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Thanks superboyac!

And have you any success with making a nice annoying loud tablet Alarms?

CalendarScope is a free 30-day trial, then $30 + $20 for HandySync to get to iPad, or others like Android. 
Have you tried this method?

And I own a seven year-old Vueminder license. I doubt it does any easy sync. So we again have a 30-day trial, on a product that is likely the $80 Ultimate version.  If that is one-time for the version, without a yearly subscription, it is worth a trial. However, to sync with an iPad it looks like it is based on Google calendar or "Microsoft Exchange and Office 365".. I have a sense that could be messy, since it is two steps to the iPad.

However, you say the plus is VIEWING, after entering from Outlook.  Can I justify the cost for that purpose? Maybe I can use my old Vueminder, if I have the 9.x file.

Radicale looks like too much.

In a few minutes I will try to see what Outlook Calendar account I should be using.

The list and page is excellent.

Freeware Home (which I did not know) seems to have stopped putting out additional material in early 2018.

Major Geeks is very heavy with advertising, and many people can be duped into clicking buttons for possibly disreputable software. So I usually go elsewhere.

We have had some earlier threads., as have others. I will mention a couple that you may have not included for specific reasons.

Beware of download sites

There is another one or two I did not find yet.


These are the ones commonly mentioned that may be good afaik.
And you may be passing them by for specific reasons.



Some Reviews - including some junk sites, not much really added.

YouTube with some pics of sites

Comments discussion (2018)
Top 7 Cleanest And Safest Websites To Download Free Softwares For Windows

Top 20+ Websites For Downloading Windows Software For Free 2018
Top 20+ Websites For Downloading Windows Software For Free 2018

Now I want to talk about Alarms, which are the critical element of calendars.

I use a free alarm app called Alarmy, which on my Ipad advertises itself as the most annoying, it has a method of increasing volume, and unless you go into some special sleep modes, it will remind me of anything.  (There is a professional version, but I don't think it is structurally different.)

The problem is that it is not linked to a calendar, and the only repetition it has is weekly, you can not simply pick a date a month away without it ringing 4-5 times. It is good for meetings in the next week or so, daily reminders (e.g. house alarm), weekly reminders (e.g. Friday garage sales), but it does not do well calendar events like a Hudson River festival two months off. You will have to endure 8 'false alarms',

I'm looking for a loud-annoying pushy iPad-PC alarm that works as part of a calendar setup.

In a pinch, I will take iPad only.

Your thoughts? 


Good question.  I decided to study this out.  3.3.4 is retired, and may contain a vulnerability.

Here there is some description, starting with an earlier vulnerability in 3.3.2.

LastPass releases fix browser extension security flaws
March 23, 2017
"Users can also update to Firefox 3.3.4, however, as we noted previously, the 3.x version of LastPass will be retired in the coming weeks.”

LastPass has fixed three bugs in the password manager discovered by Google research Tavis Ormandy in the last 24 hours.
March 22, 2017
"LastPass incorporated a fix for that vulnerability into version 3.3.4 of the add-on, released Wednesday morning. Firefox users should be automatically updated to the latest version, Ormandy said."

Discussion of the Ormandy-LastPass interactions:
Threatpost - March 22
LastPass Fixes Three Password Theft Vulnerabilities


This whole discussion is good, the extract is from the last quote.

LastPass Bug
April 1, 2017

There have been several attacks over the years against browser extensions for LastPass specifically and other password vaults in general. In most cases, this involves somehow fooling the browser extension into thinking you are on XYZ website, when you are actually on ABC website. By using the browser extension to have the convenience of automatically logging in to a site when you visit it, you've opened yourself to the risk that the browser extension is tricked this way.

The simplest solution is to just not use the browser extensions for a password vault. Take the extra 30 seconds to manually cut-and-paste the password from the vault into the website when you want to log in (or the extra minute to manually type it out). Then you don't have to worry about browser extensions being fooled, you just have to worry about you being fooled (e.g. phishing or other social engineering).


