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General Software Discussion / Re: Vivaldi and Multiple User Profiles
« on: December 06, 2018, 08:00 AM »
Well, now that Firefox is thrown in :), this FF plugin sounds usable in this case: https://addons.mozil...-account-containers/
Firefox seems to like this add-on. However, they point out that it lacks a major feature that was in "Tab Groups", which is showing you only the Tabs that relate to the Current Group (and perhaps the non-Grouped Tabs?)

I like the basic idea, not so much for credentials, but for only seeing the relevant 5-10 Tabs.  Esepecially since we do not have the rows of Roomy Bookmarks (except maybe on Pale Moon and Waterfox.)  Generally, I only use browsers that work with Linkman, but that can usually be arranged. I have decided that I will pass on Firefox pre-Quantum for a number of reasons.  Just not stable enough, not secure enough, and no real advantages over Pale Moon and Waterfox.

So who, what browser and extension, has the best Tab Group or Container implementation that ONLY shows the Tabs of the Current Group?
(And optionally non-Grouped Tabs, although they could be put in Miscellaneious)

Ideally, the Tabs in Groups not active will be asleep.

The information has to be saved on a reboot for the next session. - even on a crash or a PsKill. 


I also see that pinned tabs can help.  So I want either -
-- remembrance of pinned tabs to a future session
-- auto loading of five-ten pins (presumably I could use iMacro, or some other Macro)


Your thoughts.  I don't mind using Quantum any more.  Chrome I use for all my Applicationize Tab bars. I have not really put them in competition. I think Firefox may have had trouble keeping their code base stable enough and improving enough when they went to the Chrome-Clone realm.


Found Deals and Discounts / PDF Studio 2018
« on: December 05, 2018, 08:25 AM »
Bits du Jour

PDF Studio 2018: All-in-one PDF software

The comments are generally quite favorable.
OCR is included. 

And I picked up SodaPDF on a recent Bits, however they do not include OCR in the Desktop version.
I do have Abbyy Finereader 12, which does have OCR.

Anyway, this may be one of the better $60 on sale Desktop PDF programs, which is a cluttered field.

I probably either forgot the pin to taskbar, or maybe it should be done for each user?  I'll check that later. All seems fine now.

This is really a fantastic App. I now have Protopage, Linoit, Lastpass, Facebook and Messenger pinned. More coming. I am also going to see if it handles two separate pins for the same app ( e.g. a Protopage for personal and one for business.) That worked very well when Google Chrome had it act together.

Thanks to the team for finding this superb program!

Nice program. Thanks! 

Seems to work well, creating a single window app on taskbar. At first I could not get the drag-and-drop to work, but later it even worked from Total Commander.

One minor weakness, it does not remember after a reboot.  I added "Apps Launcer for Chrome" extension so I don't have to go searching, and it takes just 30 seconds after a reboot to have everything placed well on the taskbar.

" I prefer the wholly separate process and window that Applicationize creates."

Yes, often that is a big big plus.  Searching through five browsers 10 windows and 30 tabs for something, or opening it up again and again, can be a smidgen frustrating

Not too long ago, this was done by Chrome very elegantly.  You could create a shortcut, pin it to the taskbar, and make sure "open as window" was checked. And I would pin all sorts of stuff, like Lastpass, Protopage, Facebook and Messenger and Linoit and much more.  Stuff that I don't want to be thinking .. which browser, which window, which tab.  It is that way on my Desktop Windows 10, because I did it many months back on earlier Chrome versions. (Which makes me wonder about finding the right version and loading it for just that purpose, if possible.)

This is especially important for something like Lastpass, where the browser might close on a simple minimize, and you might have to reenter passwords. Also you want to get to it especially quickly, because you are checking something about a sites password other info. (Yes, the extensions for various browsers are supposed to help with that, but they are quirky.)

I read many articles, Google Chrome lost the feature, back and forth, up and down. 

Microsoft Edge has an "almost". It pins to taslbar and opens to the browser (not in its own window.)  And e.g.with Lastpass minimizing closes the Vault (a Lastpass "feature".) 

Still this might be the best way, since I don't use Edge for anything else.  Maybe if I just use it as my "Pinned Program" browser, I can regain some functionality?

