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General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:15 PM »  just says "Clibu loading"

On the multi-row bookmarks on Firefox see:

How to get Multirow bookmarks back in Firefox 57 and newer

Any replacement for Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar? I like having a full row of icons with no text in my bookmark toolbar so I can fit 40 bookmarks instead of 12

However, Multi-row bookmarks without Linkman, and without TabMixPlus for multi-row tabs would not help me much anyway.

Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Now using  Firefox 52.5 esr (or maybe 56, but it might have lost some) in order to keep extension functionality.
Also concurrently using PaleMoon.

More or less, they both work fine with my Linkman and TabMix Plus and RoomyBookmarks and Lazarus

Who else does anything like "RoomyBookmarks" ? Is that feature only on Firefox and Firefox compatible browsers like PaleMoon?
Yes, I know about and use OneTab but is not the same.



Linkman - essential for major use of any browser, well integrated into many

Roomy Bookmarks - a nice plus but not needed on all browsers as I can always go back to Firefox 

Onetab - Clearing out tabs but keeping them nearby - best for quick closing, whether you go back to them or now

TabMixPlus - multi-row in one window browsing - close to essential for major use

Lazarus - a nice plus, but not essential


What other browser can give the features of multi-row browsing? 

Or do you have a preferred second-best way?

And .. what browsers can handle many of these features one way or another.


General Software Discussion / Re: Notetaking software
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:16 AM »
So almost purely OneNote, Evernote, Simplenote and Keep now. And Simplenote is fading out as I use OneNote more.
My key two are multi-platform (iPad and Windows is my mainstay.

Evernote Free (2 concurrent puters-tabs) 

Wunderlist, (any number of concurrent puters-tabs)
(yes, Microsoft is ending Wunderlist, which it bought, but at that time I will export, everybody will offer ways, and the MS product might be good). 


Occasionally I do use Keep, and I am always looking for a "better than Keep" that I really like.

When it becomes a document, it goes to Atlantis or Google Docs. I hope to try Scrivener for projects. 

From the notes below Rightnote and OneNote might be a good alternative team, but that would be a clash with using Evernote, and OneNote always confused me with its various editions, methods, pricings and platforms.


This idea intrigues me:
"local WordPress install acting as a notes database, using Keep and Pimlical for online and sync."

As does this note:
"multi-platform options: RightNote, TreeDBNotes, Ultra Recall"

And Clibu - which I am checking right now.

Thanks! neat thread.


Advanced Task Scheduler is on Bits Du Jour

I checked my notes about serial #s and saw I have a purchase from 2012 with a logon on their site.  Which worked fine.

The logon tells me all about the purchase, and even makes available the last download that matches the version and also the needed activation code.  I have one activation left (probably used 2).  Still not bad for a program purchased for about $15 on Bits Du Jour, 5 years later.

Only a few companies have it together in that manner.


Maybe a Pinterest or Flipboard page?  Hmmmm..  That might be a reasonable try.  I am looking for something the other people will enjoy using.

On the ipad you can quickly make a visual friendly topical page, with your own description with 20 variable, and any of those can group many inside, and you got the bottom six (these numbers may vary by iOS OS#).

You go into Safari and add pages to Home Screen, (also you can intermix Apps). You are limited about 13 pages total, and there is no index, and this is only on the one ipad, there is no way to share, or have a url.

Still, I don't know anything as nice in Protopages, NetVibes, Symbaloo. 
Actually Symbaloo might get close, no groupings and a bit small.

What do you like to make up a quick page on a topic.
e.g. This might be a health topic, Bible, conspiracy and social, tech, anything.

You want to be done in 5-10 minutes, maybe have a note or two if possible on mouse-over or finger-over, look nice so your friends will use, and a sub-grouping feature like on iPad would be nice, and there must be a public url direct possibility.  Also you should be able to modify (a problem on iPad, you have to do a do-over for an individual rather than text, although you can move around the page.)



One special feature.

Right now only on a Mac ($50 and you need a Mac) not yet on the $10 + $7 likely needed upgrade on the iPad version. I am writing this on a 12.9 iPad Pro.

Sort of like flexible overlays, well implemented. 

Note that you can also be in sync with the google calendar (and other) which can help a lot. Of course, google won't know the sets.

Who in Windows or iOS has stuff comparable to these sets? 

This can be a calendar or pim/calendar.

Needed: a power users and help to newbie forum for major app/programs like Fantastical and Wunderlist and miscellaneous.



The popularity of Firefox today is connected to extensions like TabMixPlus and RoomyBookmarks.  Apparently the API of other browsers makes these kind of multi-row features more difficult.  And other flexibilities, as above.  Excepting Pale Moon, which is an earlier Firefox fork, enhanced.

Firefox is making some exrension compatibility more difficult lately.  Those two are working fine, Lazarus (runs also on Chrome) is not working for me on the current release.

