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General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail to SMS
« on: August 24, 2019, 08:29 AM »
So far, the Gmail to Pushbullet idea looks like the best, using Zapier.

General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail to SMS
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:00 AM »
Have you taken a look at IFTTT?  And if you do decide to go that way, instead of using SMS, you might take a look at Pushbullet.  I have something like that set up where I install pushbullet on my phone, and receive the e-mail alerts for my site being down.
Let us look at IFTTT as a source for either:
1) SMS
2) Pushbullet

With the starting point being Gmail or any Server receiving mail. (e.g. Runbox, Fastmail.)

IFTTT seems to indicate that they only have two basic Gmail actions:
"Unfortunately, this change means that all Gmail triggers and the Create a draft action will be removed from IFTTT. The Gmail actions Send an email and Send yourself an email will remain intact."

Actually, can't Gmail accomplish the same through filters and forwarding?
(Answer..apparently IFTTT creates an on-demand action, maybe on a web-page, also it can send to 20 people, the multiple sending is a trick not easy in the Gmail filters)

At times they go back to the method that needs a smartphone, since an email received at a special carrier's email address converts to SMS.
. A nifty trick with this Applet: Most carriers have a way to send a text message to someone by emailing a specific email address, which you can use to send them an SMS instead of an email using this same Applet!

My goal is to receive my email on my Talkatone SMS number (which Twilio sents to properly).  I am not a big fan of smartphones, I use a clam-shell, for which the text function is rinky-dink.  I will think of getting a SmartPhone.

Do you have more information on using IFTTT in its current state?

Wait .. it would be Gmail to Pushbullet.

So let's see first if Pushbullet can be triggered by an email.

Also, note that, for simplicity, it would be fairly easy to create a special email box (Gmail, Fastmail, Runbox)  that receives redirected mail that is meant to trigger the SMS or Pushbullet or whatever.  That would provide an easy archive and check spot.

Interesting studies.

General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail to SMS
« on: August 23, 2019, 05:46 AM »
This is a promising idea.  Checking it out a bit.

General Software Discussion / Re: forum software
« on: August 22, 2019, 11:25 AM »
Since so many of my Bible friends are on Facebook (with some migrating to MeWe) the Facebook log-in for a forum would be a major plus.  One person would recognize another, and with a click would see a familiar profile.  My feeling is that, if I really want discussions, this is a huge plus.

However, Facebook I think makes the API difficult and changing.

If you know of a forum that has solid Facebook log-in that would be a plus.

With vBulletin I put out a couple of hundred  $$ years ago, then hosting fees only.
So, similarly, I would not balk at some cash for Xenforo.

The "sameness" of Xenforo would not perturb me much, since the goal is practical research and conversation.
And there is probably ways to get around that, if needed.

General Software Discussion / Re: Gmail to SMS
« on: August 22, 2019, 09:47 AM »
And I think the two solutions above are different:

Email Received -- > my-SMS (preferably VOIP Talkatone)


2) Send Email to SMS -

This I could use by a Forward or Redirect method.
However, it likely will not work with a Talkatone or Skype number, since it wants a cell carrier.

It should work if I switch to a SmartPhone (Android or IOS) rather than iPad.
Which is always a possibility.


1) Google Voice - SMS messages arrive in your email, and you can even use email to reply to them. 

However, my starting point is an email received (e.g. Craigslist.)


Talkatone I think uses Google Voice, for me it always seems to be transparent, although this article makes it sound complicated.

Or any email (e.g. Runbox) to SMS.

Preferably an option to just send the Subject line.

Obviously, the sending should be based on a filter (e.g. something in the subject line, or address.)

An account with Twilio (or CloudHQ or RedOxygen or another) is ok, if the price is right.

Also, I would like it to go to my Talkatone account (about 1/2 of SMS recognize such an account, Twilio works fine.)
Or find another method - I can try Skype number - since my normal phone is a clamshell.

The goal is to get the SMS on an iPad.
Even an Android is possible, especially if gives a better alarm.

I will look for more references to place here:

New References Coming Soon

POSSIBILITY - has the feature, will the free account work? 250 actions/month

"Send an SMS in Twilio on a New Email in Gmail"



Integromat - Free on 1,000, $9month/basic




CloudHQ has a plugin

They have a free account, maybe it works? 
And one for $10/month, which would be ok, if it does a few good things.

