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It is possible that this should simply be a Plug-in in WooCommerce, written in PhP.  Their plug-ins have their own formal structure, which is explained on the Net.  Maybe I should see the PhP syntax.  I would have to either write it myself, or give the logic to somebody to write.  So far I have not gotten feedback on using a compiled language, but I am checking a bit more.

Slickdeals does a good job of giving an overview of the current discounts, omits Overstock and some others

TechBargains is also interesting




HP Elitedesk for 560 on Bestbuy

Similar Dell Optiplex for 630


Dell Business Desktop deals



New Egg



Spectre and Meltdown explained: What they are, how they work, what's at risk

Interesting, so with Intel you would recommend an i7 (recent generations) or i9, with AMD you have to check.  The high-end refurbs can be fairly modern, but this would be a reason to definitely avoid, e.g. fourth generation i5 and even many newer than that.

I was thinking about the really low level "control" malware, but this is different, the actual fixes to the fundamental problem really hurt the chips performance, newer chips are more likely to be designed robustly, at least for a year or two!


This site can help with chip performance comparison, but they should add the original release date, here is an example:

ADDED: Oh, they give the date, the quarter released.


A Brief Peek Into the Fascinating World of Side Channel Attacks
Emily Gray-Fow

"The only way to fully protect against side channel attacks is to use your digital devices in a room buried deep underground, accessed by a long tunnel with shielded doors, lined with a Faraday cage, and running off of your own portable power supply."

Not sure this is a refurbished PC issue, need more info if it will affect my buying decision!

Given all of the side channel attack issues, I'd avoid referbs these days

Presumably this some real low-level OS or firmware malware?  Hard to detect.

Do we have any reports of this happening in the major refurb channels.

Living Room / where to buy a new puter? some style and spec issues
« on: November 20, 2019, 05:26 AM »
My main PC should be reasonably fast, used for business, Bible research, daily this and that.
It should have robust memory and related stacks for many browsers (yes, Onetab) and programs open.
No gaming, but lots of multi-tasking.
No laptop.

Windows 10 Pro (alternatives that will run my Windows programs well?  Windows 7??)
256 SSD (maybe 512)
1 Terabyte Disk is nice, but not necessity - maybe simply 512 SSD es suficiente
16 GB memory
Speedy Gonzalex processor and decent Graphics
chips are complex, since you have the i5 i7 i9, and various models, and AMD - this will probably be i7

It looks like the Dell Refurbs, and some HP are good deals through:

PC Mag
New Egg
Overstock (good variety)
Dell (if real special)

I also might want to check the good old PowerSpecs from Microcenter.
Probably pass on TigerDirect, Amazon, Ebay

Do you get a 3-year warranty for $50 ?  True, these are not printers, not much goes wrong.

The SFF, Mini, Tower, etc questions is a puzzle. I don't mind the Tower for long-term expansion and simplicity. If I have an SFF I could take it on a trip. I have one that is a few years old, Lenovo, maybe that is the one I would take.

Spiceworks good conversation in 2018, note the HP Mini got a solid nod

It looks like I want to spend $400-500 on the Black Friday specials, although if there was a reason I would go more. Gaming stuff is often in the 700-1000 range, but that has its own graphics specialties.


And do I want a separate Linux box for fun and play?  I do have a real old one, about 5+ years old. I probably should play with that one first (cost about $25, Craigslist)

Tablets - got my iPad  as the main one. Pretty happy there, know how to buy on Craigslist when needed.  Generally people want too much on Craigslist, but since Apple does not discount much, that is an exception. In the Android world, I am always wondering about playing with something like the Google Pixel, but the Apple iPad seems sufficient. Smooth.

Chromebook - a 4GB one for $100, new or refurb, might make sense. Maybe take in car. There are times where it might be more appropriate than the Tablet.


Your thoughts!

From WordPress / Woo Commerce I would like to shell out (call a subroutine) and do some comparison-calc logic.  This is to determine if an item is subject to sales tax. The product (item) will have some Y/N flag fields, and these will be compared to the 50 states, (+DC, maybe PR) to see if that item is sales tax liable in that state.   There will not be 50 sections, since some states are identical (e.g. about 10 have no sales tax for these products), maybe there will be 25 separate logic sections. Each section will have maybe 5-10 lines of code. I can supply the logic, and maybe do the code.

For speed, and confidentiality, it would be nice to be compiled. 

What tool should be used? 

Presumably reasonably English simple-style, for long-term maintenance:
(If State=FL and Field-Kruggerand=Y evaluate SST=Y and Goto End)

Your thoughts? 
This might also be a gig :).

SST=StateSalesTax - a plug-in from a 3rd party knows the current rate from the address, which can include local city/town add-ons.

There are other complexities, especially with threshold levels, at the moment that is another story.

We also have wonderful complexities in pricing  :).

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: November 17, 2019, 03:50 AM »
Microsoft's Software is Malware

Now I am reconsidering VueMinder.

Dan just had a Bits Du Jour, and the sale price is still there.

If the Google Sync works in a satisfactory manner (there is 2-way and 1-way, I would want 2-way likely) I could see springing for the Ultimate and then a year later doing the lifetime extension.  If it becomes my GoTo calendar I could handle the 40 + 50. 

