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  • March 27, 2017, 11:35:56 PM
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Living Room / Useful MS Office 2016 self-training/learning resources.
« Last post by IainB on Today at 08:48:03 PM »
I'm often in the position of needing some help with using an MS Office product, but I don't usually have anyone to quickly ask for assistance, so I have to rely on my own devices and what is available on the Internet.
The Help files/hyperlinks are quite good, but it's not easy to find really useful pointers when you need some ad-hoc guidelines or training in the use of an MS Office product, and it's not really feasible to expect be able to remember all of the functions that one has used anyway in an MS Office product, even for experienced users - there is so much to learn/know.

So, after reading this post: Free Basic Training For MS Office 2016 Users, I went and took a look at: Office training roadmaps

I downloaded the roadmaps (.PDF file) - there are 6 in all:
  • poster_access-web.pdf
  • poster_excel_web.pdf
  • poster_officeBasics_web.pdf
  • poster_outlook_web.pdf
  • poster_PPT_web.pdf
  • poster_word_web.pdf
 - and took a look at the Access one - which is an area where I am relatively ignorant.

I found the Access roadmap very handy, as one could visually scan it and decide where one needed to jump in and take a look and then go straight to that hyperlink. It's a bit like having an external mind-map or index to a Wiki on MS Office 2016.

This is potentially very useful. A nice job by Microsoft!    :Thmbsup:

So, for all those other MS Office 2016 users out there, I thought this might be of some help/use, though YMMV, of course.
Living Room / Re: Anyone know german?
« Last post by Tuxman on Today at 08:24:50 PM »
Reminds me of the puzzle: What is the question, the answer to which is "9W"?

- to which, the correct question to ask is:
   Herr Vagner, is your surname spelt with a "V"?    :D

This is wrong in two possible ways.

Either "9W" is pronounced English or it's pronounced German.
If English: The "W" word does not have any equivalent in German. What the fuck is a "Nein Dabbelju"?
If German: The "9" is a Neun ("nojn"), not a Nine.

You failed this one.

...and another puzzle: What is the question, the answer to which is "Doctor Livingstone I presume"?

- to which, the correct question to ask is:
   What is your full name please, Doctor Presume?     :D

Huh?  :huh:

Ah, I slay me.

Living Room / Re: Anyone know german?
« Last post by IainB on Today at 08:16:55 PM »
anyone know german?

Reminds me of the puzzle: What is the question, the answer to which is "9W"?

- to which, the correct question to ask is:
   Herr Vagner, is your surname spelt with a "V"?    :D

...and another puzzle: What is the question, the answer to which is "Doctor Livingstone I presume"?

- to which, the correct question to ask is:
   What is your full name please, Doctor Presume?     :D

Ah, I slay me.
It depends whether the UI control is simple windows base control (like a common simple listview), or a more complicated custom control like a grid (FARR, CHS).

Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation.    :Thmbsup:
ProcessTamer / Re: Process Tamer x64 v2.13.01 (2017-03-28)
« Last post by IainB on Today at 07:28:12 PM »
Whilst I have not given PT an exhaustive test, I have given it a pretty good look-over, and this is me reporting back with my experiences and a sort of "Mini-Review" regarding ProcessTamer v2.13.01 (per "About"), comprising:
  • ProcessTamerConfigurator.exe (is v2.13.1.0)
  • ProcessTamerTray.exe (is v2.0.10.1)
OS is Windows 10-64 Pro: Build 14393.rs1 release inmarket.170303-1614
NB: This is a relatively cursory summary, so my apologies in advance for any mistakes I may have made or important points overlooked (let me know and I can correct them).

I had previously more or less given up on earlier versions of PT that I had trialled because, though they worked to some extent, they simply didn't always work too well. That is, PT didn't always do what it was supposed to do. This made them "unreliable" for my purposes, so I would generally prefer not to use them until they were improved.
However, this latest 64-bit incarnation of PT seems to work beautifully.    :Thmbsup:

By that, I mean really well:    :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:
  • It works well for the purposes intended.
  • It works just as well for 32-bit or 64-bit processes (so far, without fail).
  • It happily deals with and kills persistently-recurring superfluous system overhead annoyances that may be forced on the users and that are not necessarily needed all the time, and which keep reinstating themselves - e.g., such as GoogleCrashHandler.exe, DropboxUpdate.exe, SkypeHost.exe
  • It seems to do exactly what it should do (was designed to do) and as documented in the Help file.
  • It is easy to use with the relatively intuitive GUI provided - which also seems rather well-designed for the purposes intended.

Especially nifty/useful features:
  • CPU Measuerment Smoothing sliding scale.
  • PT Toggle: Double-clicking the PT icon in the Systray is a toggle to enable/disable PT. This also seems to be the quickest way to immediately control the application and (say) stop it from killing stuff that you might not want it to do just yet, but for which you have not yet had time to change the Configure pane. The user has to be quick though, as PT may be even quicker!    :D
The latter point also indicates that a new option is probably required: Start-up PT in quiescent (Inactive) mode.