Tavis Ormandy on Twitter


While it says there that the problem was in 3.3.2 you have this:

Is Fx extension 3.3.4 affected by the latest vulnerability?
April 7, 2017
"YES 3.3.4 is affected"

Not sure if that is true, it may have been an extrapolation from:
"All of your LastPass browser extensions should be updated to version 4.1.44 or higher"

Pale Moon Forum
PM 27.2.0 not allowing CRITICAL update to LASTPASS
Try to download 4.1.36a and install it using Moon Tester Tool, but note the warnings and restrictions while doing so! If everything works well I advise you to ask the developers about the official Pale Moon support. All the necessary technical information is here, just add this link to your request.

Major Geeks wonders if 3.3.4 has vulnerabilities

Reddit back and forth, how quick was Lastpass, and no clear indication on 3.3.4



A competitor attacks LastPass



Security Update for the LastPass Extension
March 27, 2017 - updated March 31

TavisO finds yet another LP code execution exploit
This may effect 3.3.4.
All of your LastPass browser extensions should be updated to version 4.1.44 or higher


It does seem that LastPass may be problematic with Pale Moon and similar.  The last one referred to as compatible was 3.3.4 but there is some sort of vulnerability involved. And since this is a delicate area, I will just use LastPass from the Taskbar and/or Desktop capabilities.

General Software Discussion / Re: the power of Linkman
« on: July 20, 2019, 05:37 PM » is what I have.  Pretty sure the differences are tiny.

Firefox/PaleMoon is mentioned in Tools->Settings->Browser.

And I had no problem putting it on Pale Moon. You have to use the Legacy .xpi which you download to your disk/desktop whatever and is on the Linkman Firefox extension page.  Then you pick it up with the button in the Pale Moon Extension page that loads an extension from a file.  That is what worked for me on Pale Moon, also Waterforx and Cyberfox, I think. (Lenovo SFF with little on it, so I loaded about 12 browsers for fun.)  It is all the same extension. It would work for Firefox 56 but why bother with Pale Moon handy.  You can identify the browser by using the Tools-Settings-Browser User Defined.  (Or default is good too, for calling.) That is helpful for loading a page from Linkman to the browser, where you have various choices even at the time of loading.

If you use the Quantum .xpi then it will say the file is corrupted and the extension will not load.
The extension will always communicate with the Linkman Drop Basket, just remember that if it is squirrelly you probably initiate the ADD/EDIT from the browser side.

And sometimes you change 80 to 81, port, but on my latest use of a Windows 7 it was not clashing with Skype, dunno why, so I left everything at port 80 for now.

I do go in and out of Pale Moon, Firefox (Quantum and Quantum ESR) and Chrome (regular and Canary). I use Opera for some oddball sign-ons as well, it is my back-door browser. And use the others more on a whim.

Make sense?

General Software Discussion / the power of Linkman
« on: July 20, 2019, 07:23 AM »
This was meant as a reply to Cyberdiva on another thread.

Pale Moon as my browser due to the wonderful extensions

However, let's keep it as its own. This has been by far the most valuable program I have used, without any real comparable alternative, imho.


Linkman gives full support.  And they are pretty robust in having a number of browsers built-in. Hard to find improvements that will bring them from 8.99 to 9.0.  And I have over 100K bookmarks and it works wonderfully.

Once I suggested that they might have an archive feature, where your pages could be kept on your disk, for those that vanish or become 404s. (A decent pct. can then be found in or by Google search.)  They actually were working on it a bit, I think they decided it was too much effort and complication for too little usage.

What a program! It is especially helpful as a research assistant. I group a topic with a keyword (e.g. the "real Nazareth" or "WooCommerce plugin") and when the topic comes up in discussion I quickly have my 5 or 50 urls on the topic, with some notes about what is in that page.  Also with Google books and, I line it up in order and give each page of interest a description of what I found there. 

Remember the predecessor, Powermarks :).

Thanks.  I am only using latest versions.
Quite a blunder on the PaleMoon people (remember, even CCleaner had a problem, with a current version.)

Semi-tech discussion about WebExtension and URL

Basiliks Browser Drops Webextension Support

Basilisk would be the 4th alternative, but it is very little different than PaleMoon

I added uBlock Origen to these browsers from the LegacyCollector
Also Tab Flick.

Linkman - just get the right .xpi (different .xpi for Chrome, Firefox Quantum, etc)
Download it and pick it up from the file search in extensions.

