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And for an upgrade, from 2.0, of $15 the Emsi thing is included.

Note: the above stuff might also be good for the Sync forum


And yes, I might be missing some obvious explanations and documentations.

Let me try to understand some basics. 
We will discuss Syncovery which is helpful with its Wizard Mode and Advanced Mode settings for creating backup Profiles. 

(Would it be simpler just to set up a free FTP server on one puter and client on the other? Not sure.)

In the Wizard Mode, Syncovery seems to indicate that you have a few methods that could work when dealing with your own remote computers.

Network Path - example given : \\mylaptop\C\Users\pureb\Documents
Browse - File Path (here I presume you have made a WebDav connection for this to apply, if you are working with a remote puter)
Globe --> Internet Protocol Settings --> FTP, SSH, WebDav, AmazonS3, HTTP, also many servers. Note that Amazon S3 and somes others are modest cost for my 15 Gb File if I want to put them in the middle, and if either they take such a large file, or I go into splitting.

(Maybe this WebDav only needs the external IP number and the User-Password? Hmm.. that is pretty loosey-goosey.)

There is also a "Device" that brings up "MTP Device Settings" which seems to be local devices, maybe relates to some media backup.
Note: I remember that Syncovery was pretty smart when I made a WebDav connection to DriveHQ and suggested making their own connection.

So, what specifically do you do? Can Syncovery or CarotDev or something walk me through having the WebDav path connection?  Clearly, that has a big advantage in that your Total Commander or other File Manager is then in play?

If you want to do the FTP with Syncovery, does that mean that you set up a free server and then access it with Syncovery?

Is there a VPN method that creates a Network Path that would be usable by Syncovery?

Maybe a little discussion, or finding a good youtube, can hash out how this is really done without too much complexity.  e.g. When I opened CarotDev, I saw all sorts of blank entry fields, presuming more familiarity than I have.

I realize that I am asking a lot here.  It just seems that there is a gap between the presumed solutions and the place where the not-real-PC-tech people begin.

FYI - I will also mention offhand that Binfer looks comfortable for inexpensive transfer of large files, with a funny email interface and modest cost. I did a couple of small xfers with it, but for clear communication I ended up opening two free accounts, with file limits. It is unclear then if both would need to be paid accounts. Also the software seems to be somewhat dormant the last five years. However, it might do a 15GB direct file transfer quickly for $5 or $10 as part of a 40Gb package. 

A whole nother possibility involves simply using a server I have, as of today, available for WordPress and such. Presumably that would be an easy FTP in triangle mode. Why do I have a server for that? Well, a biz e-commerce operation had three, with lots of redundancy, and very inexpensive. So we cleared two out and I inherited one :) .


It worked perfectly for most of the day.  Then the power was shut off, in order to get the TV up (unrelated issue).   Oops. Aborted. Teamviewer's resume is not working in #11.

So may do it again.

Here is my question.  If I am looking to use Syncovery, or Robocopy or something.  With one 15 Gigabyte file.

Which software is friendliest working with two PCs (Teamviewer connected) to make the connection. Do you do a WebDav thing.  Which one is intuitive?


For now I did the zip thing with 7-Zip .. got it under 15 gigabytes. The count of files looked like it did not take a 100 or so from 20,000, but I did not really check that.

Even though Teamviewer has all sorts of concerns about speed and bandwidth in the free account, so far it has done almost 3 gb, at about a gigabtye an hour. (Just taking the simplest method since Teamviewer was active.)


Thanks, great info.  Now downloaded.

RichCopy – Microsoft’s Multi-Threaded File Copy Utility - 2013 - Paul G. Tarver

Great text and comments. They also reference.

15 Free File Copy Tools Tested for the Fastest Transfer Speeds

And a reminder to turn off anti-virus scanning if you want speed. 
And obviously, making sure that if it is a USB port, it should be USB 3 rather than 2.

