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Living Room / Re: The Coffee/Caffeine Thread!
« on: June 08, 2013, 08:54 AM »
Club mate is for babies.
It has nothing to do with the real thing.
Just try it...
It has plenty of vitamin and minerals too.

Living Room / Re: The Coffee/Caffeine Thread!
« on: June 08, 2013, 04:35 AM »
For people trying to get away from coffee, but wanting to have the alertness that comes with it... try mate. National beberage of Argentina. Has to be consumed in a gourd. Totally worth the hassle, as the concetration peak you get... you could drill a hole on the wall with your stare O_o

General Software Discussion / Re: notepad++
« on: June 05, 2013, 01:36 PM »
emeditor free.

emEditor is so good it keeps me using windows. Nothing beats it for large files, on any OS.
@Mouser, would it be possible to organize a discount?

Would it be a good idea to create an EN forum for wiznote?
It's a deep program... just found that alt + drag shows a tiny formatting floating window.

Thanks all for your input.
The machine is a pristine win7 install. It doesn't even have wireless drivers installed. All my dev work happens in a vmware virtual box. So it is music sanctuary.

@carol, the MS drivers are the same old ones I'm using.

@tinman, I'm pretty sure interactions are nasty, so I have reduced the active drivers to a mininum. But if nvidia/hp didn't test this, there's little else we can do.

I've raised a ticket with HP. The machine is under warranty. Took 3-4 calls to get the right dept. They redirected me to the german branch, which is unfortunate, as in Germany customer service is not a strong point. They asked me to write a detailed case, which I did, and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

Replacing the card or the machine  (to something that is proven against dpc latency) sounds like the only reasonable option, and is what the UK service offered (5 business days). Let's see what HP Germany does, I suspect something borderline insulting to anyone who has experienced decent customer service living abroad.

Any DC members speak Chinese?
Any good plugins on the forum?

I tested the linux version. It's not the same, functionality is a small subset; still, quite impressive, might be the better notetaker on linux.

Anyone having success installing the app on adroid 4.2?

FWIW, I think it's a killer app.
A pity the forums, and the rest of the site, is not in EN.
There seem to be many plugins.
I could run the android app on my 2.3 phone, but on my 4.2 tablet it doesn't seem to even be listed on the app store.

How this flew under the radar, I have no idea. It does many things right.

Here's the font problem (on wiznote, office, IE 10, and anything that uses the new rendering):

Would people here be up for collecting signatures (the electronic equivalent) to show to MS that they should care about font rendering? I could set up a site for that, if there's interest.

A pity that the fonts are such a clusterfuck. I do hope windows 8.1 does something about this grayscale hinting business, because it's pitiful. MS was 3rd in font clarity behind Apple and linux with cleartype, and now they managed to widen the gap with their cleartype replacement. Astounding.

Where you say "...the results are displayed with context; they are better than how onenote does it", do you mean how Win7 indexes the OneNotes Notebooks' content documents for search? I thought that worked the same  - i.e., not differently, so neither better nor worse.

By 'in context' I mean that you can see a few words before and after the match. Explorer does this. Onenote does not.

I've found a killer notetaker: wiznote. Chinesse-only website, but chrome does a decent work translating it.

It does many things right:

  • Security. Notes encrypted locally before sending it to server-
  • Multiplatform
  • Very flexible interface (2/3 columns)
  • Plugins
  • Android app that beats even onenote
  • Tables
  • good paste from web, with url included next to the paste (like onenote)
  • Can publish to blog straight (!)
  • Very clean Html. Beats word, gdocs. No inline css.
  • Word count. Press 'i' icon, then details
  • Tagging
  • Very flexible tree, you can disable showing notes in subfolders (Apple-styple only one level deep)
  • Export is not an afterthought.
  • Live search, highlights matches, shows small window of context (like rightnote, evernote). Beats onenote
  • Web access (, in chinesse :)
  • Autolink urls
  • Beats any local wiki, no silly formatting, all wysiwyg
  • Can add a note without opening main app (like cintanotes)
  • Saves version history, for free (only in paid evernote)
  • Can set paragraph line height (1.5x improves readability)
  • Multi-search match highlights

And many things wrong:
  • No autocapitalization of sentences
  • Fonts kind of suck; no cleartype, no smoothing whatsoever. As horrible as office 2013.
  • Have to get out of edit mode to search
  • Changing from one note to another is slow (subsecond, but slow)
  • Not easy to move with kb on the right side tree
  • No spellcheck

The font problem is really worrying. If history is of any use, things that happen in office eventually spread to other apps (eg ribbon). Office 2013 ditches cleartype, and uses fonts that are unreadable on a desktop screen. I have an IFP 27' monitor, so I cannot blame it for bad quality (same as the ones apple use on the imac). The excuse is that the new font rendering is better for tablets.