OneTab (also available on Chrome, Firefox Quantum etc)


The KEY Reasons, especially 1-2

Tab Mix Plus
Roomy Bookmarks

(you can add some here - especially ones that do not have comparable functionality in the modern Chrome-Quantum worlds)


Using Legacy Collector it takes five minutes to have these installed:

I know this is a bit of a rehash.

And I still have reasons to use modern Chrome (e.g. Gmail utilities) and Firefox and others, but I think for now Pale Moon is the #1 for general browsing.

Waterfox might be just as good, just checked seems fine.
Cyberfox also loads those extensions.
No reason to work with Firefox 56 or 52.

Your thoughts!

Ironically, one thing that is a bit of a hindrance with Google is the ease of having multiple accounts. While they make it pretty easy to switch, it still is an extra step or two.  I have at least 2 or 3 accounts that I am likely to be signed in on,  one handles biz stuff, one bible stuff, one personal finances (they all forward to my email client.) There are another dozen accounts, but those I am unlikely to sign in.

So if I want to pin a calendar page to the browser or taskbar, or an easy bookmark, right now I am leaning towards continuing with Zoho.

Putting aside integrations (I prefer to hand put every entry in one central spot) any major advantages or disadvantages considered.   

All suggestions welcome.

My Calendars.jpg

This is how Zoho handles your creation of what I will call sub-calendars, or component calendars.  Whatever you have checked will be showing its entries, and you essentially can combine them any way you want, but you cannot save what we would call a "combined calendar View"

I like this better than tags or categorys or keywords.

Who does similar or better ? Perhaps Vueminder and a few others?  How does Google compare? 


Talking about single person calendars. 
Yet multi sub-categories, like this:

Christian Conferences
Local Events

Input through Windows mostly.

And I just tried out Zoho, I actually was impressed with its sub-calendars that are all on the one screen, in the upper-left, with their own colors. You can check-mark which ones are active for the overlay aspect, which is what this post is mostly about.  One limitation, I don't think you can "Save" a view of say 5 of the 10 calendars you set up.  Nonetheless it is fine, easier than most I have seen.



Possible +, not fundamental

shows on iPad  (ok, Android too)
groups of people, good for BIZ - (Zoho has that)
integration with email, task, notes etc. (not that important for me, since I am Rightnote and Eudora/TheBat! oriented)

A calendar entry is quick enough to enter. the 3-second saving from a Gmail is not important, since you always tweak them anyway.


Different types of Windows-capable entry calendars, I think they go into 3 basic categories, although some may be hybrid. Free or pay is okay, but not a monthly fee above about $3. Some good calendars are embedded in PIMs (Efficient apparently broke theirs out) and some programs in the RightNote genre might surprise you with a good calendar implementation.  I'll make any adjustments to this as we go long. And I don't care much about importing or even exporting, this is meant to be the master that makes the rules. (Well, Facebook Events might be an exception, OneCalendar, not included, too simple, mentions that.)


Many of these are likely just too simple for the overlay requirement.

1) net-web online based 
   Google, Zoho, Outlook, 30 boxes, Timetree, Fruux, SmartDay, Jorte, Cozi. DakBoard, MineTime

2) windows home-base - Vueminder, Thunderbird, Efficient, Rainlender (literally on the desktop)
   -- embedded in PIMS (Essential, Time&Chaos)

3) mobile-centric - Fantastical, Pimlical, Pocket Informant, PocketLife,, Business Calendar 2
  (I am not checking if they are Windows capable yet, however, these are more for Tablet Thinking)


So what works well? 
Is Zoho one of the leaders from my requirements?

This is sort of a follow-up on an earlier 2016 thread that was a bit more tablet-centric.

calendar that is happy in Windows and on tablet

I've decided that for me data entry should be Windows based, either web or Desktop 


Thanks. Great references.

First, I am looking at Atavi and comparing it to and others as my cloud bookmark from Firefox. (Working with Limkman is more complex because of the 100K count.)

Then back to merging and dupes.

