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Distance Board Gaming Guide from BGG

Screenshot - 5_14_2020 , 5_37_57 PM_thumb001.png
Great list of board games in different categories that are suitable for online play.


Mini Papercraft models of Retro Computers to Print and Assemble

Screenshot - 4_30_2020 , 8_13_56 PM_thumb001.png
This is truly wonderful.  A collection of downloadable print-and-assemble paper craft models of retro computers including the Apple II, the IBM PC, the TRS-80 Model 3, by Rocky Bergen.

These look wonderful -- you just download and print them and cut and assemble.  Love it.


Screenshot - 4_30_2020 , 8_13_56 PM_thumb001.png

System32 - funny indy web comic about computers

Screenshot - 4_30_2020 , 7_20_39 AM_thumb001.png
I enjoyed this web comic that dc member panzer told us about, System32:


DonationCoder Zoom Meeting May 2nd

blog clipart
What does everyone think about having a super short 10 minute zoom meeting open to all donationcoder folks?
Just to say hello and put face and voice to forum nickname and do something weird?

We'll just all go around and say our names and say hello and then quickly sign off before we feel too nervous.

Date: Saturday, May 2nd

Who's in?

Re: Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

This is a brief review for the new cooperative trick-taking card game "The Crew":

With all the hype this game received, I was full expecting to be let down, but I have to say it's a pretty damn good little cooperative trick taker.

I was recently quite disappointed by the recent 2-player cooperative trick taker "Fox in the Forest Duet", which I felt was overly complicated with uninteresting choices. [The original 2-player competitive game Fox in the Forest is great btw].

But "The Crew" gets it right -- the games are fast and interesting, and the basic rules could not be simpler.

It's really built for 3 or 4 players, but I've found the 2-player variant works surprisingly well, despite sounding awful.  You essentially have a dummy hand that is half-exposed and controlled by one of the players.  But in practice it creates an interesting puzzle element and works well.

The "innovative" part of the game is the fact that you are meant to play it in a "campaign" of 50 missions of increasingly challenging tweaks to the goals.

It's not like a legacy game or a strict campaign -- people can jump in and out, each mission is a standalone thing that simply specifies different kinds of goals that need to be achieved in different orders. So there's no need to keep playing with the same group, etc.

The variety of missions and the short length of the games and the simple rules, makes it ideal for non-hardcore gamers.  Yet the strategy is rich enough to make it interesting for more serious gamers.  And the campaign of games essentially gives everyone time to get more sophisticated as they learn how to play better over the sequence of games.

Highly recommended, both for 2 players, and for mixed family groups during vacations, etc. .

Read more game mini-reviews..

Elevator Saga - Programming Game/Challenge

This is a very cool programming game/challenge, which deals with the absolutely fascinating problem of optimal elevator scheduling:


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