It's scary how MS seems to be giving the finger to desktop users. Apple seems to be pissing off their more serious users too, moving tablet features into OSX. At the end anybody actually doing work and producing content will have to move to linux :)

Wiznote simply uses a component provided by MS for font rendering, and botches the entire font rendering thing.

But I still think I'll use it.

All nvidia drivers from nvidia produce high DPC latency.

This didn't happen on any app with any nvidia drivers but this one. This one is ancient, 261.28. But HP seems to believe that if you want to use your computer for audio or video, you have to use that ancient driver because they have not bothered to test newer drivers. It's insulting. They are the most incompetent company in the history of humanity. It took 30 min of me explaining the problem in their support chat to realize that they sent me to the wrong dept. (printers!). The experience cannot be worse. I now belive HP is the most incompetent company I know.

Actually, anything that scrolls smoothly (IE, firefox) will do this flickering.
I live inside a vm anyway, I don't want to touch anything on the host... but the vm is (of course) also affected by the flickering...

If I move up on nvidia versions, I lose the DPC-free setup... Sucks.

Turns out making music with a windows PC is a lot harder that it seems. You need to kill any DPC latency, by uninstalling drivers sequentially till there are no conflicts.
After a long fight against DPCs, I got my HP elitebook 8540w in top notch state. It was a few hrs of my time, learning about debugging methods no human should know about :)

But the catch is... only an old version of the nvidia driver makes my PC DPC-free. I had to download ~10 versions back in time. Finally I have a file named 261.28-sp51482-nvidia-driver-THE ONE THAT WORKS on my HD :D

Using this old nvidia there is a side problem: scrolling in chrome produces flickering. It's only when chrome is using the full height of my screen (1400 px). When I make the window small, it's barely noticeable.

Any idea about how to get the original smooth scroll back?

How nvidia and HP are still in business is a mystery to me.

This is what I do now.
  • I created an 'app' from the 'create new gdocs' link. It placed an icon on the desktop. I assigned a global shortcut to it. It takes 1-2 seconds to create a new note (a gdoc). Not as fast as simplenote or resophnotes, but it'll do
  • Create a new gdocs when the inspiration comes, with the global shortcut
  • Install syncdocs, so you have a local copy to every gdocs you create. Make sure that explorer index the syndocs folder. Then, when it's time to search, open an explorer window; the explorer search is damn fast, indexes the text, and the results are displayed with context; they are better than how onenote does it

Convoluted, but reliable, crossplatform, and full featured.
requires only easy to find software (your file manager, gdocs).
Everything works on and offline. (create new .doc instead of gdocs when offline)

The gdocs editor is way better than any of the native .doc editors (or rtf, or odt)

And exporting, at least on windows, is unsatisfactory. The titles of the snippets are not exported (that I could find). There are tricks to get a title to be a heading (making it a folder first) but this is extremely tiresome.

I've given up on scrivener, but maybe someone here can find a workaround :)

The number file names is a show stopper though. How do you find something from a file browser? You may have to search, but this doesn't help as the title (the most informative part of the file) is not in the numbered rtfs.

This is why I see it as effectively useless to avoid lock-in.

Okular, dependecies or not, is the best pdf reader bar none.

Nothing? There's no pdf viewer in windows that shows 3 pages at once? Or the 'trim whitespace' that okular does? I'd be surprised, people have big monitors nowadays :)

Scrivener does something to rdf that is pseudoproprietary.
Plus the filenames do not reflect the titles, just numbers. It's effectively useless from a file browser, or to prevent vendor lockin.

Well, false alarm.
I love how fast it loads, but it won't stop my search of something that simply uses files and not a db.

I found it had kernelling issues. Ie the letters move slightly as you type. I find it very distracting.
Plus copy-pasting from and to the web doesn't keep formatting, so it's out of the question.

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