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Found Deals and Discounts / Site Spinner Pro at $20
« on: December 30, 2016, 09:58 AM »
While you might consider this rinky-dink.

Site-Spinner Pro

The $20 price is rather low, $50 is generally a bargain for the pro.  $20 is closer to java and herb tea $.

Community forums hoppin a bit.

I wanted one of these types in my arsenal.  Was going to Serif, some consider that a better product (yes, there are many others that do Windows Desktop web-dev lite) but they are ending of life of their web site maker products.  Site Spinner still seems like reasonably active.

A friend did this site on SiteSpinner as part of our project (we do plan to add a WordPress blog.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 28, 2016, 08:37 AM »
Right now, because of:

The weirdness in display
Losing a category
Question of the future of Papaly

And the similar goodness of Zeef (with a stronger community with boards accessible) I am going to hold back on more Papaly research.  Unless I get a good response from Papaly support.



General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 26, 2016, 07:45 AM »
I'll get back to that in a bit. First let me show you my puzzle.

Here is a pic of my Papaly home page .. on the Bookmarking one.
And I could share the page we are looking at.  (And I did see the colouring theme possiblility.)


And the url that I get on share board is:
which expands to

The problem is that the format is totally different and some categories are not included.
e.g. Bookmarks Online in the 2nd column.

Whoops. It seems that that one was deleted.  How? No confirmation, for sure.
The top 10 or so entries are in the pic here. 

Let's see if their support is still active (they mention helping with an undelete.)


General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 24, 2016, 03:53 PM »
Thanks, I've spiffed it up.  Learned a lot more about what is out there. Now we see why it is hard for the companies, lots of alternatives and competition.  A "Top 10" or 25 list would be interesting.

Note the section on tool pages used to describe the tools on the upper right. The Zeef on Content Curation. is especially strong.

One thing lacking in Papaly (and many tools) is a good feedback and discussion and improvement method (e.g. uservoice).  Maybe such a page should be connected to the Papaly et al. page.  Any suggestions as to how?

Also a minor lack is (unless I missed it) the ability to load all the urls in a category at one time. I use that in Firefox bookmarks a lot.

I'd like to learn more about the Cloud Notes section in the Awesome Websites. I think Fargo may be a good addition there.  And Simplenote is not there. While I generally use Evernote, the idea of a pure online service is always interesting.   Especially for easy sharing.


Back to Papaly.  Even though I make it 4-5-6-7 columns, the url to view it by guests only shows three columns.

This was surprising. However, others show up with more columns, so maybe there is a setting?

Right now, Zeef is in the lead.  They have a vibrant community of of existing contributors so in some cases (eg. SEO) you can link to multiple interesting pages to start. Saw some suggestion possibilities. Technically, Zeef and Papaly both had their strong points, but Papaly is dormant now internally.

Granted, there are a few different needs.  Your own workspace, corroboration on biz and projects, curating material for a web page or newsletter. Aid to social marketing. Visual bookmarking. There are $ considerations on some.

Which ones have given the best buzz?


General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 23, 2016, 12:10 PM »
Re: Bookmarking teamwork

When I was looking up the newsletter idea I ran into a number of curation tools.  I'll start a new Papaly (other tools to be considered) with what I found. Right now, I am mostly adding what might be new stuff, not the stuff above, or the general start page stuff.  Spending an hour on this, checking sites and all.

Bookmarking, Curation, Start Pages

If the page is helpful I can give contributors access, who can add notes etc. 
What is lacking is an immediate link to a notes page, like a specialized Evernote adjunct.  Some of the other tools might be stronger there (and pictures).

It was very helpful to first use the RoomyBookmarks system with Firefox.  Then I simply open up the whole folder and bring them in to Papaly (or any solid page-maker) one at a time.  The two-step works great.


General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 19, 2016, 09:07 PM »
Sounds good.

Here is a board I put together for a couple of friends who like natural pain relief salves and stuff like that.  Still a WIP.  And no notes yet.

(Avery is my middle name, which became my internet name for most things, however Papaly is mostly business stuff.)

General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:16 PM »
The specialty element is attaching word processer style text to export to a newsletter?  Whether the newsletter highlights one or many?  Is that the attempt?

General Software Discussion / Re: Bookmarking teamwork
« on: December 19, 2016, 01:41 AM »
A good test would be to set up a bookmark resource page in many of these tools, and then share the public url. With a few categories and notes on some of the bookmarks, when possible. Mulitple tabbed (or linked in some way) pages would be a nice test too (e.g. can you move from one page to another a whole group?)

