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You may not use this tool to make flipbooks to sell; contact for a commercial license.

Twice is a Charm
I first discovered your site doing a google search on various screencasting tools and stumpled upon your review about a week after it had been released.. Later I was searching for free alternatives to Approcket (and the likes of Quicksilver on Mac) and again I ended up on your site finding Find and Run Robot.. I have also followed some of the activity in the forums and it really seems like a nice community that has developed around the site and the forums in particular. I'm also impressed with all the time you seem to be spending both keeping the site up-to-date and writing in the forums. The reason for my donation is a combination of the programs, the reviews, the nice community and the whole idea of donationcoder. But especially the usefulness of Find and Run Robot.
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Flipbook Printer Suite (FlipSuite) is the evolution of Flipbook Printer (and Webcam Video Diary). It helps you record video and make printed "Flip Books" from video movie files using business card paper or a professional card cutter. It even includes a highly customizable optional subject monitor display that shows a full screen touch-screen compatible interface for subjects to control recording/preview/printing.

FlipSuite's development was funded by the company that now owns the commercial rights to the software, and they have generously allowed us to continue to distribute a fully functional free version.

Commercial Use of FlipSuite and Flipbook Printer?

You may only use the free version of Flipbook Printer for personal home use. The exclusive commercial rights to Flipbook Printer are now managed by If you have need for commercial Flipbook Printing, for events or promotions, please contact them directly.

Please note that without a commercial license a small text message is displayed on the far left border of printed flipbooks that states it may not be used commercially.

You may not use this tool to make flipbooks to sell; contact for a commercial license.

What was the inspiration for Flipbook Printer?

We used to draw our own flipbooks when we were kids but I had long since forgotten about them until 1999 when my mother and I stumbled onto a showing of Masters Students work at the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Most of the projects there were awful things like a giant pile of broken glass, but one of the Masters projects was a display by a woman named Stephanie Ognar. It was basically a set of flipbooks hanging by strings, each one with a short movie consisting of things like her putting on a winter jacket, blowing a kiss, etc. Very very simple idea, but somehow surprising and magical and whimsical. Somehow it felt like I was holding a little piece of history frozen in time. It was a zen-like reminder of how amazing it is that we can capture moving events. Maybe it's just the unexpected shock of seeing a "movie" on paper. Anyway, we were captivated by that display and I've wanted to make a tool to help people make these books for many years. If you're interested in flipbooks as art, you might like to know that other artists are also involved in flipbook work. Please let us know if you use our program in a project!

History: Flipbook Printer was created in February 2005, and first released to the public for home/personal use in November 2005, when it was featured in Lifehacker, BoingBoing, and Make magazine.

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