However, it looks to be manual send to SMS, not automated by trigger.

Same with RedOxygen


Gmail used to have a native method, like here, but I think it ended in 2014

Send Text Messages from your GMail Account (2012)


Apparently Gmail-Twilio-SMS needs some coding action.



In Business, great for new orders.

For car shopping (or any shopping) good for triggers from places like Craigslist.
(One car company, Autotrader, does have SMS alerts.)


General Software Discussion / forum software
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:49 AM »
I actually use a forum software, vBulletin, more as a blog than a forum.

Take a look.

Pure Bible Forum.

It seems to me that it sections out much better than a blog, and has nice ability to quickly put in pictures, change fonts, move posts, etc.
Granted it misses some of the blog niceties, ideally I would coordinate a blog with the forum.

vBulletin has not made everybody happy the last years, I am on V.4 and have no plans to go to V.5.  Yet I do occasionally run into glitches, one would lose data when a page would become white.  Usually a large overloaded thread with many pics.  That experience, which happened a few times and was difficult to troubleshoot, dampened my enthusiasm a bit.

So I may do the couple of hundred dollars and start Xenforo.  Then I actually would add features and plug-ins and perhaps build up a community of sorts.  I would like the Facebook sign-in, since I have many involved in Facebook, but that seems to not really function. Twitter sign-on is supposedly very good.

Then there is SMF and ElkeArte and such, Tuxman talked about them on another thread.  Less or no $, perhaps just as good in many ways.

And I may also use, separately, a forum as an adjunct to an e-commerce biz. (Precious metals.) There are many WordPress plugins that do forums, that are a bit rinnky-dink, that is another alternative. (We use WooCommerce under WordPress.)

Some of the other nouveau forums are here:

Trying to get good SEO without a lot of time/money investment is one factor.

Your free-form thoughts welcome!

(I would keep vBulletin in its blog mode. It does many things very well.)


I usually use their editor for composing, since TheBat! is my master program, even though I have the Eudora editor activated on an email account as well, and it is a more comfortable experience.

And I think my biggest concern is the lack of boxes or quote-boxes. That seems rather primitive for today.  You might mention some other elements?

PCloud has had similar offerings. 
Both are interesting.

One criticism is that if these companies sell too many lifetime subscriptions, that can lead to their short lifetime :).

However, the plus-side view it that these are meant more to generate buzz, and help get a critical mass of customers.

Our last thread touching on these questions:

MakeUseOf: 9 Cleanest & Safest Websites to Download Free Software for Windows
Nov, 2016 - UPDATED 2019

MakeUseOf included Donationcoder, as did this 2018 list:

7 Website to Download Risk Free Software [100% Working Links]
Aug, 2018

8 Safe Websites for Downloading Windows Software
May, 2019
Good comments section, however sans Donationcoder so far


Freeware Files - may be worthy, but does it really care about shamware?


Filehippo is mentioned at times for archiving old versions, which leads to old version sites like:

Last Freeware Version

Old Version

However, we may be going back too many years, and it is a specialty need.


Wikipedia has a checkmark for "Virtual Folders".
I put some comments on the bottom of the "Talk" page

Virtual Folders Ritlabs- TheBat! is very strong. (I have dozens in my Bat.)

Thunderbird-Postbox (not on list) definitely, by saved search. Seamonkey probably, since, like Postbox, afaik it is a fork on a Thunderbird code base. See - https://www.lifewire...-thunderbird-1173118

Afaik, Eudora does not have virtual folders in any way, yet it is marked yes. I am a long-term Eudora user.

And I am a little skeptical about Mailbird, Em Client, and the Opera ("all folders are virtual") entries. Also Pegasus, Poco and Zimbra. Maybe so, but since Eudora was called yes, all should be checked. I will do what I can, only working with Windows clients.

And I recommend adding Pandora and Postbox to the list.

"Opera Mail is at the end-of-life stage of its product lifecycle; this means neither technical support nor product and security updates will be provided. The product is no longer available for download."
It actually does seem to have an interesting architecture.

Lifewire - 2019
"Pegasus Mail does not include virtual folders or labels that would learn by example. If you're accustomed to your email program realizing that you put all your emails from your spouse into a "family" folder, for example, and then shortcutting that move, you'll be disappointed in the inflexibility of Pegasus Mail to automate these tasks for you."