General Software Discussion / cross-browser bookmark flexibility
« on: March 30, 2019, 07:38 PM »
First, let me say that I use Linkman as my all purpose bookmark keeper, and have it working excellently with multiple browsers at one time. Firefox Quantum ESR, Chrome, Pale Moon Waterfox, Opera and many others can all be used with Linkman. There is little or no architectural variance.  You get the Linkman button in the toolbar, and then add (using port 81, so as not to clash with Skype) and edit bookmarks either from the toolbar or from their drop basket, a frog which floats in the moat.  All excellent there, and highly recommended.  And I do lots of jiggling to keep information there, based on keyword linkage.


My normal bookmarks, for super-quick access, work on the bookmark bar, about 20 folders - health, biz, puter, scripture, and lots of easy access stuff there.  And I like to drop new stuff in. I do not have to change the structure, e.g. adding folders, except every blue moon.

This bookmark bar can be replicated on Pale Moon, and any other browser that will import the file.

Right now I simply keep Firefox Quantum as my master, and switch back there when I want to add.

My goal is to be able to add to maybe 3 or more browsers that all have the same bookmark structure.  And then every once in a while, maybe weekly, put all the additions together.  If a subfolder was added in one browser, and a different subfolder was added in another browser, I would like both to be in the new master structure.  And I am not worried about deletions, changes of names and stuff like that. I would be aware than changing names would create duplicates.

Is this pseudo-synchronization idea feasible? How?

Your thoughts welcome!


Nice thread.

When I have a large screen, I keep a section of two column widths open on the right.  I keep my Linkman dropbasket, icons like those for killing programs pskill, maybe a note thing, winlister, screen capture, in that area.  You might have some good ideas.  Yes, it could all be handled from the start menu, but it helps clear thinking.  If Quicknote sizes nicely I might put it there, Pnote or Notezilla would other examples.
Download - no problem, same size, 1.3 - Ghacks

Still works great. I keep it in the bottom of the system tray and use it frequently before pasting into forums and some programs.
Steven Miller
PureText Plus

Thanks, good info. Somehow I missed the recent thread "some useful but less-known software. share your list!!!"
Try to check it out shortly.

This is a pretty handy tool: eCleaner (File: Cleaner v2.02 - - as attached)
ecleaner is 2003, the web site is up on

From a description.
"eCleaner is a freeware application that cleans up e-mails that have been forwarded several times. First configure it once and for all to "Leave blank lines". Thereafter simply copy and paste any e-mail or web text into eCleaner, press the "Clean" button, immediately switch back to your wordprocessor or e-mail, and paste."

It seems to be mostly designed to get rid of ">".  Might be a nice simple tool for that purpose.
Probably does not touch line-feeds.

Text Monkey or Clippy, see this post: Re: some useful but less-known software. share your list!!!
Textmonkey looks like an Interesting program. I may try it, if it comes in handy it would be worth the pricey $30, they call that Pro, and there is evaluation, have to see what is what.

Write an .ahk script (and compile it), that removes all hyphens and line breaks with a single regex replace?
This might get me into the AHK world!  It would be nice though to only do the hyphens that are right before a line-feed.  You would search for the two characters as one unit, and then search for the single line-feeds.

You could also trigger a Clipboard Help+Spell preset to copy text under cursor, transform it and repaste it.
Sounds like a fine plan. I will try this out.  Can get me into the CHS world!

When Abbyy or Screenshot ShareX or some program puts text in the clipboard, I would like to have a simple way to get rid of the line feeds, and also eliminate any hyphens at the end of the lines (before the line feed).

Then when I go to paste into, eg. a forum, I won't have to move around every line.

It looks like this is optionally done by some editors.

I could ask Abbyy or ShareX to give the option as an enehancement.

Any utilities you know that do the job?


General Software Discussion / email clients - special limited use
« on: January 28, 2019, 07:08 AM »
Currently I am using:

TheBat! on Windows 10 as my main email.  I have some mixed feelings, but overall it is OK.
Eudora has its own historic 50 GB archive that I use for searching.

However, these are a bit cumbersome for Biz usage, so many accounts, forum email etc.

Yes, I think you can run two instances of these programs with different target files, but I usually avoid that.

So now I am putting my biz email in a special redundant spot (using Gmail forwarding and filtering/forwarding) for POP download:
To have a special ultra-light Biz email spot on my Windows Puter client.