Discussing price, Winstep Xtreme is on sale at Bits Du Jour.

Thus, under $20, in the "well, maybe, give it a whirl" area.

I'm thinking it would be more useful on the 19" monitors I use than the 23" (the taskbar being more obstrusive on a smaller monitor.)
Haven't downloaded it yet, I wonder if it is compatible with my maxmax, which I use to keep a little section on the right free for some programs,
like kill my Firefox, my Linkman dropbasket, and sometimes some notes or volume things.

May download it for trial.



Let's say I have 100 active passwords.  90 of them are DonationCoder, BitsDuJour, various Bible and Business forums.  The only ones that are actively sensitive are financial (banks, credit cards, Amazon, Paypal). Maybe two or three social could be considered a bit sensitive (Facebook, Linkedin).

To what extent do you think that the following group of techniques would allow LastPass web browser continuing:

a) safe browsing techniques (no gambling, porn, etc)

b) Avast or another decent web shield

c) make all important sites have unique user-password combinations

d) 2FA on all sites with financial capabilities

LastPass is in fact very convenient.  And most of what it is used for is non-essential stuff (there used to be discussions about having two "last" passwords, one for critical, one for general, for awhile I tried two LP accounts).   

The goal I see is to make it so that if passwords are stolen,  damage is limited, essentially zero.

I think of 2FA as only affecting the first time signing in from a locale (not sure what is the definition of a locale with a moving laptop).   A cell phone buzz is a very minor extra step in those cases. And a google email is not much trouble. I prefer the buzz because it is more accessible and less hackable.

Switching to a personal Dropbox style alternative is in fact an attractive alternative, e.g. using Keepass, one has to weight the utility lost.

Switching to an alternative web browser alternative (Dashlane?, 1Password?) likely means similar vulnerabilities, although perhaps less likely to be exploited simply because the size of LastPass makes them an attractive target. 

The big help with browser integration is automatic adding and updating of passwords.  You could enter by hand from a vault, but the real-time web browser update help saves time, and helps make sure the passwords are accurate.

Why is not a review of 2FA and password practices on those big 10 (or 20) accounts sufficient?


Let's ask the same 5+ years later.  (Same Bits urls.)

Does it make sense to use such a builder?
Compared to WordPress, maybe uploading .doc files.  Dunno. Maybe in some cases.
I'll plan on moving the discussion over to our discussions section.


Roomy Bookmarks makes Firefox dynamite for quick holding of recent and regular groups of information.

e.g. A group of biz links
A group of forums on a topic that is current (e.g. the Tetragram, or Sinaiticus)
Items I am liking in Craigslist

Also Firefox bookmarks sync very nicely (although it does not hurt to do a backup when you go from one puter to another .. good safety move).

What is a good way that I might capture some selected folders on the iPad.

I could open up all the urls in one folder at a time. There are tools like onetab, or maybe some web link tool, that could pick up a page with a custom url
Or a quick export to my own page.

Is this a Mozilla question?  Is this a bit too quirky?

Your thoughts!


So far, I do find ( ) very fine for this purpose, even without any auto-synch.

I give access in one of two ways:

signon and password ... they can add docs and such

Make up an Index Doc.  Give the partners that one share link.  And in there is all the other shares. And any instructions.

Even though does not have a major pizazz profile, I think they may be simplest, cleanest for this.


I am printing from either a second computer in the house, and an iPad capability would be good.
These are generally going to consumer grade printer, like an HP Officejet 4500 Wireless.

The Network share idea is interestion, using  'Credential Manager' or Vault. I will look at it.  WSD stuff does look flaky.


Although I might try a "print to Evernote" idea like with Foxit, since my Evernote synch works ok.  The problem is that the free one allows only two devices at a time, which I normally keep for one active PC and an iPad.  I would have to jump to a paid program for ease-of-use.


I'm gonna do some checking with Priprinter, Fineprint or, more simply, PDF. I like the Priprinter idea because of the ultra-flexibility in choosing pages and jobs to actually print. I might even buy and register if it becomes a go-to way.  The good printer programs don't do much with Bits Du Jour.  Let's see if they have a forum or discussion.  Maybe spring for their server edition rather than shunting files by Teamviewer, although that might not help due to requiring Windows network connectivity.


Teamviewer is another possibility


I'm never really happy printing over a home network.  It works for awhile, something changes in configuration or sharing or the printer or the weather, and it does not really work.  Deleting the printer and adding is not always a solution.

I don't mind if it takes a little longer I would like a method that works, all the time.

HP Eprint?
Google Print?
Teamviewer ?

How about something like:
      PriPrinter (or FinePrint, etc) 
.. save the files on the local and then send them over to the other device by Teamviewer. (which pretty much always works)
And then print.

That might be the real answer, since it has less moving parts.

What do you think? What do you do?
Does that make sense as the possible bullet-proof way.  It also has the advantage of condensed pages with the print utility.