Papaly does allow an invite by email and your own workcenter can mix public and private.  The concern is that they recently had a contraction, the future may not be as vibrant as the past, but they do seem to be one of the best (Draggo and a couple of others that look good I have not compared, I probably have a few to add on my next post, one listed its competitors.)

Also what is the quickest method to set up?  Some of these tools like Papaly have a Firefox extension for drag and drop, but I find it might be quicker to work with cut-and-paste of the url and creating a new entry. 

In general, the quickest personal way is to use Roomy Bookmarks on Firefox and drop one after another into a folder. A similar method involves Onetab, but that is less navigable.  An interesting question would be quickly setting up a section in a bookmark folder, then opening up all those urls on one page, and then importing them into the preferred tool above.  Economy of movement.

I'll plan on setting up a Papaly page.  Xerpi is one not mentioned, but it is somewhat dormant, its plus is that you can fit much more on a page and, like Papaly (and many others) has the ability to move around individual urls and and groups by drag and drop.  However, since I could not find a way to change passwords, I can not recommend Xerpi.

My search was more from the perspective of start pages as well as bookmarks.  So that includes, Netvibes, Symbaloo, Protopages, Ighome, etc. 

Some that I came across that may apply here that were not above in the thread:

Curabase - https://www.curabase...eb/bookmark-managers
   Note this is their bookmark managers page

Semantic Scuttle -
Dragdis - -
43 Marks -
Revisit -
Visualizeus - -

A few more might be in here:

Here is a page about Dashboards:

A Papaly page about Design

Marcus Zillman might have some ideas:


PTFB is on sale tonight on Bits Du Jour. Likely tomorrow as well. 

However the discount price is $15 and is license-restricted (dunno if they check, but I like to stay within licenses) to one computer (not just one user.)  Since my utilities tend to end up on 4-5 puters that I use in two locales and laptop this is far too much money for a limited feature utility.

An exception, btw, is Evernote Basic, which is free (I use a higher level for a different business account).  Although it is limited to two puters, they very nicely ask you to choose your puters when you sign on to a third.  So far, quite solid.  Especially since their sync is good, about the only one I really trust so far.


The one or two is a good deal, although Version 2 is generally sufficient.  Or wait for the one with Emsi to come back down.  Generally a good company, so in a sense that has the exploratory value.

Oh, why is Notezilla better than PNote on the popup window?

Well, I mentioned that you can easily stick one note to multiple windows.  So if you want one note to be your note about note software itself, it can stick to *Notezilla* and *Evernote* and *Pnote*.  That cross-lineage note will pop up.  So, this is Top-Notch for Notezilla.

Along with that, once you have the note, and you want to move it to a memoboard, Notezilla has excellent visual navigation.  You might make a memoboard with you puter productivity notes and put it there. That is much easier to do in Notezilla, since you actually see the notes in the NoteBrowser.

So, as far as I can tell, if you have both programs, you always use Notezilla for the popup notes, even if you use PNote for a Desktop Doozy.

WinSendKey has many parameters and a lot to read.

Can you tell me simply the cmd for something like.. eg. exexcute Alt-Ctrl-T
[ winsendkey -yada -yada ] - this winsendkey cmd I will call in a shortcut.

This would be "show today" group. While Alt-Shift-T would be "hide today" group (I'm never going to use them as keystrokes in daily use, only in a shortcut icon).  PNote was criticized in one review, Ghacks, for aggressively letting you take a global hot key, it was a strange critique, anyway here it is a plus.  I am planning to have about 10 show-hide icons for five group-sets. (My five note desktops.)  That also leads to the question as to alternate launching methods rather than 10 icons for the 10 shortcuts.

Although theoretically WinSendKey could change the "focus"?  Make the key internal to an app by first calling the .exe? Is that possible. Understanding that the app itself will not take the command as a parameter. It does not matter on PNote since all keys are global, that tends to be the sticky way.


Thanks guys. I am going to use this for the PNote need. Sort of virtual note desktops by group (when the desk is cleared, only icons and little stuff up, actually if I put the notes "on Top" I  could even ignore that.)  Maybe 5-10 nicely colored notes filling up the desktop in a group, maxing the real estate as desired.  Thus I might have a "Today" desk, a "e-commerce work" desk and a "Bible issues" desk and more.  Rather than right click and find Show-hide the specific groups I can lay out the notes using the clear space from max-max (still works in Windows 10) cleared section on the right.

This is so neat I may have to do a pictorial or a video.  (In fact, one of my earlier PNote pics, probably from Donationcoder, ended up in a review or blurb.)