Poco (or its sucessor) seems unlikely.
"PocoMail for Windows is no longer available for sale."
Maybe Barca, but I have not seen the feature.

"The Zimbra Desktop is no longer supported. It will reach the end of Technical Guidance October 1, 2019."


Em Client
Smart Folders are virtual folders that display all messages from a certain folder type (such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Unread, Flagged messages, Search Folders or Category folders) from all of your email accounts at once. They can be found in the left pane in the Mail tab, above the folders for your individual accounts. This feature allows you to check all emails without having to go through each separate account individually.
These folders can be enabled/disabled in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > General.

This does seem to be a virtual merged folder, a flat view, but not virtual folders in the sense of
"all emails in any box involving 'Johannine Comma' "


Mailbird has "Unified Inbox Plus" - doubt that they have any real virtual folders, by my understanding
Interesting article and discussion


Bottom line so far -- just TheBat! for real, true, workable virtual folders in an active product.


A bit more.

Should check ChaosSoftware - Chaos Intellect
Compare to Essential PIM if use full Chaos stuff.

EasyMail for GMail - Gmail on your Desktop (Some Notifiers do this too.)

Virtual Mailboxes in Thunderbird, Postbox


In the discussions at TheBat! forum, where one gentleman has some real frustrations, they discuss desktop email client alternatives.

Thunderbird and Postbox (essentially a Thunderbird fork) are the main alternative offered.
And I tend to discuss Eudora-Hermes and Pandora.


"Even better, using ​Saved Search folders you can create "virtual" mailboxes that automatically search for messages matching their criteria in all your Mozilla Thunderbird folders. While the messages remain in the folders they have been filed to, they also show up in all Saved Search folders that find them."

Organization by Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird


Are those updated with new mail downloads?
Are those updated when you move mail around?
... Are they truly equivalent to TheBat! virtual folders?


To us Eudora folks, the program is simply a clean machine.  Granted, you do not have many open independent actions/windows on the Taskbar like you do with TheBat!, Thunderbird and some others.

Imap is not an issue to me. Especially not Gmail Imap.  The numbers never seem right. The actions downhill never seem to take uphill. If I have to access my home base email from a juice bar or cafe, I use Teamviewer, but that is very rare, especially as I use Google accounts in special ways (one for personal important finance and stuff, one for biz on Gsuite, one for travel info, etc.)  If I am travelling for a week or three I usually take the time to put the 100 GB or so home base downloads on my laptop.  Granted, every 5 or 10 years I consider an archive method of putting all the old email in its own spot.

I tried Pegasus, I did not keep notes, it is a good program, I just thought it was not up to Eudora on some of the essentials of filtering and searching.  Maybe the editor was not as crisp, and Eudora has incredible stability. Stuff like that. For fun, I could try it again, especially when 5.0 comes out, see the blog post from a few months ago, where Dave explains some health issues that slowed him down (this year, I am putting aside back years). The forum looks good, one gentleman was upset about moderation of even long-time members. It is not super-active like the Eudora community, a decade and more after Eudora ended.

It is possible the Hermes installer has some funky-dunky elements.  It might be crisper to load the latest Version 7 Eudora, and then copy over the four files from Hermes that essentially fix Eudora for encryption/TSL. That is the impression I got from some posts on the Eudora forum. 

btw, the Eudora forum I mentioned does have a pseudo-archive, that is triggered by searching by sending an email with the search terms.  I am trying it out.  And there is a Yahoogroups second forum that is good also.  TheBat! online forum is ok as is a different email forum. Right now I am trying to find out why the redirect action on filters seems to trigger in manual mode when it is only an Inbox-download filter.  This is the type of stuff where TheBat! can be negatively quirky.

The Bat!, with its virtual folders, is my main program.  I don't think I would switch unless there was a similar virtual mailbox implementation somewhere else.  Does anyone know of a try?  I think Courier had permanent searches, that perhaps got updated, which can be more or less the same thing.


Essential PIM was recently on Bits du Jour.  Apparently their Windows to iPad/Android integration is good, according to one comment. Even without any email, that sounds interesting   I am trying it out.

Efficient PIM may also have such integrations, but I do not see an IOS app.

Who else?  What works good?

General Software Discussion / Re: Altap Salamander now freeware
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:13 AM »
And their support forum is active.