POP Email spot - paying a few dollars a month is fine, e.g.
.............................Fastmail, Runbox, Zoho, Posteo. 10 more

Fastmail, often the leader, surprised me with an App Password which felt clunky and I could not get it set up easily with Claws or EmClient
Runbox set up right away. it looks like a special might give me two yeas of Basic for about $35.

Since this is a POP download box, daily, hourly, es suficiente.


Client -
..........................Claws, EmClient, Mailbird, Postbox, Thunderbird, Becky, Foxmail, Pegasus, Barca(Poco)

The Email program should still be developed, and have nice RTF-HTML editing, stable, decent filtering and searching, and it would be nice if it had virtual folders (as TheBat! has but Eudora does not). Forums like that available on TheBat! and Eudora are helpful. Oh, decent on flexible spoofing or reply:to capability.

Claws does not seem to have RTF editing, not even with a plug-in, at least on the new Windows version.


Your thoughts. Especially on the Windows email client.

Well, I do have a Linux system coming in tonight ($30 Craigslist special, 6GB, Linux Mint 18).

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Tips
« on: January 06, 2019, 03:08 AM »
I started having a process called System and Compressed Memory spiking in RAM and CPU usage (3GB and 90%+ respectively).  I found out that it's caused by Superfetch.   .... This is provided for information for others that might be affected, as it corrected my RAM usage problems that I've been having since late last year. 
My Windows 10 Laptop had the 100% disk usage problem.  It affected my system, examples, there were occasional lockups and when I tried to do intensive stuff deleting emails, the mouse scrollng was balky.

Many places discuss this, including 49 pager on a Microsoft forum.

The things that I have done are:

superfetch service disabled
windows search service disabled
Skype write checkbox
Chrome - something in Advanced Settings

iDrive - tried disabling the service, but ended up removing the program since the service would restart
I can still use iDrive in the web more, more static, which is my idea of its use anyway.

Basically it seems to have worked. 

General Software Discussion / Re: offline browsing - archiving
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:39 AM »
@Steven Avery:
What about running a tool like XAMPP locally, implement the forum software of choice there, Make your additions (blogs) on that local instance and when done, dump the content from the local database and upload that into the remote hosted version of your blog/forum
I've done that a bit in the past.  When the vBullein was working excellently, that seemed like more overhead.

However, I am going to reconsider it now, especially since I am actually thinking of various sites relating to my Bible stuff, and two businesses (one is e-commerce of precious metals, and the second relates to solar.) 

If  I am going to really widen my scope in 2019, the home-base alternative should be revisited.

General Software Discussion / Re: offline browsing - archiving
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:32 AM »
I've used bbPress and BuddyPress.  Of the two, I liked bbPress better, and it had most of the functionality of SMF (which I used before) easily accessible.  I had to add a separate plugin for polls, but that wasn't difficult either.  I haven't used them in a couple of years (both were for guilds, and the groups that I was using them for either broke up, or I stopped playing the games that we were using it for), but I imagine that they have only become better in the interim.

A couple of articles on Forum plugins:


Oh, and as a plus, I was running on LiquidWeb infrastructure also, so they were very compatible with that.
Thanks wraith.

I am ready to dump, or greatly reduce my reliance on, vBulletin because of the dilemna.  I have hit some tricky, frustrating problems on v. 4 (perhaps when posts have too many urls or pictures, I am going to experiement a bit), and pretty much everybody agrees that a move (especially to Xenforo, also possibly others like you recommend) is likely a better alternative in my type of situation than trying to go to version 5 ( CARM is a board that did that move.)

Xenforo is not free, but in this case, since it is integral to my writing and thinking livelihood, it gets my first consideration. 

Liquid Web is really a great outfit.  Again, maybe you can save some $$ on A,B,C but when you want voice tech-help, they are there, with real names, in the USA, lots of savvy, and your successful resoluation being their concern.  Our business had to move away from them for a hosted package, for our main website, but I am sticking with them for lots of stuff, on one reasonably priced server.  The usage may include some auxiliary landing pages, blogs and such from the biz, so then the $60 a month or so is not so daunting, as it might be for only private use.