There is a fair amount of discussion about Network copying.  Is that including Internet TCP-IP?  I may have to read more carefully.
Can you get 50 Gigabytes in hours rather than days with any of these tools like RichCopy/Robocopy?

The other RoboCopy offshoots?  RichCopy updated in 2011.

RoboMirror - updated 2014

WinRoboCopy - updated 2016

I don't think enough consideration is given to the question of 100% accuracy.  Although in my case, not needed.
Here are a few more of the interesting discussions.


RichCopy alternative file copy program to RoboCopy (RichCopy more granular than WinRoboCopy)

Add a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the Microsoft Robocopy Command Line Tool - 2012 - RoboMirror and Richcopy

How do I ... use RichCopy for high-powered file copy and transfers? (helpful on choices)

Any recommendations for a seamless 'Robust File Copy' addition to Windows? [closed]

If You Like RoboCopy, Consider RichCopy Too - 2012

Need fast advice on a Windows file server migration - 400+ GB - 2013

GS RichCopy 360 Multithreading File Copying Technology


Thanks for the info.

Zero Zipper looks excellent. I ran it and it was fun. Maybe using Robocopy as well.

One extra feature would be if they gave you an inclusion capability on file types. e.g. Only .mbx and .toc (e.g. some folders have thousands of .jpgs form attachments that do not need their zero byte new equivalent.)  However, the 0 bytes files are easy enough to delete en masse so that can be seen as a frill.

It turns out my save was incomplete so I am going to do email remotely till I am back in Dutchess County.  And then do a new full save.

Thanks for the excellent feed back from DonL of XYplorer.


If you need the fastest type copy, what is recommended these days?  Which tool? What mode? 
Maybe Syncovery?  Maybe a special fast mode in Total Commander or XYplorer?  The regular modes I used on both really was too slow for my 70 Gigabytes. Many hours.

Another variable is how good they are on dealing with oddball things like ultra-long names.  Each tool varies, and you like to be uninterrupted (e.g. ask the questions at the end, and always have a "Skip All" answer.)

Some of this actually repeated from earlier, 2009.

Recreate files but without content to target drive


The data where the file structure matches the filters is 800 miles away.  If I change the names there (the filters will automatically match and change) in a slightly cumbersome manner with Teamviewer, I can not get the 50GB worth of data over here in any convenient way for a month or so. 

If I bring the structure over to my current computer, I can do the fix fairly simply.

An alternative: If someone knows a way to transport 70GB (more accurate) over the net in a reasonable time affordably, I could use that solution as well.


However, looking for a way to make a copy of a file structure, blanking out the data, seems like a fairly simple routine, in one method it would be 3-step.

Place the name of the file in a variable.
Delete the original
Build a new empty file with the variable name.

So theoretically it could be done with something as easy as a batch file. Or, more elegantly, AutoHotkey. However, I always like a designed tool and avoid PC batch stuff, having been spoiled by the OCL on the System 36.  Should I just try AutoHotKey, or the similar one?


MailStore is a good program, with which I have tinkered a bit. I'm not sure that its search facility is as friendly and strong as Eudora, with the current folder and sub-folder status.

As far as I can tell, Total Commander, my main file manager, works properly with the leading spaces. I just brought XyPlorer into play because of a time crunch.  It messing up the leading spaces was a bit of a surprise.  The puter is Windows 7.

Your advice on avoiding spaces (and especially leading spaces) is good, and noted.  However, it is a longer term solution.  I am trying to have a good one-time fix with what I have now.  That will be most easily handled by blanking out the data bringing over the file structure and making some hand adjustments to the one with data (most of the files do have leading blanks.)


My Eudora has a couple of hundred files (.mbx and .toc) I would like to clear out the data and keep the structure.

The reason now is funny. When I copied the 50+ gigabytes of data from puter to USB with XYPlorer it glitched out on the leading spaces.  (It sometimes left less spaces in the target usb.) This will mess up the filters.

