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I thought there was not a single human in the universe that thought that the 'old guard forums' were better than Discourse. But @tuxman proved me wrong. Ok, no need to go any further on my side :). I'll go back under my rock where I have been the last 5 years :) :). I do think the content of DC is also somewhat 'stuck in time'. I think the time when finding cool desktop apps (on windows) was a thing. There were discounts, great reviews, interesting people thinking about usability... They are probably still here, but the paradigm is just not interesting to me at all. Not only because I'm on linux: web apps kinda made desktop apps redundant in all but a few use cases IMHO.

General Software Discussion / Modern forum software: Discourse
« on: June 26, 2017, 04:34 AM »
Hi guys,

This is a 'back from the death' post after many years innactive. Looks like the internet has moved on and there's now far more modern forum software. I like Discourse, but there must be others... The thing is that this community feels like a 90's forum and this may be slowing its growth. I'm talking as a single person here, YMMV, but... DC lost me years ago, I wonder how much the software had anything to do with it.

Living Room / Re: Mechanical Keyboards
« on: July 02, 2016, 09:27 AM »
I have lots of mechanical keyboards. My favorite switch is now Matias alps, but it used to be cherry blacks.

General Software Discussion / Firemin: reduce FF memory usage
« on: June 27, 2016, 12:28 AM »
Hi guys,

Have a look at Firemin. It claims to reduce FF memory usage. From reading here, I know all these memory optimizers don't really work, but in this case it definitely stops a small machine I have from swapping to an HDD, so it definitely saves the bacon.


General Software Discussion / Re: So, what pdf reader app is your fav?
« on: November 22, 2015, 12:54 PM »
Try okular. Comes with KDE for windows. It has two key features:
  • It has an overview mode, where you can see 3 pages at once on a big monitor
  • It removes the white borders around pages.
Anyone has a reader than can provide this?

Still no idea about what could be wrong :)

Silly question.
In Firefox, I got stuck on 'search as you type'.
I don't want this behavior. I have one-key shortcuts that I want to recover.
The obvious solutions don't work: (

If I go to  Tools->Options->Advanced->General Tab and the checkbox for "Search for text when I start typing" is not on. but if I press a key, it shows the tiny overlay and higlights the searches.

Any idea what could be wrong? Any workaround? Maybe this is an addon taking over?

Btw: cyberfox with the same tabs uses less CPU, but more memory :) So I may move there permanently.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: May 24, 2015, 05:50 AM »
It's not the fonts themselves but the font smoothing technology.
They are phasing out cleartype, which is the one mactype fixes.
The new technology is better for fast zooming (common in tablets) but horrible overall for readability on large desktop monitors.

I have no high hopes.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: May 23, 2015, 05:16 PM »
The key question here is: are the horrible fonts introduced in office 2013 (not cleartype, but whatever new B/W tech they are using now) the default for more apps in the OS? If so, I'm out. I'm only tolerating windows thanks to mactype, an ancient, unsuported app that fixes fonts for good.

I'm going to stay with wiznote with encrypted notes. Pity because I use a wacom tablet instead of a mouse, and onenote is very good at this kind of pen notes. But everything else is weaker in onenote.

@motion12, looks like one can install the remote part on own server now. Pretty big deal if you ask me.
I haven't done it. Looks enterprisey.

@Ian, which is your primary notetakes now, onenote or wiznote? You have been a vocal advocate of both for a while :)

Trying to make this decision myself. I don't want to have my data on a MS server, but wiznote has no info on privacy whatsoever. Lesser of two evils? One can encrypt all notes in wiznote though. But the certificate comes from their server, so they must be able to decrypt my notes. I've been getting chinese spam lately, which can only come from a wiznote leak because it's the only chinesse product I use :(

Has anyone been able to get autocorrect/spelling working in English? There must be a plugin :) ?

One can vote up the bug here:

Although it will most likely be ignored if history is of any use.
Easiest option is to get a high DPI monitor eventually :P Which is something only the privileged part of the world can do.

Things are getting iffy in windowsland re: fonts.
Cleartype getting replaced by directwrite (or whatever the new tech for font rendering is called; the horrible one I call it :) ).
More and more apps are moving to the new rendering, and only some provide an option to 'disable graphics-accelerated rendering' or some such. Chrome and mailbird do have a fallback option. Using it, plus mactype is saving me.

But mactype is abandonware, and it's not problem-free.

Right now any office 2013 app is unusable on a big monitor with low DPI (for me). mactype doesn't help there. If this is the direction win desktop is taking (that is, more apps being unaccessible to mactype's hack)... I cannot use this platform anymore. This is a big deal for me. I don't particularly like desktop linux anymore. Nor mac :)

How are things looking on your side? Anyone finding any fixes?
Here's one: http://www.thewindow...-scaling-office-2013

The fact is that windows + mactype offers the best font rendering on any platform. It's just a pity that to get it I need to depend on an unsuported piece of abandonware :(

I think what happened is that software went online. Desktop apps are really going the way of the dodo. DC is mostly about those, so it's understandable that fewer people are interested in this type of content.

I have > 1gb of uninstallers. I wonder if I could remove some.
Looks like removing by hand is dangerous. MS has a program for that:


Anyone used it? Worth it? Touches the registry, so a bit wary to pull the trigger.

I'm on explorer now, after having an extensively tweaked TC, and DO before that.
IMO sticking to defaults has lots of advantages. I don't miss any advanced features.

Warning: if you use 'open note in new window' it doesn't autosave that note.
I accidentally closed a note and lost hrs of work.
'Ah, it has previous versions' I thought. Nope, it's only for VIP. I'd buy the VIP version to get back my work, but impossible not knowing the language.

Wiznote developers, can you hear your users scream from up there?

One more annoyance:
When I create a new note, focus moves away from the text area, and I have to click to start writing.
Does anyone know a way to avoid this?
I have it on 'autosync'. I think it loses focus when it starts synching...

FWIW, I solved it.
Ctrl + scroll resizes fonts on the main window, but not on the floating windows.
But you can click on the dented wheel (options) on the toolbar, then choose a default font.
That did it.

When I create a new note with ctrl + alt + N, the new note fonts are tiny. Why? Anyone knows how to change that?

@ianb: markdown is a formatting language, similar to the one you use to craft posts here. I would imagine you can flip a switch somewhere in wiznote and write notes in markdown, but I have no idea where to look.

@ianb, thanks for taking the time to write about wiznote.
The more EN-speaking people who do, the higher the chance that their creators consider paying a translator and addressing the EN-speaker market. It's tragic that I don't even know how to turn on the spell checker, I'm pretty sure it has one.

If someone at DC who speaks Chinese could write a post on their forums explaining that they have a huge untapped market over on the other side of 'the wall', it might help. This is a company, they should like to make money :)

Wiznote saves previous versions of notes; that's another killer feature right there.
What I couldn't find is how to get a diff from a previous version. The way it works, to get a previous version it goes back to the server, applies the delta chain back in time, and drops you on the state you were. But the current note is lost (till you revert to it). You can of course make a copy first. And it's html so you could use a diff program that compares rendered html (if there's one). Would be lovely to have it built-in though...

Thanks. I still don't get how to use markdown with wiznote though :(

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