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[Article] Software Below The Poverty Line

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From an interesting article:

Most people believe that open source sustainability is a difficult problem to solve. As an open source developer myself, my own perspective to this problem was more optimistic: I believe in the donation model, for its simplicity and possibility to scale.

I decided to collect data from OpenCollective and GitHub, and take a more scientific sample of the situation. The results I found were shocking: there were two clearly sustainable open source projects, but the majority (more than 80%) of projects that we usually consider sustainable are actually receiving income below industry standards or even below the poverty threshold.



401scan 003_thumb001.png
Got myself a new wireless headset for the computer.

It's a logitech G533:

purchased from Amazon for about $75 (https://www.amazon.c...dset-x/dp/B01MXE0FKC)

I like it.  It has good range, feels comfortable, has no leather/pleather but fabric instead (this is important because the older pleahter headsets I have had have all disintegrated over time).  Nice physical on off switch on the headset, along with a swivel down microphone for chat/gaming.

It is *NOT* bluetooth.  I actually have a different bluetooth headset and transmitter for my stereo, and don't have serious complaints about it, but it IS a bit more fussy in terms of connecting between the base and headset whenever you turn it on.  For my pc, I wanted something that was easier.

This is a nice small usb stick I just plug in when I want to use the headset and it instantly connects, no muss no fuss.  Unplug the usb stick to disconnect.

Overall, I'm quite happy with it.  :up:

A couple more neat features:  Compact mic folds up out of the way and when it's up it automatically mutes.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Re: Hidden Netflix Marathon Gems to Watch Online

Netflix recommendation:


2 seasons (over 20 episodes) about an orthodox jewish family.  Subtitled.

It takes an episode or two before you get absorbed into the world, but after that it's extremely compelling, sweet, fascinating.  For most of us, a view into a very different culture.

Dell laptops and computers vulnerable to remote hijacks

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If you have a dell laptop you need to make sure you are up to date.

A vulnerability in the Dell SupportAssist utility exposes Dell laptops and personal computers to a remote attack that can allow hackers to execute code with admin privileges on devices using an older version of this tool and take over users' systems.
Dell has released a patch for this security flaw on April 23; however, many users are likely to remain vulnerable unless they've already updated the tool --which is used for debugging, diagnostics, and Dell drivers auto-updates.


posted by mouser donate to mouser
discovered on slashdot.org
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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Long Article on What Went Wrong

Screenshot - 4_24_2019 , 9_53_17 AM_thumb001.png
Really long interesting article on Read Dead Redemption 2, a much awaited video game (I thought the original was one of the top 10 video games I had ever played).

The most brain-shattering example happens when you play dominoes. You can see neither the board nor your hand from the main default screen while playing dominoes. And I have a big TV, so please, it’s not the TV. But the game is designed so you can zoom in on the board, then zoom out, and then zoom back in on your hand. It’s designed to mimic what it would actually feel like to be realistically playing dominoes.

Not only is this a really obstinate decision, but the board view is actually worthless because the view of your hand is even better and closer than the view that shows you the board. That means you have to hold the left trigger basically the entire time you play to properly see the board. This is a ridiculous choice to me, on every level, because it so readily creates an exhausting experience.


posted by mouser donate to mouser
discovered on osnews.com
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Nice long hacker article on jailbreaking a car head unit

Some of us enjoy reading a good man versus machine detective story.
This is a long description of the process of getting access to the software running the head unit (audio, navigation, etc.) in his car.

Back in June, I purchased a new car: the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. This vehicle has an interesting head unit that's locked down and running a proprietary, non-Android operating system. Let's root it. If this was Android, we could most likely find plenty of pre-existing PoCs and gain root rather trivially as most vehicle manufacturers never seem to update Android. Because this isn't an old Android version, we'll have to put a little more work in than usual.


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