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General Software Discussion / Modern forum software: Discourse
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:34 AM »
Hi guys,

This is a 'back from the death' post after many years innactive. Looks like the internet has moved on and there's now far more modern forum software. I like Discourse, but there must be others... The thing is that this community feels like a 90's forum and this may be slowing its growth. I'm talking as a single person here, YMMV, but... DC lost me years ago, I wonder how much the software had anything to do with it.

General Software Discussion / Firemin: reduce FF memory usage
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:28 AM »
Hi guys,

Have a look at Firemin. It claims to reduce FF memory usage. From reading here, I know all these memory optimizers don't really work, but in this case it definitely stops a small machine I have from swapping to an HDD, so it definitely saves the bacon.


Silly question.
In Firefox, I got stuck on 'search as you type'.
I don't want this behavior. I have one-key shortcuts that I want to recover.
The obvious solutions don't work: (

If I go to  Tools->Options->Advanced->General Tab and the checkbox for "Search for text when I start typing" is not on. but if I press a key, it shows the tiny overlay and higlights the searches.

Any idea what could be wrong? Any workaround? Maybe this is an addon taking over?

Btw: cyberfox with the same tabs uses less CPU, but more memory :) So I may move there permanently.

I have > 1gb of uninstallers. I wonder if I could remove some.
Looks like removing by hand is dangerous. MS has a program for that:


Anyone used it? Worth it? Touches the registry, so a bit wary to pull the trigger.

On win 7...
I want to group two windows so they get focus together. is this possible?
Example: an editor gets a small explorer.exe window that moves with it when dragging, and hides when I minimize it.

I think I've seen this feature somewhere. Displayfusion? Ahk?


Donnor: hp elitebook 8540w (16gb DDR3)
Host: hp elitebook 8570p

Both are i7.

Both the BIOS and the OS (win 7) of the 8570p say I have 8 gigs. If I remove one stick, it sees 4gb.

Does anyone know why?
Thanks in advance.

I have chrome (main process) taking an entire core.
I removed most of the plugins, still the same problem.
I suspect creating a new user would fix it, because on in cognito mode it stays alive ok.

Or I could switch to FF again :)

Any ideas about how to debug this? It's the latest version...

Turns out making music with a windows PC is a lot harder that it seems. You need to kill any DPC latency, by uninstalling drivers sequentially till there are no conflicts.
After a long fight against DPCs, I got my HP elitebook 8540w in top notch state. It was a few hrs of my time, learning about debugging methods no human should know about :)

But the catch is... only an old version of the nvidia driver makes my PC DPC-free. I had to download ~10 versions back in time. Finally I have a file named 261.28-sp51482-nvidia-driver-THE ONE THAT WORKS on my HD :D

Using this old nvidia there is a side problem: scrolling in chrome produces flickering. It's only when chrome is using the full height of my screen (1400 px). When I make the window small, it's barely noticeable.

Any idea about how to get the original smooth scroll back?

How nvidia and HP are still in business is a mystery to me.

With a big screen, okular lets you see 3 pages at once.
Trimming whitespace helps (not very successful in older versions, though).

But I don't want .5 G of small files on kde dependecies on windows.

Any pdf viewer doing something similar? Sumatra and pdfxchange don't do this.

Otherwise, a very solid release... but office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster.

I can't use a product that reads worse than any other window on the desktop.

 Any way to fix it?

ddownloads, one-stop list of popular software, simplified install.

Like ninite, but with a larger offering. Thoughts?
Is this advisable? I use ninite, and am happy with it. But after years on linux, every step that saves me from manually having to update software is welcome.

I got one of these:

I even got it working on ubuntu :)
But, surprise, surprise, on windows it doesn't work. The latest nvidia drivers give me only the resolution of the laptop monitor (1200x900), and doesn't let me switch off the laptop screen.

Google has failed bringing an obvious solution.
Any idea what I could try next? You don't see people complaining online, and I have a vanilla setup (elitebook with nvidia quadro FX 880 M).