Altap Salamander Support Forums

TheBat! has some very good features.  One is fundamental to my usage, virtual mailboxes.  This is like the Linkman keyword metaphor. If I have a biz vendor, or a Bible subject, I can make up a virtual box, and all the email related to that subject are there. No matter how good your filtering, you could never achieve the same. Plus you limit many to x number of days, since you want virtual mailboxes to be 10-100 or 200 emails, and not thousands.

Does anybody else have similar, easy to setup virtual folders?  (Virtual mailboxes in TheBat! you usually set up as a follow-up to a search.)


On the other hand, Eudora (with Hermes files) trumps TheBat! in many ways. TheBat! has glitch and annoyance difficulties you rarely (never) see in Eudora.  The Eudora editor is suburb, and its stability is legendary. It is fun to work with.  Pandora is trying to get there too, buts it does not quite have the comfy feel of Eudora. Hermes will be essentially Eudora, very modestly modified, mainly in areas like certificates and TSL encryption.

So I redirect the more important email from TheBat!, to a Runbox POP box, leaving behind legions of forum mail and stuff unidentified.  I pick it up with Eudora POP download.  I can handle the redundancy, as I generally work out of TheBat! but like having the leaner Eudora mirror.

Ironically, TheBat! redirect filter has a glitch, or I do not understand something, and it redirects too much, when I do not want it too, so I just put that question on  TheBat! forum.


TheBat! has a long history, I think they do some improvement, my kvetch is that they do not search out and fix many petty annoyances. I put that concern on their forum where they were discussing what we want in the new v. 9. (I am on 7.)  I would rather have the dozen or so petty annoyances (including memory errors that you have to click away in certain areas) than add new features. Annoyances show up in areas like color groups, row layout types, and duplication of email boxes in folders, and more. None of them really crimp operations, but they will give a cheezy feel to a purist.


Most of my email play is on:

Verizon mail - grandfathered to AOL. (downloaded by POP)

Runbox (small account, downloaded by POP)

Various Gmail accounts that simply forward to the Verizon-AOL and then any deletion of the Gmail is at leisure, usage is mostly "that day" or if for some reason my home base client is less accessible. It does work well with my iPad .. especially the biz email, or resets of passwords, etc.


Eudora 7, a fantastic email program, is hitting more modern encyrption demands like TSL 1.1 and 1.2.  This means that the original Eudora 7 download will, in some cases, (and increasing) not download mail.  The server will time out, or refuse the connection.

Hermes is a new project built on the Eudora source code, which Qualcomm, after some hesitation, nicely put into the public domain! The main purpose is to fix those areas, like encyrption and certificates, where Eudora might fail. E.g. specific .dlls might be replaced. Other things might be updated, like fonts or emojies.  It is unlikely that much of the core code would be rewritten, since the tools today are very different than 25 years ago. 

(Penelope was a Thunderbird attempt to have a Eudora look-and-feel that went nowhere.)

Pandora is an excellent attempt to make a "Eudora-like" program by a gentleman named Brana. It can be discussed separately. Note that it has the potential to add some features, (e.g. virtual mailboxes would be possible, although I do not expect that they are currently on the road-map).  Feature improvements is very limited for Hermes, since the core code is Eudora.  However, it has recently become ready for prime-time.

And I mostly use Eudora and TheBat!, later in the thread I can explain why I use both.  And I also play with Pandora.


Quick mention of about ten other email programs.

Other less techie and robust alternatives include eM Client, the more Outlook-type program that some use. Claws Mail is another. Mailbird has proponents.  Postbox too. Thunderbird is still active. SeaMonkey is a minor player, also like Postbox built on Thunderbird. Outlook has its own world (and maybe PIM clones like Essential PIM?) em Client also compares themselves to Mail and LiveMail.

In somewhat of a purist email legacy mode we have Becky!, Pegasus and Poco-Barca, yet each one has its current situation. 

I have tried many of these, and always come back to a Eudora-TheBat! world.


Information largely from the

Eudora for Windows forum (no archives, I am using my inbox)

Join this for any future updates.

Posts from Ken starting around Feb. 27, 2019.  Ken had improved the Hermes instructions. 
(Also contributions from hoplist, Dave Andrews, and the super-helpful Katrina Knight.)

There is also a check that you have the proper "MS C ++ redistribution".