Would be useful to include:
  • Start-up PT in quiescent (Inactive) mode - start-up option needed, as above.
  • Restart specified processes at timed/periodic intervals - e.g., useful with misbehaving/unstable/runaway processes including, for example RuntimeBroker.exe, SynTPEnh.exe, SynTPHelper.exe.
  • Configuration saves: (For some reason, I thought this functionality was included, but I couldn't find it.) The ability to save different PT configurations as named Configuration Files, so that the user can select a particular configuration that is specifically better-suited to whatever the user is wanting to do with the computer in that particular session - e.g., (say) clear out superfluous system overheads prior to gaming.

Needs improvement:
The only criticism I could make is as per my comment above:
The only shortcoming seems to be that the PT Configure pane suffers - in common with most other @mouser apps -  from the excessively minuscule and apparently 1-pixel thick character font, making it difficult to read without magnification or specs of some sort (for those with imperfect vision).
To put this into perspective: In the scheme of things, not having a more legible Configure pane is not a showstopper. The requirement for an ergonomically visually better GUI is, in terms of priority:
  • probably Priority "C" (Nice-to-have) for most ordinary-sighted folk, and
  • only becomes Priority "B" (Highly-desirable) for folk who need to wear reading glasses, and
  • would probably only become Priority "A" (Mandatory) for people with much worse eyesight problems.

Bit of a digression:
The reasoning behind why I persist in my crusade pushing for visual and ergonomic improvement in computer GUI design:
  • Having learned from the development in military/scientific applications, I have tended to focus on visual and ergonomic improvement as a mandatory requirement and design objective in the GUI of computer programs that I have been responsible for developing (either as a developer or as a project manager). Suitable visual and ergonomic design of these programs was usually specified in the requirements for the contracts for development, and was the subject of end-user acceptance-testing prior to production release and final payment of contract.

  • The fact that my eyesight needs the help of reading glasses is compounded by my having a couple of physical eye problems, one of which is a form of Fuchs endothelial dystrophy (which may be genetic/inherited or may stem from damage after being exposed to high-UV sunlight and having severe snow-blindness in my teens). The effect is that the quality of my eyesight varies throughout the day and in differing kinds of ambient light.

  • All this has made me acutely aware of the reasoning for the above objective - i.e., functional efficiency of use of computer programs can be seriously inhibited/impeded by poor visual and ergonomic design of the GUI. The designer needs to aim to meet the eyesight and physical requirements of all potential users of the GUI, in most typical working conditions/environments - e.g., the operator may be sat in a brightly-lit office, or in the dimly-lit inside of a military tank. Again, from experience, many/most developers would seem to be blissfully unaware of whatever the visual or other ergonomic requirements of the users might be, with the result that they may unwittingly inflict on the users a sometimes punishingly difficult/unpleasant ergonomic interface and leaving users with little or no option to ameliorate the severity of that interface to better match their peculiar requirements. A classic example of this could arguably be the widely-used MS Office 2016 product (which is otherwise an excellent product).

It's good to see someone else enjoying the game! :D
Living Room / Re: Anyone know german?
« Last post by kalos on Today at 03:51:07 PM »
1. http://www.onlineocr.net/  -->

Art des Praktikums / der Abschlussarbeit: (Erforderlich)
--Bitte auswählen--
--Bitte auswählen--
Pflichtpraktikum im Rahmen einer Studien-, Schul- oder Ausbildungsordnung Abschlussarbeit im Rahmen einer Studien-, Schul- oder Ausbildungsordnung Pflichtpraktikum mit anschließender Abschlussarbeit im Rahmen einer Studien-, Schul- oder Ausbildungsordnung von der Bundesagentur für Arbeit gefördertes Praktikum Freiwilliges Praktikum zur Orientierung für eine Berufsbildung oder für die Aufnahme eines Studiums Freiwilliges Praktikum begleitend zu einer Berufs- oder Hochschulausbildung

2. Google Translate -->

Cream data
Type of course / thesis: (Required)
--Please select--
--Please select--
Compulsory internship within the scope of a study, school or training program Final thesis within the framework of a study, school or training course Compulsory placement with subsequent thesis within the framework of a study, school or training arrangement by the Federal Agency for Work-supported Internship Voluntary internship for orientation for a vocational training Or for the admission of a study voluntary internship to a vocational or university education

So it looks like the translation didn't do the line breaks, but you can probably get the gist of it.

Total process time, about 3 minutes, including searching for online OCR and copying/pasting.  :P


@Shades: I found some stuff in the Event Viewer, but nothing I can tell that is related to installing updates.
@IainB: I perused some links and did some of the suggested troubleshooting steps. Still no solution.

I think I may end up waiting until the Creator's Update is released and then use the Media Creation Tool to download and make a bootable thumb drive with the latest version of Windows and try for a forced upgrade or Reset or whatever.
Mouser, that would be great! :up:

By all results do you mean all shown results, or really all results (multipage)   ;)
A Little Hotel Humor To Make Your Stay More Hilarious.png

You can bet they don't leave the key under there though.  :)

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