Now I am 800 miles away and I want to fix the file names on the USB restored files.  If I could clear out the data on the remote source files with a simple script or utiity, I could copy over the structure with Teamviewer.  Then fix the structure by hand.  (Granted I could probably do this remotely, but in a more cumbersome manner.)

Also I could see this having possible additional future uses. e.g. Making a yearly archive of all the email.

Good method to use?


> Although for me uBlock Origin was not a viable alternative.  The cure was worse than the disease.  Enough sites went weird with it running that I just got rid of it.

(Wait.. the below is for uMatrix!)

I think the trick, especially on youtube sites which should have a global allow somehow, is to quickly hit the block and either make one or two reds green (frame and all) which still leaves nonsense things like google-analytics blocked. Or simply disable (top, toward the left.) The point is that if you have 15 or 20 websites open that are ok, they are far less likely to be scripting away to plunge your firefox into darkeness.  A reasonable trade-off.

If I remember, I dumped uBlock Origin also.


Didn't we have a favorite and best download sites thread?  That one I can not find.


This article helps explain, on the flipside, why you need to use integrity sites, or at least avoid shlock sites and be careful.

Here’s What Happens When You Install the Top 10 Apps

Discussed here on DC:

Beware of Download Sites - Jan 2015

Similarly How-to-Geek has a "sky is falling" article, maybe 2015:

Yes, Every Freeware Download Site is Serving Crapware (Here’s the Proof)

Donationcoder is on this July 2016 list as well (which may be using MakeUseOf.)

Top 10 Free Websites for Downloading Windows Software

Make Tech Easier similarly in May, 2016

5 Safe Websites for Downloading Windows Software

Gizmo in Sept, 2016

Best Freeware Download Sites

4 Download Portal features I dislike - Feb 2016

Just noticed that Skype now has a $3 a month unlimited that includes USA calls.  That might be a happy compromise. The convenience is worth the $3. 

Since I do not have a cell phone, I also use Skype a bit for the longer SMS messages.  They cost about .05 or more, but again, quite convenient when I am at the keyboard.

Currently reading the Lifehacker articles as to the basics.
2013 -
2012 -

They go into paid vs. free
Free refs - Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost VPN, and HideMan, 

A few hours a week would cover cafe use, if that is the purpose.


Companies like Windscribe in Canada (a new company that made a splash) and VPN Unlimited seem to have specials along the usage of one year at $20 or lifetime at $40.

Some discussions (e.g. Reddit) have been fairly favorable.
Reddit has threads here for Windscribe (which may or may not be available now.)

Could check Wilders and others too.

While TechDirt has something on VPN Unlimited here, which apparently has won various awards:

My VPN questions?

Where does this help? 
What does it mean in terms of speed and stability?
Do I take a free spin to see if I like the interface and such?
Do I have to up my techie level?

Can I tell them to not fudge my home location? I am on forums where I want to say "hey, this is from Dutchess County".
Is that a global situation?

Does anything over 3 years really matter? In a likelihood probability sense.

Am I doing this for "Jade Helm" invisibility protection? 
Financial security in transactions? 
Connections between puters (currently use Teamviewer and stuff like that, on low-key connections.)
To be cool.

There is a thread here about a baked-in Opera VPN.

I am generally just interested in knowing more and hearing what you folks think.


 Thanks.  I am in a different world.

Clamshell Cell Phone for regular calls (cheap LG Go-Phone used on Cingular family plan acct) 

iPad Tablet on same plan - uses Skype and Facebook for free calls, (could try Google Voice, do not have a free method here either for ad hoc calls)

Windows 7 - ** where I am really looking for the free ad hoc calls without the .02 a minute of Skype

So I was really asking about finding a free Windows way, and that is where Google Voice does not add contacts well, for whatever reason.
And I should try on the iPad as well.
However for quick calling and searching and good sound through speakers and mic, I am most concerned with Windows


When you connect in one touch, can you indicate what OS?  What browser?
What the button says?  Do you give the contact a name at that point?
Maybe a description or pic of the screen.

