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I use LaunchBar Commander, Screenshot Captor, and Clipboard Help+Spell daily and frankly would find it hard to function without them.  I use the portable versions and they are a lifesaver when I am having to bounce from computer to computer.
They do what I need and excel at being reliable and useful!
Anima L.
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How to boot up an old PDP-11 computer from the 1970s

Fun picture guide on how to boot up an old PDP-11 computer from the 1970s:

So you want to play Adventure, but don't know how to turn on the PDP-11? These instructions are for booting our dual rack machine from its RL01 drives, although booting the single cabinet machine from the RK05 is very similar.


Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

posted by mouser donate to mouser
discovered on OSnews.com
(permalink) (read 2 comments)

Anyone watching the 2021 chess championship matches?

blog clipart
Game 6 was INTENSE!

Nuclear missile silo keyboard repurposed for usb

Screenshot - 12_1_2021 , 12_20_17 PM.png
Gothic (John), a programmer and electronics savant, who used to handle server administrator for DonationCoder, had a project featured on Hackaday.com today.  Very cool stuff.

He found a weird old keyboard (with trackball) on ebay and it turned out to come from a nuclear missile silo.  After some work with an Arudino board he got it talking to USB interface.  Very cool.


Wordle: simple web word game

Screenshot - 11_18_2021 , 1_25_52 AM.png
Been enjoying this:


There is only one new word each day, so you can't keep playing it.  Simple fun little brain puzzle word game you play in your web browser:

A decade and a half of instability: The history of Google messaging apps

Nice long essay on ArsTechnica
Google Talk, Google's first-ever instant messaging platform, launched on August 24, 2005. This company has been in the messaging business for 16 years, meaning Google has been making messaging clients for longer than some of its rivals have existed. But thanks to a decade and a half of nearly constant strategy changes, competing product launches, and internal sabotage, you can't say Google has a dominant or even stable instant messaging platform today.


I bought an Oculus Quest and I'm blown away by the current state of VR

Screenshot - 7_11_2021 , 4_09_26 AM_thumb002.png
So I bought an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset ($300 amazon).

I was just blown away by the experience.  Both the quality of the experience inside the VR world, and also how painless the whole process is.
It's a standalone device, no need for cables to a computer (essentially powered by a phone-grade android cpu).

I have not been keeping up with the progress in VR technology.  I'm still in shock how cool the experience is.  I think we are going to see mass adoption of this stuff in the coming years.  As someone who is not really a video gamer and is mostly a board gamer, I really do think this is all going to change with VR.  Very cool stuff.


(I've decided to try some tinkering with coding for it using Unity).

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