About this Chat Room

This chat room connects to the official discord server for DonationCoder. Alternatively, you can use the stand-alone Discord client to connect to the channel ( invite ).

Who Am I Talking To?

This chat channel is open to all, though there are usually one or two users in the channel who are moderators at the DonationCoder forum who can provide official support. Please do not share your login information or other personal information with anyone other than moderators.

24hrs/day, 365days/year

Our chat channel is occupied 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but please remember you are not speaking with paid support employees -- you are speaking with members of the DonationCoder.com forum who hang out in there spare time to chat about all aspects of life, and will help out with problems you might have if they are able to. We are always happy to have new people join the chat to talk about life, projects, software, etc.

Don't Forget the Forum

While the chat channel can occasionally be a good way to get a question answered quickly, we always recommend our forum as the main place to find answers and request assistance. That's because the forum has a much wider reach in terms of people who can help, and doesn't rely on someone being online when you post your question. It's also a much better way for people to share lasting knowledge on the forum.

Screenshot Captor Has Fans, Part Three
Checking out the praise it regularly deserves will fully explain why it's our premier choice for OS screenshots.
C.2. image

The chat window should load above this text. You can also use the stand-alone Discord client to connect to the DonationCoder server ( invite ).

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