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Design difficulties of making the stealth games Thief

Nice short video on the design difficulties of making one of the early first person stealth games, Thief:

Find and Run Robot (FARR) v2.233.01 Released

Screenshot - 10_22_2007 , 10_13_33 AM.png
A new version of Find and Run Robot (v2.233) has been released, with several bug fixes and new features.

Download Latest Version from Official Web Page: HERE.

Screenshot Captor v4.27.3 Released

A new version of Screenshot Captor (v4.27.3) has been released, with several bug fixes and new features.

Download Latest Version from Official Web Page: HERE.

The remains of the anonymous exhibitionist site Chatroullette

Screenshot - 2_14_2018 , 1_01_06 PM_thumb001.png
For those who weren't around when Chatroullette came about -- it was (is) a site that matched random webcam users up for anonymous connections, where you would randomly meet people from across the globe.  It quickly turned into a random online exhibitionism tool.

In 2010, Chatroulette was the “it” site. It was profiled religiously, as was its eventual rise and decline in popularity. By June of that year, reporters had gone from singing its praise as “the future of the internet” to writing its obituary (“Cause of death: penises”)... The men who remain — and make no mistake, they are overwhelmingly men — still consider it a place to waste a little time online... Between the occasional, curious user who is truly interested in just chatting, are the ones everyone has come to expect: the on-cam men jerking off.


Create maps for your board/table games!

Daves Mapper.png
Just stumbled upon this awesome find:  http://davesmapper.com

Create amazing maps for your table/board games (or even a computer game if you feel so inclined!)

100% free too!

Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble: Long article on blockchain and cryptocurrency

Screenshot - 2_11_2018 , 7_45_51 PM_thumb001.png
Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble: Long article on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and the core ideas that might be useful

Longish article on blockchain and cryptocurrency recommended by Kevin Kelly:

History is replete with stories of new technologies whose initial applications end up having little to do with their eventual use. All the focus on Bitcoin as a payment system may similarly prove to be a distraction, a technological red herring. Nakamoto pitched Bitcoin as a “peer-to-peer electronic-cash system” in the initial manifesto, but at its heart, the innovation he (or she or they) was proposing had a more general structure, with two key features...For our purposes, forget everything else about the Bitcoin frenzy, and just keep these two things in mind: What Nakamoto ushered into the world was a way of agreeing on the contents of a database without anyone being “in charge” of the database, and a way of compensating people for helping make that database more valuable, without those people being on an official payroll or owning shares in a corporate entity. Together, those two ideas solved the distributed-database problem and the funding problem.

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