Some might simply prefer the Pro to the Ultimate, less money.

another one that might be worth consideration, though probably not strictly a freeware site

Alternative To offers alternative solutions to a lot of mainstream apps
And don't forget Similar SItes, and others:

Alternatives to AlternativeTo

I do use these quite a bit, Slant is good in how they rate and describe.

The one lack on Pop Peeper is a real search function. 
I just added my thoughts about it here on this thread.

Is there a way to Search emails with a keyword?

ADDED: Version 5 is being worked on!

Snapfiles is back :)

They still are my #1 choice, generally, when not downloading from the programmer/company site.

Pop Peeper is working superbly.

Right now I have about five Gmail accounts hooked up, including one from Gsuite (private domain, biz). Today's mail is on top, and I can work with an individual account, or all the accounts combined, nicely color-coded. 

Are any of the others good in that way?

Two specialty things for GSuite are
1: Kiwi extension have to check what it actually does, I keep a tab in Windows that is only for that GSuite biz account.
2: Google - Drive File Stream maps the Google Drive to a Windows letter like G:

This looks like an alternative to Ninite (and  Chocolatey) for those who are installing on multiple machines.  Slant has a little review of the site, and likes the idea that it is doable simply from the browser.  Oh, this actually uses Chocolatey.

Now they just say:

"Down for Maintenance"

Text from your computer
If you enabled SMS sync in our Android app, you can text from your computer via Pushbullet.
Texting from your computer is easy, here's how:
    Click SMS in the left bar.

And there was no "SMS" in the left bar.

Maybe it works better with Android.

I switched to using Protopage for most of my note keeping.  It has an interesting capability to have mulitpages (signons that are remembered together and that have distinctive urls)

And any one page has many rows (you create one at a time) and each row has tabs and each tabs has very flexible boxes, including Rich Text Boxes, and bookmark boxes. 

If you make the tabs have descriptive names, that largely helps with the one weakness, search.
Generally, for basic home and biz and finance stuff, I now go there, rather than Rightnote, Evernote, etc.

Windows 10 has a glitch that often puts the disk on 99.9%, especially on laptops, and there is a whole cottage industry of trying to reduce the problem.

Moving info quickly from PC to iPad


And I used to use Evernote, it works, two devices free, but for this one simple need, QPush is great.
Nimbus Notes tries to be a real-time text synch, but it had problems when I tried it tonight.
Similarly, problems with
Kopy is in the same ball-park, Android, not yet IOS.

Just learned of QPush tonight, and it was very smooth setting up as a web page in the taskbar on Windows, and an easy-app on the iPad. It actually uses its own codes, so you do not set up a user account.


This plug-in looks good.

Xenforo Community
Custom 404 Page by Siropu 1.1.4

Thanks!  We are now working that angle.

Google wants to verify the domain, they gave me a .txt string and I put that into the hosts TXT DNS section, and it was verified.

More to do, but that seems to be a primary need. 
Now we figure out if the site map will be automatic or not.

There are really 3 types of redirects:
   1) Google (and other search engines)
   2) from previous forum posts
   3) internal, within the forum

It is still an interesting question whether we could easily catch invalid tries and put up a special search page of our own.

Redirection problems often occur after migrations.
My forum was migrated from vBulletin to Xenforo.
The vBulletin redirection add-on is no longer supported, and did not work for me.
My forum is like a research blog.

Current Google searches are generally based on the old urls, and give:


Not Found
The requested URL /showthread.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 443


Over time, Google would likely catch up to the current forum, but it is unclear how long it would take, and when they would drop the invalid links. In the meantime, this makes Google and other search engines unusable, and this is very frustrating to those trying to use the forum material. Same with links that were placed on other groups and forums. (We are trying a special attempt to handle the internal links within the forum.

So the need, if it is possible, is for someone skilled with Apache with PHP and whatever is the skill-set to go in there and intercept those misses, and put up either the Xenforo front page, or, better yet, a special landing page that explains that we have redirected from the Google search. And inviting the user to search using the internal forum search (which might be enhanced by an add-on.)

In the best world, the parameters of the search would be passed, more or less, to the internal search, that is getting a bit more sophisticated, and may not be possible.

Please contact me if you think this is the type of (paid) project you could do and would like to do!

And feel free to discuss, improve and troubleshoot this idea on this thread as well. Also the whole world of forums and migrations.

As an aside, I remember we had someone do something on my WordPress business site where they bypassed the normal processes and put up a landing page, specialty, explaining that we were down for the day. (Sometimes there might even be a plug-in for that in WordPress.)

If you are involved in the Xenforo world, clearly that is a big plus, and could lead to more action. Or you might like understanding why it has become the go-to forum of choice for many.

The site is on Linode, on a VPS unmanaged server. Access will be fully available.

Your thoughts welcome! 
And if you have a special spot where you think this might get a good response, share away.


And I believe the very inexpensive Screenshot Reader uses the same engine. 
So for much use Finereader (I do own a copy that I picked up on a special years back) might be overkill.

Thanks for the vector information on Adobe superiority.  I usually scan to text, but this is good to know.

Google searches now have TONS of ADS on each page.

It used to be two or three, now most of the page can be ads.

Which of these programs can effectively post to the Net? (presumably by creating an HTML file).

Allowing that you may have to purchase a domain name and use your hosting platform.

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