans: Brilliant competetive bag-building game with medieval art
3. Pandemic World Tour: Not a single game; we made a check list of every pandemic (coop board game) variant and played them
2. 7th Continent: Cooperative exploration board game with best sense of exploration of any board game
1. Chronicles of Crime: A masterpiece mystery-solving cooperative board game

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