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This is exclusive software developed by mouser. None of our software contains spyware, adware, or toolbars of any kind.

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None of our software contains toolbars, spyware, adware, or bundled software of any kind. We will refund any donation at any time with no questions asked. All donations are processed securely by trusted financial services; we do not receive your credit card or personal information when you donate, and we will not share your email address with anyone. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

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Hello, I sure am interested in your programs. I am a Disabled vet on a very fixed income. I hope you understand. I would like to get a membership if that is possible? [we give full memberships to anyone who can't afford to donate]
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Other less-popular or older Windows applications.
  • link thumbnailWebcam Video Diary
    Takes snapshots and videos on command and lets you annotate them with notes; highly customizable and hotkey triggerable; stores in standard files and directories but organized by date and time.
  • link thumbnailWeb Log Filter
    A utility for people who have huge (Apache) web log files, and need to extract subsets of these logs for use in standard web log analysis tools.
  • link thumbnailWeb Link Captor
    Takes a list of plaintext items, and builds an output document containing a list of url-linked results based, based on web searches for the items.
  • link thumbnailUnicode Image Maker
    A program to let you create images from text, especially Unicode or Nonstandard Font Text. It is useful for adding unicode text as images in graphics applications that cannot directly support Unicode. Integrates seamlessly into Screenshot Captor.
  • link thumbnailTapTap Hotkey Extender
    TapTap Hotkey Extender is for keyboard maniacs. It detects unusual hotkey events like double tapping of right shift key, and can simulate normal hotkeys so that you can trigger any other program on these events.
  • link thumbnailPoint Motivator
    Configure items that earn you points and chart+track your progress over time. Share configurations with others and motivate yourself to be more productive.
  • link thumbnailLittle Voice Commander
    Toy application for toddlers; shows pictures based on what they speak or type.
  • link thumbnailGoogle Translator Boomerang
    Have fun with Google's translation engine; automatically translates English text into foreign languages and then back again for amusing results.
  • link thumbnailFlipSuite (Flipbook Printer Suite)
    Record and print your own "Flipbooks" using business cards and video movies.
  • link thumbnailDrag and Drop Robot
    Power-user batch tool with support for drag and drop folder/file operations.
  • link thumbnailDr. Windows
    A Windows Protection Program... Err.. or rather, a funny useless joke/prank program..
  • link thumbnailDesktopCoral
    Shields an area of your desktop from other applications. Acts as a barrier against maximized applications, by simulating an invisible resizeable docking bar that can be docked to any side of your desktop.
  • link thumbnailBrowserTraySwitch
    A super tiny little system tray utility (only 90k) to help you quickly change your default browser whenever you want, or launch your various browsers on deman
  • link thumbnailProgress Bars of Life
    Fun docking bar that shows your progress towards a custom set of dates and goals (birthdays, lifespan, etc).
  • link thumbnailProcess Piglet
    Process Piglet is a tool that lives down in your system tray and monitors the memory use of running processes. It alerts you when processes use too much memory.
  • link thumbnailLucid Dream Inducer
    Lucid Dream Inducer is a utility for inducing lucid dreaming by playing sound files while you are sleeping.

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