Any ideas?



General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: November 19, 2018, 12:20 PM »
So my laptop's Windows 10 Home not only did a no-warning update on a reboot.

It also managed to clean out application stuff, like browser extensions. (Now I can't find Roomy Bookmarks for Firefox 56).
I had to redo screen settings, Classic Shell and stuff.
*** This must be what the thread is all about?  ***

Some places say to turn off the Windows Update Service. (However, will it stay off after a reboot?)
That might help for a couple of months.

I have another Windows 10, I think Pro, on a Desktop puter, it has not had these problems.  This Laptop recently got up to 1803,
the Desktop has been there for months without problem.

It is all quite strange.


My Special K is there now.

This is the second day on the new Bits.

And I highly recommend this program, and the company support, and the price.

Yes, I have AnyDesk on my PC, so I will put it on the Laptop and test, also with the iPad.  I still have not hit any walls with Teamviewer, but I want to be ready.

I won't do the RemotePC, they have your credit card for automatic renewal if you forget.  Maybe if the card expires during the year.

I did the Windows Explorer thing which is the Dokan stuff thing.  :)  However, I do not have a k: in there. Hmmmm....

And I understand that this is one alternative, There is no super-rush so I am curious how it works, maybe I'll learn some geek stuff in the process. And I like the idea of having a cloud drive mounted directly on my PC. I was a little curious about how they say those files will be there on a temporary basis, like a transit spot.

 Introducing the Keybase filesystem

You can now write data in a very special place:

Or, in Windows:

Exactly what determines "k:" ?
I thought maybe you simply set up folders private and public in the keybase folder.  Do I have to do that fancy file system download?

I got a puter, a laptop and an ipad all hooked into one account.  This involved using the ipad camera to point at the squiqqly things. So I don't think I need the secret password for now.

Now, back to the html online page.  I think if I have or create a html file and then change it to index.htlm and then place it in the right spot, I may have a simple online page to start.   

Some of the elements of Keybase puzzle me. I started to go into a second puter, and now it wants a "secret phrase".  I do not remember any such thing. Maybe because I don't yet really have the thing working?

The Dokan file system seems to want to load.  Should I let it?

Heads up: If you rely on Keybase Filesystem, leave Windows Insider until issues with Dokan/Keybase and Windows are resolved

Presumably resolved now, but it does mean I should pay attention.


May be a way to diversify from Teamviewer.  Both have a free option, some comparisons in order.

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: PDF-XChange Pro
« on: November 15, 2018, 10:47 AM »
The Soda PDF Desktop 10 Premium is what I picked up from Bits du Jour.

You go Get this Deal and it is the $59 one. (Be careful not to get the ANYWHERE subscription stuff.)
Soda PDF 10 - Premium Lifetime License

And I don't think they ever took it off sale...

Note: this does not include the OCR, (if you need it on an occasional month you can get it on subscription for $20.)

The company and product seems quite good.  So far I have only used the reader, which is well designed, I plan to make PDFs shortly.
It is possible that XChange Pro has more moving parts.

I have used PDF-XChange a lot over the years.

Thanks, guys, I should be using it shortly.


I could learn htpasswd if I do it myself.

With Keybase, I see lots about chat and teams, not a way to upload HTML files to have an accessible page.  Am I missing something?

Certain tools will give you "pre-fab" HTML.

Rightnote is an example, with their WebBook

This gives you a very nice HTML page that reads like your Rightnote, with Folders, Sub-folders and Tabs.
The Rightnote architecture allows you to keep a lot of information in a compact page.
In some cases you might even like it for a 3rd party information use.

Now, lets say you want this page on the web.

In my case I have a good host, good support, a vBulletin forum and the ability to add urls at no incremental cost.
And I can purchase a domain for this purpose.

Is the best way simply to automate an upload? 
I think I would have to add a privacy-security aspect, and that might complicate the endeavor. How much?

Or is there a good 3rd party tool that will host a webpage on their domain, at minimal cost, and possibly include the privacy aspect?

The idea here is to make sure I always have easy access to the information, can regen it every week or day, and do not have to be dependent on remote applications like Teamviewer.

