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Our Favorite Websites

This page lists some of our long-time favorite websites -- sites we couldn't live without and sites that have been true friends to

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If you'e not familiar with it, Donationcoder is one of the web's best sources for high quality, free and donationware software. But its more than that: Donationcoder is a community of coders and software enthusiasts, a site that been successful in sustaining an ongoing, intelligent conversation about software for years (including some of the most in-depth and high-quality software reviews on the internet). Since their inception four years ago, Donationcoder have been a part of a bold experiment in alternative funding based entirely on member donations. Not only have they proved the skeptics wrong by surviving, they have succeeded in thriving and in delivering a constant stream of applications and attaining s deserved reputation for sophisticated, intelligent discourse.
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Our Favorite Websites

This page collects short descriptions of some of our favorite websites. It's our way of saying thanks to the sites we have come to love.

This page has not been updated for awhile but will be getting some new content soon! Please check out the rest of our fantastic website which is far more updated than this page!

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Our Favorite Websites: Gizmo's Freeware / Tech Support Alert

Screenshot - 9 7 2013 , 7 02 13 PM_ver001_thumb001.png
No site does as good a job of helping you choose a freeware tool for a specific task than Gizmo's Freeware (otherwise known by us old-timers as Tech Support Alert).

The site is simply unrivaled in terms of recommendations for freeware, and if you ever find yourself asking what the best free windows utility is for a given task, it's *the* site to visit.

In each well-organized category, top alternatives are reviewed, rated, and ranked, and then discussed by all -- and reviews are frequently revisited and updated, which is a rarity.

In addition, Gizmo Richards himself has also long been a friend to freeware authors, helping to shine the light on new freeware tools, and a friend to us from the early days, helping to tell people about DonationCoder and our software -- and I am extremely honored to have had some of my tools recommended on the site.

I can't think of a better site to receive the first entry in our list of our Favorite Websites.

Direct Link:

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Our Favorite Websites: gHacks

Screenshot - 11_6_2013 , 3_57_16 PM_thumb001.png
gHacks is one of a handful of wonderful websites that has always been friendly to, and supportive of, independent software authors.

The site has been mentioned hundreds of times on our forum, and they've featured many of the software utilities made by the members here.

Truly one of our favorite sites for discovering software.

Visit Site:

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Our Favorite Websites: BoingBoing

Screenshot - 11_5_2013 , 9_23_40 PM_thumb001.png
There are a ton of websites competing to offer you a daily helping of new and unusual discoveries on the internet, but few can hold a candle to BoingBoing, which sets the standard for coming up with new interesting items every day that you won't find anywhere else.

BoingBoing is short on business, law, politics, and slapstick humor -- and instead focuses on under-appreciated artists and creators, and on bringing the obscure to the public.

Visit Site:

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Our Favorite Websites: Instructables

Screenshot - 11_5_2013 , 5_52_57 PM_ver001_thumb001.png
It's impossible not to love Instructables, the website where amateur do-it-yourselfers post visual tutorials on how to make just about anything you could imagine.

Now if you're interests are focused on a narrow domain -- for example if you're interested in knitting, painting, electronics, etc., then you're going to find better websites for tutorials in your chosen area with content created by people with professional-level skills.  That's not what instructables is about.

But if you're tastes are eclectic, and you like meeting fellow amateurs and dabblers, the charm and friendliness and sheer variety of the tutorials at Instructables is a joy to behold.

If you have kids, and they get bored -- get on the computer and go to the Instructables website, and you're bound to find something fun to make.

Visit Site:

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Our Favorite Websites: Techdirt

Screenshot - 11_5_2013 , 9_18_58 AM_thumb001.png
For those who want to keep up with the intersection of technology and law/politics, Techdirt is the perfect website.

The site features original writing, updated multiple times per day, offering perspective on current legal and political issues that involve technology. 

The posts are written by people who know what they are talking about, but the writers don't take themselves too seriously, and write in a way that is accessible to the layperson.

The entire site is a testament to the value of presenting information in a clean, structured, no-nonsense way.

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Our Favorite Websites: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Screenshot - 11_4_2013 , 3_16_07 PM_thumb001.png
Rock, Paper, Shotgun is my favorite website for reading about computer/video games.

It's a small site, run by just a handful of guys.  And what they do is written reviews of computer games.  They don't give out ratings and awards, and they don't have fancy multimedia stuff.

Explaining what makes Rock, Paper, Shotgun so great requires a bit of a exposition..

I have learned something about myself -- I don't really *ENJOY* playing computer/video games.  I used to as a young kid and I do sometimes still play them, but mostly when I do, one of two things happen.  Most often, I just don't enjoy it -- I just don't have the patience.  Occasionally I'll find a game that really captures me (Mafia2 for example).

However, while I don't actually enjoy playing video games much, I find I am fascinated by reading about them.

There are lots of reasons for this.  From a programmer's perspective, video games in many ways are the apex of pure coding challenges.  We're also at an amazing time where robust simulation is becoming a part of the core of game design, and where simulations are more and more treading on what was previously the domain of AI and Artificial Life research.  And it's becoming increasingly clear that video games can be genuine master works of fiction and art.

Which brings us back to the Rock, Paper, Shotgun website.

No other website does as good a job of writing so regularly and satisfyingly about the joys and failures and potential of computer games (large and independent).

It's a bit hard to explain, but Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a reminder that some people just write well (and differently).  And that when you read reviews from people who have broader interests in the genre, you get insights that you don't get on a normal game review site.

It makes all the difference in the world if you are interested in reading game reviews not (just) to decide if you want to play it, but for the love of the idea of computer games and what they are capable of.

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