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  • February 19, 2020, 08:43 AM
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Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff"
« Last post by Stoic Joker on Today at 07:10 AM »
Only real way to deal with it is to just block unknown numbers and hope real people leave a message.

Amen to that! One of the guys here in IT got a spam call last week that appeared to be coming from his own number.
I have confirmed the bug and fixed it in my version; will be fixed in next release.
Belated thanks for the post -- let me get Jibz (Dina author) to check it out.  :up:
Images say more than a thousand words, especialy when my motherlanguage ain't english  :P

Last description + photo tell me, i can't help.

My solution would be a generic windows helper, but redesigning a foreign application and it's child windows, i am very sorry, such skills i do not have yet.

Like Sorryformymen wrote, the AHK professionals should take over on that or my **ps part might work...

Good luck!

Since i do not know that Coral thing, i would look out for a configuration file or registry entry, back it up and play back via batch when Coral is loaded, just a suggestion if Coral works with any kind of configuration.
Updated with some improvement to the organization of the options dialog.
Here's a little trick, create a virtual folder(group) showing you only Large clips in your database (those bigger than 100k):
Screenshot - 2_18_2020 , 9_24_57 PM.png

There are actually now 2 fields related to a clip's size.  DataSize is total size of clip INCLUDING any external image size.  BlobSize does not include size of external image.

You can click on the little button to the far left on the column header to see and show more clip field names.
Find And Run Robot / Re: minor bug: FARR locks #filecontents file if empty
« Last post by mouser on February 18, 2020, 07:07 PM »
Will fix. Thanks for report!
I'm still not seeing images in a the HTML Preview tab. 

Try re-downloading to get the latest version and then enable this option:
Screenshot - 2_18_2020 , 5_07_02 PM.png
Yeah I think we're getting very close to the time when donationcoder will be changed to https by default.
I'm attaching a screenshot of my desktop
Can't await to fully understand the required functionality.

best regards!

My apologies! I did not include an attachment.  Please see it here.

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