You can navigate to your Eudora program files folder and check the dates of libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, and ssleay32.dll.  If QCSSL.dll is dated any earlier than Oct. 29, 2018 (or if any of the other 3 files date earlier than Aug. 15, 2018), you don't have what you need to ensure Eudora is working with TLS 1.1 and 1.2, which are increasingly required by mail servers.

Here are some instructions for getting this updated library installed into your Eudora 7.1:


This is not complicated, simply explained step-by-step,


Although the developers working on Hermes haven't yet released that, they HAVE released an updated SSL library for Eudora that you can patch right into your existing copy of Eudora 7.1.  It will (1) resolve a lot of certificate problems, and (2) add support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2, which will keep Eudora working with mail servers that have dropped or will soon drop support for TLS 1.0.

(If you've been using the Stunnel tool specifically to get around this limitation, this updated SSL library will eliminate your need to use that.  It will add support for the missing protocols, while ensuring that everything about your data communication will remain encrypted.)

To install this updated SSL library into your existing Eudora installation:

(Use at your own risk: I am unaffiliated with the Hermes project, but merely a satisfied user trying to make things easier with these instructions.)

1) Download this ZIP file and extract it somewhere:  NOTE: If you downloaded this already but before Oct. 29, 2018, you'll need to download it again now, because the pre-Oct. 29th version wasn't fully functional.

2) Find your Eudora program files folder, via:
   - Eudora's top menu: Help -> About Eudora -> Click on the word "Application" above the "Visit Web Site" button.  This should launch a folder window with your Eudora program in it, which will include the "Eudora.exe" file.

3) Close the About Eudora box, and Quit Eudora

4) Make backup copies of these 4 files that are in your Eudora program files folder: libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll

5) Run vcredist.exe that you extracted in step 1.  You might already have a new enough version of this Microsoft library on your system, in which case it will tell you that and will abort.  That's fine: it means you already have the needed Microsoft library and can proceed to the next step.

6) Copy these new 4 files you extracted in step 1 (libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll) into your Eudora program files folder. You'll see they're from 2018 instead of 2006.

7) Start Eudora.

8 ) Attempt to retrieve email and send email with your personality/ies.  Most certificate errors should be gone, and sending and receiving should be functional.

9) Something not working?  Then check your incoming and outgoing mail settings:
   (Your main settings are under Tools->Options->"Checking Mail" and "Sending Mail".  They're additionally in each of your Personalities that you use to send and receive mail: Tools->Personalities, and then for each personality, right click, Properties, and look at both tabs "Generic Properties" and "Incoming Mail".)
   In each of those two places, look at the "Secure Sockets when Sending" / "Secure Sockets when Receiving" dropdown.  If you see "If Available, STARTTLS" or "Required, STARTTLS" in any of those places, some mail servers might need you to change those to "Required, Alternate Port".  If you try changing this, make note of the old setting, in case you need to change it back.
   Try retrieving and sending email again.

10) If you're using a server that has support for TLS 1.1 or 1.2, you can verify that Eudora is now using one of these: Go to each of the two places described in step 9 (i.e. in "Options" and/or as any Personality you've successfully connected with since restarting Eudora).  In each, press the button "Last SSL Info".  On the info window that pops up, find the "SSL version field".  You should see "TLSv1.2" or "TLSv1.1", instead of "TLSv1", which will confirm that the new libraries are now using the new protocols with those servers.


A brand-new clean Eudora Install is said by Nicholas Edward Werner-Matavka of Hermes on July 25 to work - with this download:
(In other words, the necessary file swaps are already included in this installer.)
Ted Walton and Katrina have discussions of using this method on August 5, especially if you are transferring over from one puter to another.


Free thinking notes

Additional programs I might want to check, for various reasons
Chaos Intellect from Rose City (they had Courier in the old days)
Zimbra - (free, open source??)
Good ol Zoho (Salesinbox) and an Amazon Workplace thingy

For other reasons -
Kiwi for Gmail-Gsuite (also Propeller) - reminds me of Streak and NetHunt)
Spike Shift


ADDED 8:16
Mailspring - pro is $8/mo
Opera Mail
Yahoo Mail (does it have desktop client, probably8 browser only)
iCloud - Apple

BlueMail in beta

collaboration tools like Front and Spike and MailCore might have email embedded.
Other quirkies like KnowMail - Rainloop

Proton Mail (mentioned for security, not a client, has apps, as do Fastmail, etc)
Runbox (I use this for a special Pop-box)
See Slant and G2


I tried

Last Alarm Clock/Wake Up Music

In the picture you can see the "Specify Date" which is missing in Alarmy and

Apple's Alarm app

The alarm was a little pip-squeaky, I will check that, it did work ok otherwise.