Over the last centuries (of internet time) I've used a few major spots for backup.  And I avoid sync (with the exception of letting Evernote and Firefox bookmarks sync, they have been solid enough, I may retry some others in the future, like Notezilla).


Dropbox - Our little "Sinaiticus" group uses Dropbox for some heavy duty book-size backups with many GB.
(might not be the most economical but it works fine, the gentleman in charge has a paid account, others access as free users.)

Google Docs - My biz stuff (an e-commerce bullion company). We also are trying to use Evernote and have tried various others.
                    In the biz world Google docs is sort of the vanilla jack-of-all-trades.

DriveHQ - my backup to the cloud, with an incredibly functional file manager
              (this negates the need for drive mapping)
              I have rarely tried direct external sharing from DriveHQ.



We have a couple of dozen documents.  Numbers can increase.  Generally .RTF .DOCX or .ODT.
For writing, usually I use Atlantis Word Processer, sometimes Libre Office.

Short. Frequently changing. Want to make available in the cloud to others simply replacing the old with the new.

SHARING to friends and simply the public in external forum reading. That is the key need. - has been my fave.
             Folder navigation seems friendlier than Google docs.
             Does not have a good Windows file manager, but for low volume, its UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD and new version
             type of stuff is very solid.  You can tack some external notes to the document. Very clean. 

             One element is that the reading online may not be the same formatting as on your upload-download document.
google docs - ready to do comparison. Strong on its real-time collaboration. You don't really think of it as a download-upload
                            point but more as an online spot.


Is there anyone who really shines that I might want to compete with  I realize there are dozens of comparnies but I want them to be really clean, quick and neat for this purpose.

Remember, the key issue here is giving a share url to people, especially so they can download, and optionally read online.


I liked the simplicity of the Linux disk for restoring, even if it had less features.  Macrium ended that in 5.  Macrium, while a fine program, became secondary to my backups.  (I generally only do some images when the system is very light, the first month after an OS install, and do data backups after that.)

Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Vole Word to Website Professional
« on: February 13, 2017, 01:34 AM »
Thanks.  Great info all around.

If I am only concerned with having the ability to work with Word documents into WordPress it looks like docxpresso is a good plug-in.  Much better than the built-in Word editing button of WordPress.

And I won't be overriding the WordPress environment with a shell-over.

Docpresso has have a support forum.

Vole allows a number of others websites it can work with, but I plan to be working with WordPress.


Found Deals and Discounts / Vole Word to Website Professional
« on: February 12, 2017, 03:53 PM »
Vole Word to Website Professional


The discount is not the big issue,
I wonder about how this works practically.  Anybody use it?  I like the idea of simply using my standard word processors for direct upload to a web site.  Your thoughts?

And which license makes the most sense if I am going to try to use it.

General Software Discussion / Re: Evernote and Rightnote integration
« on: February 02, 2017, 07:22 PM »
This is on sale again today.

I am still tempted, I am trying to play with it.

One element is keeping notes from various Evernote accounts handy without special permissions within Evernote which can break the bank of the Basic,Premium etc.

Spreadsheet might be good.

They advertise some organizational elements.

My first possible concern.  Each Evernote Notebook opens up a full-blown Rightnote Window.  In my case, I would usually like to see notebooks open up as a tab within a Rightnote instance (at least as an option).  This is the type of natural use of tabs.


This came through yesterday, since I had bough a Serif product (note: they were not forthcoming at the time of sale that their X8 web site maker was at end-of-life).

However, this is an excellent deal, far better than the good Bits Du Jour special, and you might not notice it in your inbox.

From: Emma at Serif" <[email protected]>
Subject: Get Abbyy FineReader 12 Professional for under $40, Steven

I use the inexpensive Abbyy Screenshot Reader every day, and I am not sure if there are any differences in the engines.  Finereader would of course be better for documents.

So I will be taking advantage of this one, I had recently considered the Bits special.

If you are a Serif customer, check your email.


Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Cinta Notes @ BitsDuJour -- 60% off
« on: January 04, 2017, 05:01 PM »
If I am getting used to using Evernote, how would I incorporate Cintanotes as a help?

Found Deals and Discounts / FolderViewer on Shareware on Sale
« on: December 30, 2016, 11:09 AM »
This came up impressively, dual pane, connected to OneDrive.  Do not know the company

Not sure how these freebies from Sharewareonsale work in terms of multiple puters or the license fuzzing out sometime.


Found Deals and Discounts / Abbyy screenshot reader - 12/30/2016
« on: December 30, 2016, 10:05 AM »
This is quite a utility, I found this tool close to indispensable.

Buying two licenses today on Bits (my experience: they let you use the license more than one spot, after many installs they tell you oops, and you contact them for a refresh, to be safer I will have two.)

Screenshot Reader - Bits du Jour

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