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401scan 003_thumb001.png
Got myself a new wireless headset for the computer.

It's a logitech G533:

purchased from Amazon for about $75 (https://www.amazon.c...dset-x/dp/B01MXE0FKC)

I like it.  It has good range, feels comfortable, has no leather/pleather but fabric instead (this is important because the older pleahter headsets I have had have all disintegrated over time).  Nice physical on off switch on the headset, along with a swivel down microphone for chat/gaming.

It is *NOT* bluetooth.  I actually have a different bluetooth headset and transmitter for my stereo, and don't have serious complaints about it, but it IS a bit more fussy in terms of connecting between the base and headset whenever you turn it on.  For my pc, I wanted something that was easier.

This is a nice small usb stick I just plug in when I want to use the headset and it instantly connects, no muss no fuss.  Unplug the usb stick to disconnect.

Overall, I'm quite happy with it.  :up:

A couple more neat features:  Compact mic folds up out of the way and when it's up it automatically mutes.

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