As I understand, it is often suggested to use a keyboard shortcut to execute an icon or desktop shortcut, a .lnk.
As here:

(I'm a mouse guy. I don't do much with keyboard shortcuts, although I could hit an icon to pop up a group of shortcuts.)

What happens if you want the opposite. You want a desktop icon to execute a global hot-key (one that was defined in an application like Pnote, to show a specific group of notes.)

Is that done with Autohotkey? Or some other way? 

Let me know if I am missing something trivial.



Notezilla does have tags, they simply do not seem to be as much utilized within the system.

Here is a feature I really like in PNote .. the "On Top" toggle for any note.  Not sure how to replicate that in Notezilla.

Ok, it may be similar in Notezilla.  And in Notezilla it does not seem to be a toggle. Easy enough to place a note on Top, with a rightclick on top. Not sure how to say "no mas" on top, there is a Hide option but then you are not longer anywhere to be found except in the browser, if you remember where to look.  (I usually keep part of my Notezilla notes on a reserved clear space set aside by MaxMax on the right. )

Notezilla links to files and folders, a nice feature I have not used. 
PNote has a way to link notes together, which at times might be redundant to a Group, but may have some good applications.

I'm actually reaching the point that I want to use both programs, plus Evernote.

PNote is handled for my multiple "Desktops" .. right now I only have one.. it has about seven notes, different colours and placed nicely.  Do to the show/hide groups and tags functionality it would be easy to have multiple.

Notezilla is used for all my pop-up notes, which is a major functionality as well. Part of this is the ability to have mulitple calling windows for one note.

Evernote is used for the permanent placement and tweaking of notes. 

I am quite happy, so far, with the three layer note-cake.


Found Deals and Discounts / NovaPDF and Backupforall
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:33 AM »
NovaPDF Professional 8

Half price today. Similar to a Bits sale. Where 7 was on sale here, in 2012, and the comments are helpful.

Lite I think is free on a promotion page

For $25 this looks like it might be a nice purchase of convenience. Any users or comparisons welcome.
Of course, it is possible to get many PDF tools free.


Same company:

On good old Backup4All Professional, the new v. 6 has a $25 Cyber deal that came to me in email. (However, they do not speak of any limitations on use.)
https://secure.backu...ade/263/1/CYBERB1654  - the url morphs into a cart entry.

The Professional upgrade would be $21 from any previous Pro version (but you likely end up with only one serial number, they put in their license info that a license is supposed to be for one computer).  I would buy the deal and have two licenses. However, I have Pro V5, so it is a close call if it is worth the $. 

They are quite disciplined in their information, you can see the dates of releases going back 10 years, which is nice. The prices of upgrade paths can be compared. They have a good compare version page, and they tell you in some detail what is new in releases and they email you properly. You can load version 5 and 6 on the same puter. Their forum is alive and they even encourage questions there.  You log in and see your registration keys from years back.  All rather neat and professional, in an informal way.

Here is the Lite for free today, the new version:


This limited time promo seems to be active 3-years later. The program works with a right-click from Windows Explorer (which I have not used for more than 3 years)


I like this DesktopOK program a lot too, used it for a number of years.

Problem is .. just the last week it started to glitch out. Running Windows 10 and Desktop 4.02.

When it places a Save it shows in DesktopOK, but does not seem to really happen. Maybe a quirky permissions problem.


General Software Discussion / Re: Total Commander v9.00 Public Betas
« on: November 30, 2016, 12:35 PM »
Superb program with superb support and the no extra fee policy. 
And I also find it nice looking and easy to use.  skins, shminz

Sometimes I pull out alternatives (DOpus I do not have, XYPlorer or Xplorer2, Free Commander, etc) but I always tend to just say:

"why?  Total Commander is so good.."

Granted, XYPlorer gets a nod for their also having a true lifetime license and an excellent program and a developer here in Dodge.


They actually went down to $12 at one point.  Even though I generally find 2.0 sufficient, the extra pizazz and the Emsi make it a good deal.

However, then it went back up to $20 (50% off).  I sent them a note asking about trying to restore the lower price, or when it may return.

Presumably it is a one-PC license, although that might still allow multi-installs when you work on one at a time.
Why they sometimes show both the one and three options, and other times, not, leads to a bit of a puzzle.

I'm not a big fan of this "rush, get to the store, make a purchase on the specific couple of days thing".
It is like you are being played as a cog in the mercantile wheel.

admin@concept...  email has a vacation auto-responder. I was saying the same as above.

