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Process Tamer: 5 Stars
This program [Process Tamer] may be extremely valuable to you if you work with processing-intesive applications that often make your system unstable. For myself, I have found that process tamer works really well in preventing some of my MS Excel macros that routinely crash my machine form doing so.
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Elevator Saga - Programming Game/Challenge

This is a very cool programming game/challenge, which deals with the absolutely fascinating problem of optimal elevator scheduling:


Re: Share your tips and comforts for dealing with the stress and fear of a pandemic

My mom and others have recommended this full length play from the National Theatre Full, now available on youtube:

One Man, Two Guvnors with James Corden

Mini-Review: GIFExplainer

GIF Explainer Review
DISCLAIMER: Note that I was given a review copy of GIF Explainer in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Basic Info

App NameGIFExplainer
App URLhttps://www.gifexplainer.com/
App Version Reviewedv1.1
Test System SpecsWindows 10 64-bit
Supported OSesWindows 7/10
Support MethodsRegistered users: http://www.majormind.com/helpdesk.  Sales support: [email protected]
Upgrade Policyhttps://www.gifexpla...om/order.html#hprlic
Trial Version Available?Yes, adds watermarks.  You have to give your e-mail address to get trial link.
Pricing SchemeLifetime license: $149.00.  Subscription Price: 29.95USD
Author Donation Linkwraith808

I must admit starting off, I went into GIF explainer with certain preconceived notions.  When I see GIF Explainer, I think that it's going to record video and turn it into a GIF for sharing.  That brings to mind certain questions- how about audio?  How large are these things going to be?  We've all seen the huge many megabyte GIF files that struggle to load in the browser as they download the image.

I'm happy to say that this isn't that.

If you've seen programs like ScreenSteps or Clarify, this is a similar concept- it documents processes in steps.  Once these processes are documented, it saves them to a GIF image instead of a PDF.

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

Mini Newsletter for Mar 24, 2020 - Coronavirus Lockdown

blog clipart
Mini Newsletter for Mar 24, 2020
"Codename: Coronavirus Lockdown"

1. Newsletter Editorial

Greetings all.  As you know, the entire planet is currently dealing with a serious crisis -- a worldwide virus pandemic that is overloading hospitals and causing severe damage to entire economies.

I'm writing to you from Champaign, Illinois, in the United States, which has only just begun to see cases reported.  We are under a state-wide stay-at-home order, with more of the country expected to follow suit soon.  Many other countries are further along in the trajectory of infection and are struggling to figure out how to handle it.

I have been finding it hard lately to focused on being positive and productive.  I find myself feeling overloaded and anxious.  I don't know if any of you are having the same problem.

I do know that in times like these, there is some value in being able to share our thoughts, encourage each other, and maintain some sense of normality and community.

With that goal in mind, I thought I would send out a short newsletter sooner rather than later.

For the overwhelming majority of you, this email/newsletter will be of no interest to you, and you can safely stop reading now; we're not asking for any money, nor do we have any money to give out.

However, for any of you who have a little room in your life right now, who would benefit from some positive distraction, I'd like to invite you to make yourself at home on our forum and share a bit of your life with us.  We are a friendly bunch.

-jesse (mouser)
 Champaign, IL, USA
2. Mouser's Software Updates and Discussions

I've released a couple of very minor updates to my software since the last newsletter in January, plus a MAJOR alpha-version update to one of them, and a new small Android app.

3. Feel Good Favorites

I thought this would be a good occasion to highlight some of the longest running, feel good threads on our forum, and invite you to post in them.

4. Other recent threads on our forum

Just a few recent threads on our forum.

Share your tips and comforts for dealing with the stress and fear of a pandemic

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I know a lot of people are nervous and uncertain.. Fear of losing jobs, health, investments.

Let's have a happy thread where we can share reassuring tips, projects, and mental strategies to stay sane and calm in this crazy time.

No rumors or panic in this thread, just strategies for staying sane and coping with the stress.

Amazon Pay has decided to block donationcoder payments

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Amazon Pay, which we allow people to use to buy commercial licenses for our software from our commercial license page, has decided to block us and refuse to process payments to us.
They have said it is related to us looking like a charity, but won't elaborate or tell us what we could do to fix the problem.
So it goes.  :down:

Follow up:

Here's a reminder of what the world looks like if you are an individual trying to deal with (or are dependent on) a large corporation:

After amazon pay decided yesterday without warning to block payments to us, they have a form you can use to submit an appeal.  I explained why I thought they were mistaken and said I would be happy to make any changes and asked how they would like us to change or what we should do to be in compliance with their policies.  Here is the reply I got today:
"We reviewed your account and the information you provided, and we decided that you may no longer use Amazon Pay. We may not reply to further emails about this issue."

Ha.  Welcome to our future.  All decisions will be made by bots or humans acting like bots.  No need for explanations or conversation.

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