Granted, RightNote has another method, involving Evernote, which I hope to get working some day.  However, I like the webbook idea. (They also have a mobile, which is more for Android.)

Your thoughts welcome !


Let's say you are doing a practical non-fiction book that will have planned out chapters, and you have a lot of source material with which to work. (In my case I have the info and many pictures on a special forum as well as urls in Linkman.)  I am involved in one that shows the evidences that Codex Sinaiticus is an 1800s production, not 300s.

Then I think the de minimis need would be like this:

Good RTF and picture capture is nice.
Export to book formats would be nice, but not necessary. When the time comes, you can cut-and-paste and tweak.



Top Tabs, flexible, movable, that could be each individual chapter, starting with outline, TOC, ending with Footnotes and Bibliography.
Side Explorer type interface that could be the units and sub-units within the chapter.

RightNote is one that seems to have those actions.


If you don't have something equivalent to that view-flow, it won't be as good.

Two questions.

a) Is my logic sound?  And what can you add?

b) If it is sound what are some of the RightNote alternatives and how do they compare?



General Software Discussion / Re: More Ads in Windows 10
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:35 AM »
Isn’t there a rule -

“If you actually have a sync working properly, and it is free — leave it alone” :)

Great suggestions.  Will be revisiting and testing. 

The goal is to make a scrollable website, usually under 2 page sizes total into one clear and simple pic.  This will often be quicker, and look better, than doing multiple pics.  And in some cases even a longer web, like 3 or 4 pages, may do well.

I've now put in a card based systems section. Gingko, NoteZilla. I've also added the Google grouping here, because a substantial proportion of the initial writing is likely to be done in Keep.  I'll look around for others too.
As a pseudo-card based systems I would consider Protopage.  It is much more than a Start Page.  And is becoming my central organizer.

And I was working with Linoit but you have to emulate tabs with your own index boxes. Plus Protopage has more RTF.  And more auxiliary “stuff” is in the environment.

These two are all web browser, maybe with some app-ability that soes not change much.  Try out using Chrome to pin to taskbar.


PNotes .net version always is always an alternative to Notezilla, although the robust NotesBrowser in NZ might be one plus, where each program has 10 plusses and minusses.

DoggiePim on Bits du Jour TODAY.  An interesting compare to Rightnote.  Time to try, and maybe buy.  He does have a fair amount of writing-centric stuff and looks like good structure, including tabs in multiple spots.

For now we only know that OP encounters some kind of issue when posting PNG pictures to forums working with vBulletin, which seems to be the only reason —although I guess it may be a fair enough one, if the issue is too bothersome and can't be fixed— why he favors JPG.
-ConstanceJill (June 14, 2018, 02:29 AM)
Yes, the issue was simply that the .JPG would fill up the page in vBulletin on the large sizes.  The .PNG would make a smaller image to the left. For my purposes, I generally like the biggies.


I had noticed with regular pics, that if I took two pictures of the same screen region
with WinSnap .. that the .PNG pic would not go into vBulletin as large as the . JPG
So I made sure the setting is .JPG.  Dunno why it works that way.


Awesome Screenshot (ran better in Chrome) did fine in making the image, .PNG, but again, it would not
go into vBulletin as large as I would like.  Maybe there is a fix for that.

Screenshot Captor seems to want me to do some stitching, and was showing me part of my
screen above and below the actual browser window (I think) I would be happy to try again
later but for now it is not simple enough.

Pearl Crescent Page Save is Firefox 57 (Quantum) and I use lower Firefoxes like 52.
In a pinch I could run both versions.

My SnagIt 7 license is pretty low for Windows 10, not really compatible.

Screengrab and ScreenshotGuru - maybe

Conceptually, it may well be that extensions do better, because they are thinking website window.

Of course, there are likely a couple dozen others.



So far I've tried Nimbus and Awesome Screenshot on Chrome. 

Some results here:

Awesome allows lots of tweaking.
Both seemed to want to make .PNG which do not get large easily like my .JPGs

I can simply cut and paste from the website into the forum, but then the double column loses the matching integrity.
I am leaving the examples on the page for now.

And I own SnagIt 7 - that might be a good try.

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