I'm about to set up a music computer, and all seems to point at win7 being the safer choice.
But what new features of win8 would I miss?

looks like File history (time machine) in win 8 is worth exploring.
  • Integrates with win explorer
  • can use an external hd
  • better interface to retrieve old versions

Has anyone here used it? Worth it? Any similar software to take win7 to the same level?

In case you've never come across these explainer videos:

Their trademark is these animations where you can see the hands.
But doing it is quite convoluted; you need good light boxes so your hand's shadow is soft, editing is hard, and printing the assets is not ideal.

I can imagine there's software for this; trying libreoffice impress, pencil, and tupi. Ideally linux based, but if the best is windows-only I can use a win box.

I know one:
It has taken the R IDE market by storm.
Are there other examples?

I guess the 'ship a webkit browser' method is starting to work.
Not a bad idea at all. Take for example scroll. Browsers do smooth scroll by default. Most desktop apps, including even office don't.
I can't stand non-smooth scroll.

There are other advantages, such as having the web version, mobile, and desktop versions sharing a code base.
What do you think?

I'm having a lot of flash problems chrome 18 and win7.
Chrome is automatically updated.
Flash comes with chrome.
So there are no moving parts...
any idea where to start to debug this?
At random, chrome freezes and I have to restart it.
I suspect it has to do with flash, but it could be anything.
I do have quite a few extensions installed.
Google support is legendary for being nonexistent, so I'm asking here first.

Anyone has any suggestions on what could be the best way to clip images online into an open google doc?
There's always SSC, but haiving to click insert picture (no shortcut), find the file in the filesystem, and upload to gdocs feels woefully inneficient...


Does anybody know if this exists?
I need a screen clipper for chrome that shows the resulting png on the download bar.
I use gdocs as a notetaker. The last thing missing is a way to easily drag and drop a screen clip to the open gdocs, side-to-side with the main browsing window...

I have to use visual basic for applications on word. Does anyone know a good forum, QA site (other than stackOverflow), or blogs? Looks like vba is a dying breed. An irc channel would be ideal.

General Software Discussion / InfoQube rocks as a CRM
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:23 AM »
Finally, after a lot of praise in these forums, I tried InfoQube. It rocks as a CRM. Once the contacts integrate with gmail, it´ll be a force to be reckon with.
I've used it only one day and I'm considering donating.
If anyone is on the verge, I'd encourage them to try it. It's very impressive overall.

Living Room / A drag and drop editor for wordpress themes: Headway
« on: January 25, 2012, 04:59 PM »
It's pricy, theres no demo, and no refund, but if this works it'd be killer:


I need to mockup some very simple games.
Most of them involving three actions: typing on a textbox, dragging (reordering) boxes, and a countdown timer that you can punch. They are two-person games, where any player can punch the clock if they finish typing faster than the other, and 'win'.

I'm considering using powerpoint and vba to implement a mockup of this. I have zero vba experience but it cannot be that difficult, right?

Ideally, I'd like to find the simplest framework for this kind of games. Maybe a toolbox for children making games for themselves.

Anyone knows anything remotely like this? How would you do it? Flash is sort of an option, but it feels too complicated. I want bigger building blocks, like 5yo lego blocks...

(tinjaw, if you are with us, raise from the dead... I invoke you ;) )

I want word 2010 opening always in draft mode. Is this possible?
I'd also love a keyboard shortcut to create a new word doc (.doc) in explorer. If anyone has solved this problem, please let me know.
I'm leaving notetaking apps behind and working straight at the filesystem. I'm also abandoning fancy file managers; explorer's built-in search is very powerful.



This describes OSX appstore.

Actually, Windows 8 apps are sandboxed too. Take a look at the Microsoft requirements to distribute a new Metro-Style app through their own app store. Same sandboxed requirements.

The future that Stallman used to write about, to scare children, is actually here.

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