I recopied the file over, it looks fine, taking updates.  Minor hassle, made me research and think a bit more. I kept the old file and could check it out sometime to see if it really, really has some glitch that prevents modifications.


Consider that one spot where PNotes shines, the ability to have multiple easy-access desktops of sticky notes.  e.g. One might be shopping, one might be biz, one might be today, etc. each one doing the real estate nicely on the desktop and switchable with a couple of clicks.  They accomplish it with Groups or Tags. The tags are especially flexible because one note can be in multiple tags. It is a nice feature, but not one that I would say that Notezilla needs.

You would accomplish the same basic idea if you could Show/Hide a Memoboard to the Desktop.  I would say that is easily the #1 improvement I would recommend. While you do have the advantage of being able to work within the notes browser itself (lacking in PNote) it never really has the space niceness of working on the full Desktop. Keep in mind that, in addition to sticking to windows, this multi-note kanban style aspect of stickies is one big, big advantage over Evernote et al. The ability to have 3 or 10 or more "virtual note desktops" is really where stickies are always going to gain a lot of fans, on top of window sticking (where you are easily the best, afaik, and that alone is sufficient to buy and use the program, imho.)   If you made a nice video showing how this works, the multi-desktops, the fans will come and follow.

btw, even when using Evernote, I try to have it set up so that two or three notes can be paneled while in use.  However, nothing is really able to be saved.  I would say that the Evernote shortcut feature is one you might want to consider emulating. You both have good searches, but shortcuts right on top of your page are really nice.


Just to clarify. The backup problem is not a problem now, I am getting daily backups, of the same file.  (Although I do think we should have a backup-on-demand alternative, I think that was removed from the recent version, we discussed some elements of this before.)  The couple of days that were missing are not an issue.


The Windows time date of the file is not moving forward. It is just as if the file was acting as read-only.  My changes do not take. The file was brought over by Teamviewer from another computer where it was working fine.  In fact, I don't think any of my changes after that took.

Looking at properties in Total Commander and I see only archive checked, which looks normal, not read-only.  Interestingly, in one case the Date Accessed was updated, but not Modified or Created.  I could try importing the file again from the puter 800 miles away.  I didn't do that partly because I was concerned it would work and we would never find the root of the problem. :) 

I would be happy to send you the file. Or show you in a Teamviewer or Skype viewing type of session. At the moment I am relaxed about it, and happy that it helped me to research more deeply the differences between sticky programs (and especially how much superior is your stick-to-windows feature and the recommendation I made you that would make multi-virtual-Notezilla-desktops easier to accomplish.)  It is a bit of a :) comparing Notezilla with PNote.

I'll send you a note by email in a few minutes.


On the desktop groups, both Notezilla and PNote allow you to right-click the system tray and do a show-hide.

With Notezilla it is the (one) Desktop that is shown and hidden.  Whatever notes are currently marked as Desktop. (They can be anywhere in the folder system.)
With PNote, with an extra click or two, you can show a Group of notes, or Tags  (also Last Modified). PNote has a fine implementation there.

What Notezilla could do is allow a Memoboard to be brought to the Desktop with Show/Hide.  There is not a necessity to add Groups and Tags to have a similar functionality since the folder / memoboard element is comparable to Groups / Tags (PNote also has folders and sub-folders, but since the Control Panel does not show the notes themselves it is less functional.)  Similar with those starred favorites.


Hope everyone had a nice day of giving thanks.

Psalm 100:4 (AV)
Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise:
be thankful unto him, and bless his name.


Since my Notezilla has a glitch, I decided to play with PNote and  In fact, I ended up deciding that the older PNote is friendlier, at least for now. It is a rather robust program. Here are some notes on sticky notes.



1) How well do they stick to a window?

2) How well do they take advantage of the inherent advantage of a schema of, say, 5-columns on the Desktop and easily moving in and out of multiple such desktops?

(One big weakness of Evernote, OneNote, Rightnote, etc often boils down to the real estate waste. One note is one whole page. Evernote does give you some flexibility of having multiple notes open on neighboring parts of the desktop, and it has a nice "shortcuts on top" system.  Presumably Onenote also has some flexibilities here. Nonetheless, it is still far from sticky nice. Note that Evernote has at least two attempts to add a stickies element by utilities.)

Can you easily go in and out of multiple such schema?  What is the organizational method?  Would you be comfortable using it for a full-blown note folder-style note system?

3) Do they have any weaknesses on the basics of RTF, pasting pictures, editing.  (e.g. some sticky programs are bland text only)

4) Do they have extra capabilities that really look like they might be used (sending over a network, sync, etc.)