General Software Discussion / Re: offline browsing - archiving
« on: December 14, 2018, 09:13 AM »
Well, if you're using it as a blog, why not try blogging software?  Forums on WordPress are actually pretty well implemented for the forum use, and of course blogging is well implemented. Or is that not an option?
Definitely an option.  However, I have liked the structure and editing and picture handling of the vBulletin forum.  It is naturally designed for topics to be top-down. 

In my business world, we used to use WordPress with WooCommerce.  We switched to a hosted specialty industry site.

So I am considering a return to WordPress for certain types of blogging and landing pages.  However, I will be slow to change PureBibleForum away from a forum, it has done a good job for me overall, and I am familiar with things like secret sections, moving threads, moderating posts from new members (there is a little bit of that use) etc.


General Software Discussion / offline browsing - archiving
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:31 AM »
My vBulletin forum , that I use mostly as a blog, has a glitch, pages changing to white no data occasionally. 

PhP error, likely, according to the vBulletin forum, where they are helping the analysis.

My plans are to consider a change of forum software, but that is really based on other considerations. Xenforo has made a big splash, and there is another I am checking out.  One good thing on vBulletin is that after my initial expense of a couple of hundred many years back, they have had virtually no additional expense. (I have skipped the upgrade to 5 anyway.)

Part of my solution was having the host (Liquid Web) give me an earlier version, I get the data of the one page, source, send it to some notes, and then put the regular MYSQL data back.  Something I should learn to do myself.  And that is working fine.


In the midst of all that I figured this would be a superb time to really see if the website can be handled well by an offline browser.  I decided to try two that are free with decent reputations and reasonably active:

HttTrack -

CyoTech WebCopy -


These things can be SLOW.

HttTrack has done 1 1/3 Gigabtye in about 13 hours.   My guess is that it is halfway done.
Cyotek seems similar.

Hmm.. I usually ignore multi-threaded download accelerators, they might help here.

Of course, this is something I might do once a month or two, unattended, so speed is not that important.

Your thoughts on the motif, tools, speed alternatives?

If I have an offline browser on my disk (the software changes all the urls to disk locations), and I have a website glitch on a single page/thread, I will not have to bother upstairs with the host. I could simply go to a functioning earlier version of that page, and in 10 minutes, rebuild it as a new thread. (The url will change, no big deal.)


General Software Discussion / Re: Vivaldi and Multiple User Profiles
« on: December 06, 2018, 08:00 AM »
Well, now that Firefox is thrown in :), this FF plugin sounds usable in this case: https://addons.mozil...-account-containers/
Firefox seems to like this add-on. However, they point out that it lacks a major feature that was in "Tab Groups", which is showing you only the Tabs that relate to the Current Group (and perhaps the non-Grouped Tabs?)

I like the basic idea, not so much for credentials, but for only seeing the relevant 5-10 Tabs.  Esepecially since we do not have the rows of Roomy Bookmarks (except maybe on Pale Moon and Waterfox.)  Generally, I only use browsers that work with Linkman, but that can usually be arranged. I have decided that I will pass on Firefox pre-Quantum for a number of reasons.  Just not stable enough, not secure enough, and no real advantages over Pale Moon and Waterfox.

So who, what browser and extension, has the best Tab Group or Container implementation that ONLY shows the Tabs of the Current Group?
(And optionally non-Grouped Tabs, although they could be put in Miscellaneious)

Ideally, the Tabs in Groups not active will be asleep.

The information has to be saved on a reboot for the next session. - even on a crash or a PsKill. 


I also see that pinned tabs can help.  So I want either -
-- remembrance of pinned tabs to a future session
-- auto loading of five-ten pins (presumably I could use iMacro, or some other Macro)


Your thoughts.  I don't mind using Quantum any more.  Chrome I use for all my Applicationize Tab bars. I have not really put them in competition. I think Firefox may have had trouble keeping their code base stable enough and improving enough when they went to the Chrome-Clone realm.


Found Deals and Discounts / PDF Studio 2018
« on: December 05, 2018, 08:25 AM »
Bits du Jour

PDF Studio 2018: All-in-one PDF software

The comments are generally quite favorable.
OCR is included. 

And I picked up SodaPDF on a recent Bits, however they do not include OCR in the Desktop version.
I do have Abbyy Finereader 12, which does have OCR.

Anyway, this may be one of the better $60 on sale Desktop PDF programs, which is a cluttered field.

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