"i use a free account on the web literally just for calendar syncing.  i enter calendar details through desktop outlook or mobile usually.  one of the things to pay attention to is notifications/reminder features and recurrence features."

"If you are going to input through windows, i highly recommend inputting directly through outlook.  Full paid-for outlook on windows desktop."


Desktop - $129 for one puter

Download for free? (trial only)

Seems to be too much for me for just the ease of 1 puter entry.


Would the Online free calendar (which is nice, I did not really know it was available.) - when you are signed in,
have many pluses without the Desktop?
Compared to Google or Zoho, including the iPad integration issues.

Maybe it has more overlay flexibility (calendars and/or categories.)


MLO looks nice, I have an ancient license (again) however it is too task oriented.
I am not a fan of highly structured personal tasks. (In biz, sometimes.)


And I am moving more towards Protopage combined with Rightnotes.  Protopage allows a many column view which is a feature that is incredible. (Like Google Keep, but with lots of extra Herbal Iron). Its big weakness is the lack of a real solid all-points-bulletin search function. I even suggested to them how to do it.  However, it is very good on having a master page with a top-down hierarchy (One URL-MultipagePages(Categories)-Tabs within each page-versatile widgets, including RTF and pics.) Moving a bit away from Evernote.


Synchronizing a calendar to a loud annoying alarm (like Alarmy, but with Calendar thinking months ahead) is still a major search item.


Right now, I am simply using TheBat! for my contact list. In biz, we might use Hubspot. For awhile I though of an Airtable type online program.

I shoud research the cardav server (Radicale?).

Thanks superboyac!

And have you any success with making a nice annoying loud tablet Alarms?

CalendarScope is a free 30-day trial, then $30 + $20 for HandySync to get to iPad, or others like Android. 
Have you tried this method?

And I own a seven year-old Vueminder license. I doubt it does any easy sync. So we again have a 30-day trial, on a product that is likely the $80 Ultimate version.  If that is one-time for the version, without a yearly subscription, it is worth a trial. However, to sync with an iPad it looks like it is based on Google calendar or "Microsoft Exchange and Office 365".. I have a sense that could be messy, since it is two steps to the iPad.

However, you say the plus is VIEWING, after entering from Outlook.  Can I justify the cost for that purpose? Maybe I can use my old Vueminder, if I have the 9.x file.

Radicale looks like too much.

In a few minutes I will try to see what Outlook Calendar account I should be using.

The list and page is excellent.

Freeware Home (which I did not know) seems to have stopped putting out additional material in early 2018.

Major Geeks is very heavy with advertising, and many people can be duped into clicking buttons for possibly disreputable software. So I usually go elsewhere.

We have had some earlier threads., as have others. I will mention a couple that you may have not included for specific reasons.

Beware of download sites

There is another one or two I did not find yet.


These are the ones commonly mentioned that may be good afaik.
And you may be passing them by for specific reasons.



Some Reviews - including some junk sites, not much really added.

YouTube with some pics of sites

Comments discussion (2018)
Top 7 Cleanest And Safest Websites To Download Free Softwares For Windows

Top 20+ Websites For Downloading Windows Software For Free 2018
Top 20+ Websites For Downloading Windows Software For Free 2018

Now I want to talk about Alarms, which are the critical element of calendars.

I use a free alarm app called Alarmy, which on my Ipad advertises itself as the most annoying, it has a method of increasing volume, and unless you go into some special sleep modes, it will remind me of anything.  (There is a professional version, but I don't think it is structurally different.)

The problem is that it is not linked to a calendar, and the only repetition it has is weekly, you can not simply pick a date a month away without it ringing 4-5 times. It is good for meetings in the next week or so, daily reminders (e.g. house alarm), weekly reminders (e.g. Friday garage sales), but it does not do well calendar events like a Hudson River festival two months off. You will have to endure 8 'false alarms',

I'm looking for a loud-annoying pushy iPad-PC alarm that works as part of a calendar setup.

In a pinch, I will take iPad only.