This is the fly in the ointment.  I never have been able to take a call I made and easily save it as a searchable contact.  If there is something there I am missing, I will try to go that route.



Its easy enough to call. 

Where is the one touch, add the called number as a contact?
This is all Windows 7 based. (Although I could play with ipad or Android too and see how it looks.)

Notice that here they make it far more complicated.

Might be a Firefox question, which uses a plug-in,

 I'll try Chrome.

With Chrome, in certain cases I can get back to the Google Voice contacts screen.  Nothing is intuitive.  Lots of features, difficult integration.

General Software Discussion / Re: Evernote and Rightnote integration
« on: October 11, 2016, 06:06 PM »

Can you give an example of using the spreadsheet option. 
Why use Rightnote compared to a dedicated spreadsheet, like in LibreOffice?
Is it because you are using it with personal notes?  Or for export?


Skype has a quick on-the-fly adding of a contact. No email searching and hit required.  This is a big plus.  However Skype costs .02 a minute.

I'm looking to have the cake (on-the-fly addition of contact numbers like in Skype Voip-Stunt, etc) and eat it as well (free calls like in Google Voice and Facebook).
I often like the handsfree and speaker aspect, compared to using the old time phone. It works well with making notes in Evernote or Notezilla.

Lacking that, I want as close as I can get.  e.g. a .01 call would be much better than .02.

Solution - EasyVoip (which I have used in the past) is only 3/10 of a cent. That will not add up like the .02c of Skype. ADDED: oops, .039 connection fee
 VoipStunt is a bit to figure out, it is pseudo-free. There are others.


General Software Discussion / Evernote and Rightnote integration
« on: October 11, 2016, 08:21 AM »
Has anyone been using the Rightnote integration with Evernote.

They both are fine programs, and of course if you are using Rightnote the integration will give you a nice cloud and tablet accessibility plus.

What if you are using Evernote as your base note system?  Then, do you find that Rightnote adds much? 
You have multi-layer folders.  Maybe it can look nicer.

Not being too concerned about the $ aspect (you may already have a Rightnote license) do you find that you actually end up working in Rightnote, rather than the Windows Evernote Desktop Client (where I do most Evernote, with a little auxiliary jotting on the road) ?  What are the main pluses that you find in Rightnote usage?    Any problems?



Good, but some complexities.

Afaik, you are attached to a singular Gmail account, and I have different accts for biz, personal finance, travel, Bible, etc.
Theoretically I could use it for my conglomeration forwarding account, I would have to test that to see how it works. 

Also, a lot of times you are calling people where you do not have a gmail correspondence.  (For one thing, I also use my Verizon email account a lot.)
Looking for a person to do a bathtub, I might call five numbers, they are not in my email.

So I might be able to improve the hangouts/voice experience, but not make it super-happy.  I will try it a bit more thought and see if the adding and searching works ok.


Skype has a decent contact list (also group calls work pretty well) capability, however a USA call is .02c a minute.  I have chugged up maybe $50 over time with that one.  One quirk, sometimes the keyboard does not work on "enter 1 for repetition..".

Google Voice and Google Hangouts are hard to separate these days.  You have to be in the active google account (no big problem).  Calls are free.  So far I have not been able to make any contact list work well.  Am I missing something?   The free calls themselves can be done easily by the phone pad.

Facebook calls to Facebook members are free and they work well .. to other Facebook members.  This comes in very handy in a limited way.


Does any one site allow:

1) free outgoing USA calls (like Google Voice and/or Google Hangouts)

2) the maintenance of a searchable contact list? (like Skype)


General Software Discussion / easy peasy website building
« on: October 10, 2016, 03:58 AM »
List of responsive and other Desktop Web Design Software
Last modified: March 8, 2016 by Shams

A bit of English as a second language. This is the only article I have seen that directly gives a number of points of comparison for the group of programs that try to build a website without necessarily falling into code.  Yet not getting dead-ended too easily.  Note that real significant advantages are considered, such as CMS capability, or whether online work is possible.

