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I have been using Screen Shot Captor for about 15 years or so.
Whenever I discard my laptop, I find it difficult to use the new laptop without again down loading the software and the key. I have tried many others in the process, but each time this comes out a winner! Thank you for letting me use such a wonderful tool.
Vinod Kumar Mehandru
Vinod Kumar Mehandru image

Unicode Image Maker is a program for international users that lets you create images from text, especially Unicode or Nonstandard Font Text.

It is useful for adding unicode text as images in graphics applications that cannot directly support Unicode.

Notable Feaures:

  • Embeds the formatted richtext inside images (jpg, tiff, png) so that you can simply reopen (drag+drop supported) the image to recover and edit the original formatted text.
  • Saves images with transparent backgrounds - ideal for overlaying text images on other images.
  • Special seamless integration with Screenshot Captor, our screenshot grabbing program.

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