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  • September 24, 2018, 09:23 AM
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Screenshot Captor / Re: Show name of printer in popup box
« Last post by omegadoc on Today at 09:21 AM »
Please once again consider SIMPLY showing the name of the active printer in the Print popup box, next to (above, below, or to the right of) "Print Setup."

This will prevent printing to the wrong printer!  Printing a simple screenshot to a large format color printer can be very costly!

Am I wasting my time repeatedly asking you to add this very simple yet very helpful tweak, for those of us who use your program all day and use multiple printers?
Living Room / Re: Help!
« Last post by 4wd on Today at 08:44 AM »
Gmail plus using the extra characters it ignores, makes filtering easier if an email starts getting spammed plus helps identify which site leaked it.


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]   (+extra is ignored)
[email protected]  (+donationcoder is ignored)

All the same.
Living Room / Re: Help!
« Last post by IainB on Today at 08:26 AM »
I use Gmail and I would only very infrequently get any spam in the Spam bucket, and hardly ever get any spam in my Inbox. However, ever since Gmail was overhauled recently, I have been getting lots of spam in the Spam bucket and some spam in the Inbox too.
I think Gmail has probably had its learned spam-catching rules expunged/cleared, or something, and is maybe having to learn them again from scratch. Pretty annoying anyway.
Living Room / Re: Help!
« Last post by Shades on Today at 08:00 AM »
Whatever else you can say about Google and their services, GMail does have pretty decent mail filtering. 

Do you use mail through a web browser or a dedicated mail client?

If you use a dedicated mail client like Outlook, Thunderbird or TheBat, there are extra add-ons available that can "learn" to filter spam from legit mail. These do require some time to "learn", so don't expect to be completely spam-free after you just installed those add-ons, but these do work.

If you use mail through a web browser, you could ask your mail provider to enable spam filters on the mail server you connect to. Depending on the operating system that your mail provider uses, the addition of a spam filter is rather easy and in case of Linux (PostFix) there is a free one available that is pretty efficient. That is the one I use on my own mail server and the amount of spam I receive in my inbox is very low. That is, I receive over 50 mail messages a day and there are maybe 1 or 2 spam messages in that set.

So you must always keep a vigilant eye on spam, regardless of spam filters.

Most mail provider allow you to forward mail to a different mail provider. For example: you could use the spam filtered mail from GMail to forward to a different mail provider with its own spam filter and you can then pick it up with your dedicated mail client, which also has a spam filter add-on. Spam will be virtually non-existent (after the earlier mentioned "learning" period) if you use mail this way. The only disadvantage is that the forwarding of mail won't be instantaneous. How much time passes between mail being forwarded depends on the mail provider and how busy their mail servers are, so it varies. But if you can live with that, it is a quite efficient way to curate your mail messages.
Living Room / Re: Animal Friends thread
« Last post by mouser on Today at 07:51 AM »
Cat brushing volunteer:
Screenshot - 9_24_2018 , 7_50_12 AM.png

"They all know him, when he walks through the door they run over to him because they know he has the special brush and the special treats. They all pile on top of him and rub all over him and just love him," sanctuary owner Elizabeth told the BBC. But grooming 20-30 cats can get exhausting, and the other volunteers began snapping shots of Terry taking his daily siestas with his furry friends."
Living Room / Re: Animal Friends thread
« Last post by mouser on Today at 07:50 AM »
dog trying to figure out how exercising works:
Post New Requests Here / Re: Tally folder contents by file date
« Last post by 4wd on Today at 07:19 AM »
From here: Powershell version ...
Ohh...nice find.   :Thmbsup:

The power of Google ;)

This'll do every sub-folder of the given folder with matching output names:
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. $folders = Get-ChildItem $args -Directory
  2. for ($i = 0; $i -lt $folders.Count; $i++) {
  3.   $file = $folders[$i].BaseName + ".txt"
  4.   Get-ChildItem $folders[$i].Fullname -File |
  5.     Group {$_.CreationTime.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")} |
  6.     Sort Name |
  7.     Format-Table Name,Count -Auto |
  8.     Out-File -FilePath $file
  9. }
Post New Requests Here / Re: Tally folder contents by file date
« Last post by IainB on Today at 07:14 AM »
From here: Powershell version ...
Ohh...nice find.   :Thmbsup:
Post New Requests Here / Re: Tally folder contents by file date
« Last post by 4wd on Today at 06:50 AM »
From here: Powershell version

Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. Get-ChildItem $args -File | Group {$_.CreationTime.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")} | Sort Name | Format-Table Name,Count -auto


.\TallyCreateDate.ps1 "Z:\test folder" >"test folder.txt"


Code: Text [Select]
  1. Name       Count
  2. ----       -----
  3. 2015-02-02     1
  4. 2015-06-09     1
  5. 2015-06-28     1
  6. 2015-07-21     1
  7. 2015-08-29     1
  8. 2015-10-24     1
  9. 2015-12-16     1
  10. 2016-01-15     1
  11. 2016-05-27     1
  12. 2016-06-20     1
  13. 2016-07-10     4
  14. 2016-07-12     2
  15. 2017-11-01     1
  16. 2018-04-05     1
  17. 2018-04-14     4
  18. 2018-07-14     2
  19. 2018-08-03     1
  20. 2018-08-08     1
  21. 2018-08-10     1
  22. 2018-08-13     4
  23. 2018-08-14     1
  24. 2018-08-17     3
  25. 2018-09-19     1
  26. 2018-09-24     1
Another potentially helpful privacy sanitisation list from (too long to post here, so just the link): 8 Steps to Secure Your Facebook Privacy Settings
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