5) Do they have unique frustrations, such as puzzling groups of icons sans text


That said, I am going to compare Notezilla and PNote.  Feel free to include Stickies or any other.

1) How well do they stick to a window?  This is Notezilla all the way. For one, a single note can stick to multiple windows. (Wildcards work well, too.) Easily. And PNote seems quite frustrating, once you pin a note, to find out how to unpin it, even in the Control Panel where the Pin is shown.  And the moment it is pinned to a window, it is removed from the desktop (Notezilla nicely asks). 

(Sidenote: the Firefox Internote used to go by URL for a browser, rather than a Window name.)

Overall, I have not found anything close to Notezilla on Window (including web pages) pop-up.   Even if I only used it for that purpose, at this time it should be in my arsenal.

2) Columns on a Desktop?
Notezilla works with a Notes Browser. It has a strong multi-folder structure and you can change the notes easily while in the Notes Browser.  Thus if you are trying to do a full-blown note system, as an alternative for Evernote or Rightnote or Onenote, it is possible.  However, I do not give Notezilla a point here, unless you have decided to make it your everything system. Due to a preference for Evernote and an occasional Notezilla stability or usage glitch, I am not going that way currently.

PNote has a Control Panel.  While you can not modify notes easily withinin the Control Panel, it has a very strong Groups and Tag system. You can easily show one or two single Groups on the Desktop.  Thus you can create sets of virtual full-desktop notes. 

So far, it seems like a win for PNote, in terms of setting up multiple Desktop groupings.  You could set up 5 or 10 or more groups, each one filling the desktop in 5+ columns (one or two rows, all flexible, some docking capability although not needed) and show one at a time.  This is how I like to work during the day. I like my ongoing notes be set up, and then as they mature on a topic, they might be moved to Evernote.  Some, like "what to do today" or "short-term travel plans" or "need to contact" will always do well as sticky note centric.

3) Weaknesses .. none apparent, but PNote can be a bit frustrating with things like too many buttons that are small. Or extra clicks to do something. The Notezilla edge here is minor and we can call it a wash.  (I'm more used to Notezilla)

4) Extra capabilities .. both have some. For now, a wash.

5) Unique frustrations?  I mentioned how PNote seemed almost surprisingly unusable for window-sticking with flexibility.  Notezilla has glitched a couple of times (including currently.)



Great suggestion.  I do have the time and the need to learn and the space. The e-biz is running on another server and there is little point in reducing the number since we have a super-duper deal.  Also I have a web programmer personal friend, Carolina Custom Designs, who can help me with modest cost since he is actively working the e-biz (bullion company, WordPress and WooCommerce) end as well.

Sure, later I may move things around a bit, but this is a server I can use for my WordPress and VBulletin and other stuff, often on Bible issues. Right now spread over a couple of other hosts.  And get my skill level up.

OwnCloud, (or Cozy or Seafile, et al) here we come.  (First, I have to get the FTP credentials :) ).


Sometimes Notezilla is puzzling. I put aside the sync some years back, but I know that sync is often problematic and you have to be careful.  It works nicely in Evernote, about the only place I trust synch. .. in the Firefox bookmarks (I also use Roomy Bookmarks so it is a kind of information system) I find I do better with backup and restore when switching to other puters.

A few months ago, there was a glitch in a file, Gautam fixed it, although I was out of commission for a little bit.  Ok, fair enough. Good support, program-data glitch of some sort.

Still, the positive elements have been extremely productive.  Popping up a note to a website is really kewl, although this is not unique to Notezilla. Some of the structural excellence of the Notes Browser are less significant now that I use Evernote a lot more for permanent notes. I like to use Notezilla when I am first working with something, and then transfer it down to Evernote.  If Notezilla does not prove itself stabile, then Stickies, PNotes or another (as long as they pop up to a website, note that there are two methods, one involving window name, one involving url, both are satisfactory, the window name has the advantage of including applications, that is what Notezilla uses) have to be considered.

Today I hit something else. Some glitch in the mental file placement and saving of changes logic.  I can make a change, close Notezilla, and then the change is not there on reopening.  In addition, there has not been a save for a few days. (Notezilla I think simply is supposed to automatically give you one daily save, if you are active in that day.)

I'll write Gautam, but this is important enough that I want it to be hashed out here, unto fix, understanding, completion. 

It looks like the only place the data and backup files are supposed to be is at Advanced-->Preferences-->Advanced.  So how could that not work?


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