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I've found atlantis to be killer for notes. Having the filesystem do indexing and versioning is the right way. You are not locked in, and the features for writers are beyond anything I've seen. Totally worth paying for, and displacing scrivener.

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: SilverNote
« on: May 06, 2013, 06:38 AM »
Love the vector editing. Too buggy for daily use. No headings (h1, h2). Slow changing notes.

HelveticaNeueLT Std Cn looks good in onenote, bad in word.
I haven't found a single font that looks acceptable in word 2013. Way to go word team:
Let's change font rendering; not that anybody is going to notice... who reads on a screen anway?


If you find a font that works, please post here.

With a big screen, okular lets you see 3 pages at once.
Trimming whitespace helps (not very successful in older versions, though).

But I don't want .5 G of small files on kde dependecies on windows.

Any pdf viewer doing something similar? Sumatra and pdfxchange don't do this.

Mouser's Zone / Re: Chocolatey
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:32 AM »
Just found chocolatey.
Very impressive. Why is it not better known?

With mactype (select Xmac.LCD.ubuntu), and this font for office, living inside a win vm is not bad at all. Try it :)!

Btw, if you spend any time on linux (ubuntu), you may have realized the freetype rendering is superior to cleartype anyway. Fortunately there's a way to get freetype on windows:


I use it and it improves chrome's rendering quite a bit.

Right, so this supremely sucks, and shows that MS doesn't care about the desktop. Their flagship product, bringing 60% profit, doesn't look good on the desktop? So what? Buy a tablet :)

This is really braindead. Nobody is going to use office on a tablet, I bet 100% of their users are on the desktop.

My solution... this font looks ok:
HelveticaNeueLT Std Cn

Not standard, download it here:

Otherwise, a very solid release... but office 2013 drops cleartype, fonts a disaster.

I can't use a product that reads worse than any other window on the desktop.

 Any way to fix it?

I already live inside a virtual machine, so this is not as risky as I thought then.
Great. Thanks for the feedback.

ddownloads, one-stop list of popular software, simplified install.

Like ninite, but with a larger offering. Thoughts?
Is this advisable? I use ninite, and am happy with it. But after years on linux, every step that saves me from manually having to update software is welcome.

I got one of these:

I even got it working on ubuntu :)
But, surprise, surprise, on windows it doesn't work. The latest nvidia drivers give me only the resolution of the laptop monitor (1200x900), and doesn't let me switch off the laptop screen.

Google has failed bringing an obvious solution.
Any idea what I could try next? You don't see people complaining online, and I have a vanilla setup (elitebook with nvidia quadro FX 880 M).

No ofense, but version control by changing the file name is a really bad practice. Pervasive, but not practical. You cannot keep the graph perfectly on filenames, and there's no clear path to any state.

This is a known practice in science, and the messes it leaves behind are legendary:

What I'd love to have is something like this, but for daw files:

I care about file history because I'm hoping to have something like version control for DAW files.
Here's an interesting thread describing a product that goes in that direction:

My concern is that living inside the VM irks me because performance is bad. Then the whole plan goes to hell.
Looking at VMWare now, seems to have better performance than vbox, but no snapshots on the free version... hmm. Sort of kills it.

I want to have the daw as the 'iron' OS.
Then 'live' inside the VM, so I don't polute the pristine DAW.
Does it make sense?
When making music, I can turn off the 'day-to-day' virtual OS, and have just a barebones, no-updates, no-nonsense win 7.

Thanks, great advance so far.
I was planning to use FL studio, or presonus studio one.
I will use VSTs only, no external audio recording.
I'd like to have the best midi sequencer and piano roll I can find.

My main concern is that performance inside the virtual machine may not be that great. For a start, 3D accel would not work, or not work well, so all the compiz/unity stuff is out. I'm thinking 12.04 with unity 2D.

How's win 8 under a vm? looks like is has less graphic stuff on the window decorations, may perform well...

No, the host (win 7) is the daw, and the guest (linux) is the day-to-day machine (browsing etc). It'll all live on a laptop, i7 8 cores, 16gb ram, 2SSDs. So I hope this would work out fine. NO lowlatency kernel on linux, linux is for work.

Any recommendations on learning how to set up and keep a DAW would be welcome too :)

Would you say NO updates whatsoever? If the machine is online, that might be even dangerous?

I plan to 'live' inside linux on virtualbox, but I know myself, at the end I'll open a browser on the host just out of convenience. Of course there will be no antivirus running... :huh:

This is what I thought.
Actually, I started trying this on linux. Horrible setup. Jack is a very bad idea, and as stable as a house of cards...

So win7 it is.

Anything similar to 'time machine' on win7?

I'm about to set up a music computer, and all seems to point at win7 being the safer choice.
But what new features of win8 would I miss?

looks like File history (time machine) in win 8 is worth exploring.
  • Integrates with win explorer
  • can use an external hd
  • better interface to retrieve old versions

Has anyone here used it? Worth it? Any similar software to take win7 to the same level?

Enough to not use the product :)

F0dder, can you say what makes better than rails? This is the first time I hear this.

There's also pivot:
Freeware, and runs on wine. What'd be the advantage of using  Stickman and Elemento?

Pivot has a big community and several forums:

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