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Long time Find and Run Robot user, also have started using Clipboard Help and Spell.
I did get the new license key and it worked flawlessly. I donated because I believe in supporting the authors whose intellectual property I am benefiting from. Thanks for your continual support of your software.
L. Rosenfield
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NANY 2020 Pledge - Android App - DiscussionList

Screenshot - 10_10_2019 , 7_57_32 PM.png
A new android app I wrote for NANY 2020 event.  It's a simple thing that lets you manage a collection of relationship/discussion questions, to facilitate weekly discussions, etc.
In the past my wife and I have used a sheet of paper that we bring with us when we go on walks, now we use this.

You can organize questions into categories with tags, etc.

There will be some included questions, and of course you can add your own.

There are 2 main modes, one is just the standard listview management view that you see in all of my android apps. And the other is a new minimalist "slideshow" type view where you can swipe left and right to move through the questions one by one.

Official download from google play store: https://play.google....coder.discussionlist

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