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  • October 20, 2019, 08:49 AM
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I don't plan to sign up. I bought the book, and they explain quite a lot there.
But to record in this style you need quite a lot of lighting equipment. This is why I'll skip the 'animate with your hands' thing and do it in an animation program. Thinking of using inkscape, then maybe a presentation program? Or somth like synfigsynfig?

In case you've never come across these explainer videos:

Their trademark is these animations where you can see the hands.
But doing it is quite convoluted; you need good light boxes so your hand's shadow is soft, editing is hard, and printing the assets is not ideal.

I can imagine there's software for this; trying libreoffice impress, pencil, and tupi. Ideally linux based, but if the best is windows-only I can use a win box.

f0dder, can you conmpare RoR and
Just on the size of community alone, ruby has a big advantage. But I've never looked at any code, and the only 'serious' site I know built with it is SO.

I have some experience with Django. There, we can talk :)

That was a great post.

You can try it here:

What I like:
- Tech stack is better; Rails + ember.js
- The team really understands communication, having made a big product in the area

Mouser, would you be brave enough to move DC to discourse? :)

Living Room / Re: Debate: Effects of technology on modern youth
« on: January 28, 2013, 09:45 PM »
I have an 8mo and we are already having this conversation... should we let him play with technology?
How about limiting time online, or on videogames?

Javascript has changed a lot in the last 5 years.
the most transformative things are happening. One can sorta write large apps on it now.
Testing is ... ok.
CoffeeScript gives you classical inheritance.
Node is much faster than any other thing you may use on the server side for a web app (php, python, ruby).

And... it's on phones. The way things are, you need to think how your app may be used on a tablet or phone. :)

Hmm, crickets :)
So I guess there are no others.

@Dormouse: Scrivener does web clippings just fine.
It even has the floating clipboard window that onenote has.
Doesn't work well on linux, though.

I know one:
It has taken the R IDE market by storm.
Are there other examples?

I guess the 'ship a webkit browser' method is starting to work.
Not a bad idea at all. Take for example scroll. Browsers do smooth scroll by default. Most desktop apps, including even office don't.
I can't stand non-smooth scroll.

There are other advantages, such as having the web version, mobile, and desktop versions sharing a code base.
What do you think?

Just a quick note to say that I'm very happy with Scrivener as a notetaker.
In linux :)

Living Room / Re: Does anyone here use Bitcoins?
« on: October 02, 2012, 06:03 PM »
I own them, but do I use them? Nope :)

try kde, it has a setting for circular trackpad. Is that the trackpad scrolling problem you had?

I really wonder what the limits of 3rd-party cookies are.
It defies everything I know about cookies.
Anyone here knows this field well?

I've tried many todo list programs, and swift would rank at the bottom, sorry to say. But again, I have reverted to paper :)

I'm having a lot of flash problems chrome 18 and win7.
Chrome is automatically updated.
Flash comes with chrome.
So there are no moving parts...
any idea where to start to debug this?
At random, chrome freezes and I have to restart it.
I suspect it has to do with flash, but it could be anything.
I do have quite a few extensions installed.
Google support is legendary for being nonexistent, so I'm asking here first.

Anyone has any suggestions on what could be the best way to clip images online into an open google doc?
There's always SSC, but haiving to click insert picture (no shortcut), find the file in the filesystem, and upload to gdocs feels woefully inneficient...


Does anybody know if this exists?
I need a screen clipper for chrome that shows the resulting png on the download bar.
I use gdocs as a notetaker. The last thing missing is a way to easily drag and drop a screen clip to the open gdocs, side-to-side with the main browsing window...

It´s easier to use a normal editor, and have a browser that autorefreshes with changes next to it.
For FF, you have autoreload:

Was on opera till 2 days ago. Moved to chrome. JS performance + sites never tested on Opera made me switch. Plus a vi plugin better than vimium ;)

I still wonder if these tools are made obsolete by the likes of wuala and dropbox.

The extra feature of webdrive over other sftp clients is the catching and the integration with the standard file manager. This enables to basically just work and not worry about whether server and local version are in sync.

This is what could be replicated by installing dropbox on the server. You even get the overlay icons on the local machine to see that everything is synced.

That´s what I meant, not real sftp.

Mouser, are you still into webdrive?
Will dropbox on the server provide similar functionality (although losing privacy of course!)?

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