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Autocapitalizing the first word on a sentence, and actual EN spelling would be great. Pretty sure this works, it's just hard to get to know how... Any Chinese forum members?

Does anyone know how to operate with markdown?
I see a plugin in the list, but how does it work?

Looks like it only works on 32 bit win 7 :(

@Target: I love the concept. I wish I could find out why it doesn't work on my system...

Ah: here it is, Actual multiple monitors does it...
(snap windows to each other)
EDIT: bah, it doesn't group then in the sense that they mini/maximize together.
Still stuck :(

Dock seems to work with ahk windows only. Bummer.
I really like this functionality, but taskspace doesn't work for me... and I don't have time to debug :)

Seems to be hackish as hell :)

I guess it could be replicated (sorta) with ahk shortcuts, using this:

Thanks Target.
It doesn't work on my system though.
Dragging windows into it doesn't capture them...
Hmm. Did run it as admin...

On win 7...
I want to group two windows so they get focus together. is this possible?
Example: an editor gets a small explorer.exe window that moves with it when dragging, and hides when I minimize it.

I think I've seen this feature somewhere. Displayfusion? Ahk?


Community Giveaways / Re: Scrivener at 50% off
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:24 AM »
I took it, but gave it back :) Please feel free to PM Wraith. Wraith: thanks for the generous offer.

40hz won the price.
I didn't remember this was the case... it did have some sticks under the keyboard, yes! Now we all know :)


It does.

Will try swapping the sticks, thanks.

Each stick is seen as 4gb, alone.
@Ath, maybe. What could be done?

@mouser, same sticks show as different sizes in different laptops. Perfectly functional memory otherwise, uptime in days.

Donnor: hp elitebook 8540w (16gb DDR3)
Host: hp elitebook 8570p

Both are i7.

Both the BIOS and the OS (win 7) of the 8570p say I have 8 gigs. If I remove one stick, it sees 4gb.

Does anyone know why?
Thanks in advance.

Btw, I'm still amazed by wiznote. It's one of my reasons to stay on windows, even though there are significant downsides... killer app.

I'm still here.
User group is too low of a priority for me right now. Feel free to go on without me...

General Software Discussion / Re: RightNote version 3.0.0 released
« on: August 10, 2013, 01:20 PM »
Wiznote blows rightnote out of the water and it's free.
Servers are in China, so it might be harder for the NSA to spy on you :). Only the Chinese gov., which may well not care enough :)

looks like wraight808 contacted them, and they didn't respond.
Strange, Yukata seems to be very attentive in their forum.

I suspect there will be no discount :(

I have chrome (main process) taking an entire core.
I removed most of the plugins, still the same problem.
I suspect creating a new user would fix it, because on in cognito mode it stays alive ok.

Or I could switch to FF again :)

Any ideas about how to debug this? It's the latest version...

General Software Discussion / Re: The Non-Notepad(MS) Thread!
« on: June 30, 2013, 01:57 PM »
emeditor here.

1.5 months later, HP is still passing the buck around and not able to produce a solution.
They say I'm on their 3rd level of support. Whatever that is.

There's no doubt now about HP's support being incompetent.

Oh, Firefly and serenity...
How I long for the day netflix decides to do a relaunch, like they did for 'Arrested development'.
A pity the actors may be too old by now ;)

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