These six are given full sections, although the last two are a little tame.

Serif WebPlus X8
Xara Web Designer
Website X5
WebEasy Professional 10
EZ Generator

Quick mention to:

WYSIWYG Web builder
NetObjects Website Designer
Xsite Pro 
Webpage Maker 

I have seen a friend use SiteSpinner actually make a decent static site -
NetObjects I thought has its own subculture.


He does not go into the Wix and Weebly type of experience of online building (which would likely be considered too basic). (Similarly the various tools on web hosts.)

Top 10 Alternatives to Weebly Website Builder

Wix vs Squarespace vs Virb vs Weebly vs Jimdo vs WordPress Theme Builders


He does not go into the CMS/WordPress experience in this article, even though he is a WP developer. 


In my own case, the two tools most likely to be used this year:

WordPress (working with a biz already using it on ecommerce with woocommerce so my skills and learning could transfer, thus other CMS are less significant)
Maybe use something like the Editor theme here:

Serif WebPlus (picked up recently on Bits)


Possible consideration
Weebly  (apparently have a good blog platform, which might fit some very simple stuff I want to do on some topics) Blogger is possible here, too.


Lots of good tools to consider, time is limited.  Wordpress biz involvement takes away from Squarespace, Website Baker, etc. possibility.


Found Deals and Discounts / Re: Syncovery at 50% off - BDJ
« on: October 07, 2016, 01:42 AM »
This is tonight on Bits, and likely will be extended.  (Or you can ask a special request.)

I loaded it and was quite impressed.  I've tried Backup4All, Ascomp Backup Maker, Personal Backup (Rathlev) and some others.  This is mildly techie, and strong on things like cloud and remote, and has good support, and does not upgrade for $ frequently.  So even with the others, the free or older versions I have (Backup4All) has limitations. Some money should be spent somewhere.

The biggest limitation is that when you here the word "sync" you wonder if it can do standard file-by-file backup in a friendly manner. My sense so far is yes.

I do wonder if it might have a feature I am always wondering about .. placing the soft-coded drive number in at the time of backup.

I did do a quick backup of my active application folders to my WebDav DriveHQ (they give you a utility that seems to finally be working well, Syncovery has one too) and was very pleased with what it told me and stuff like that.  I like how it shows you what is going to be done in tree fashion, you can tweak and say no to certain nothings (e.g. log files) and shows you the sizes. Kewl stuff.  It seems to want to help you think about what you will have in the right-hand target area.


Here it was so sharp that it offered to change the WebDav drive assignment of DriveHQ to its own WebDav way:

The path
H:\Sycovery Stout Dell Apps
should be specified as
\\©40960\DavWWWRoot\Sycovery Stout Dell Apps
because mapped drive letters are not always available.
Would you like to accept this change?



What brought this on is largely trying to figure out how to use OneTab to really prevent memory and crash problems in Firefox, while also integrating OneTab into a top-down group of Start Pages. One idea would be to make a OneTab on all your major Travel or Bible or Puter sites and then each one separately as a One Tab web page, which can be made super-quickly. Then place that web page on the Roomy Bookmarks bar and/or a start menu.

I would add one more: If you create a web page, it looks like this:

However, I do not think that any such page created has a private possibility. (Other than nobody knowing the url.) 
Plus the new web page can not have any group structure.

Here are three requests I sent to OneTab that would help this method:


The Shared Group (a created webpage with its own url) should have the rename of the Tab Group

The page created, One Tab shared tabs, it would be nice if it had an "open all tabs" option.

The individual tabs should have a rename capability (this would be before creating the webpage)



It looks like OneTab on Firefox will always work on one database, which I found at:


So maybe when there is too much there, 300 tabs and you say .. ferget about it for now .. you rename it for later potential use and start fresh?
There is no way to have more than one current set of tabs, they do have nice grouping and moving capability (before you make web pages.)


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