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Lost in Geek Cyberspace
After joining I was reading through some of the site, actually most all of it. I was lost in computer geek cyberspace for about 4.5 hours. Time well spent.. When I saw the way you laid out your membership system I was instantly gratified.. Thank you for setting a good example and I hope that many will follow. You're in my daily favorites now and will be for a long time to come.
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Drag and Drop Shell Robot is a utility to help power users easily peform operations on large numbers of files and folders.

You can create any number of configuration files by specifying a target application and various commandline parameters or options. To use the program, you simply select a configuration file and drag & drop files and folders onto the queue window, and click Start. Then sit back while the operation proceeds through your files. You can also export commands to a batch file instead of immediate operation.

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