Your thoughts? 


Good question.  I decided to study this out.  3.3.4 is retired, and may contain a vulnerability.

Here there is some description, starting with an earlier vulnerability in 3.3.2.

LastPass releases fix browser extension security flaws
March 23, 2017
"Users can also update to Firefox 3.3.4, however, as we noted previously, the 3.x version of LastPass will be retired in the coming weeks.”

LastPass has fixed three bugs in the password manager discovered by Google research Tavis Ormandy in the last 24 hours.
March 22, 2017
"LastPass incorporated a fix for that vulnerability into version 3.3.4 of the add-on, released Wednesday morning. Firefox users should be automatically updated to the latest version, Ormandy said."

Discussion of the Ormandy-LastPass interactions:
Threatpost - March 22
LastPass Fixes Three Password Theft Vulnerabilities


This whole discussion is good, the extract is from the last quote.

LastPass Bug
April 1, 2017

There have been several attacks over the years against browser extensions for LastPass specifically and other password vaults in general. In most cases, this involves somehow fooling the browser extension into thinking you are on XYZ website, when you are actually on ABC website. By using the browser extension to have the convenience of automatically logging in to a site when you visit it, you've opened yourself to the risk that the browser extension is tricked this way.

The simplest solution is to just not use the browser extensions for a password vault. Take the extra 30 seconds to manually cut-and-paste the password from the vault into the website when you want to log in (or the extra minute to manually type it out). Then you don't have to worry about browser extensions being fooled, you just have to worry about you being fooled (e.g. phishing or other social engineering).


Tavis Ormandy on Twitter


While it says there that the problem was in 3.3.2 you have this:

Is Fx extension 3.3.4 affected by the latest vulnerability?
April 7, 2017
"YES 3.3.4 is affected"

Not sure if that is true, it may have been an extrapolation from:
"All of your LastPass browser extensions should be updated to version 4.1.44 or higher"

Pale Moon Forum
PM 27.2.0 not allowing CRITICAL update to LASTPASS
Try to download 4.1.36a and install it using Moon Tester Tool, but note the warnings and restrictions while doing so! If everything works well I advise you to ask the developers about the official Pale Moon support. All the necessary technical information is here, just add this link to your request.

Major Geeks wonders if 3.3.4 has vulnerabilities

Reddit back and forth, how quick was Lastpass, and no clear indication on 3.3.4



A competitor attacks LastPass



Security Update for the LastPass Extension
March 27, 2017 - updated March 31

TavisO finds yet another LP code execution exploit
This may effect 3.3.4.
All of your LastPass browser extensions should be updated to version 4.1.44 or higher


It does seem that LastPass may be problematic with Pale Moon and similar.  The last one referred to as compatible was 3.3.4 but there is some sort of vulnerability involved. And since this is a delicate area, I will just use LastPass from the Taskbar and/or Desktop capabilities.

General Software Discussion / Re: the power of Linkman
« on: July 20, 2019, 05:37 PM » is what I have.  Pretty sure the differences are tiny.

Firefox/PaleMoon is mentioned in Tools->Settings->Browser.

And I had no problem putting it on Pale Moon. You have to use the Legacy .xpi which you download to your disk/desktop whatever and is on the Linkman Firefox extension page.  Then you pick it up with the button in the Pale Moon Extension page that loads an extension from a file.  That is what worked for me on Pale Moon, also Waterforx and Cyberfox, I think. (Lenovo SFF with little on it, so I loaded about 12 browsers for fun.)  It is all the same extension. It would work for Firefox 56 but why bother with Pale Moon handy.  You can identify the browser by using the Tools-Settings-Browser User Defined.  (Or default is good too, for calling.) That is helpful for loading a page from Linkman to the browser, where you have various choices even at the time of loading.

If you use the Quantum .xpi then it will say the file is corrupted and the extension will not load.
The extension will always communicate with the Linkman Drop Basket, just remember that if it is squirrelly you probably initiate the ADD/EDIT from the browser side.

And sometimes you change 80 to 81, port, but on my latest use of a Windows 7 it was not clashing with Skype, dunno why, so I left everything at port 80 for now.

I do go in and out of Pale Moon, Firefox (Quantum and Quantum ESR) and Chrome (regular and Canary). I use Opera for some oddball sign-ons as well, it is my back-door browser. And use the others more on a whim.

Make sense?

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