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Friend of a Friend
If you find it strange that someone with no posts yet suddenly donates, don't. I was nudged here by a friend sometime ago but have been too busy to officially sign up. I'm not sure what his handle is here, but he sings this site's praises. I will continue to do the same.
We Don't Even Own a Car
It was because I didn't get a Sob story. Sadly, people ask for money and then you find out they have custom furniture in their offices and drive a Rolls Royce etc. [on what made him donate]
Send What You Got
If you really want donation (especially of any size) you might provide an option for people that don't have credit cards (like an address). I don't even have a checking account. I have found that you can not bounce checks if you don't write them. [ed. note: we accept donations in the form of cash, diamonds, gold, paintings, rare stamps, international chocolate, etc.]
Non sequiturs
I just recently learned about Process Tamer & started using it. I do have a question though: why is it that (mme.exe) tries to connect to the internet every so often? [ed. note: nothing to do with our apps, which never connect over the net].
It Won't Kill You
Figured I'd donate, wouldn't kill me, great site. I've got Process Tamer running, I had it on a previous machine as well, figured it was time I made a donation. I know running a site can get expensive, and writing code takes time. I always like supporting small businesses and individuals running sites when what they have to offer is of use to me.
Friendly and Professional
I'm a long time member of www.broadbandreports.com.. a respected member of BBR posted a review of your program Find & Run Robot. I decided to check it out and found your website incredibly easy to navigate, lots of helpful people, not to mention the wonderful software you've created. I don't join a lot of websites. I stay with the few I know will be helpful and educational for me. I decided to donate what I had in my paypal account because I thought, 1 You make great software and, 2 Your forum seems really friendly and professional at the same time. I will help spread the word on BBR, where I spend most of my time. Thank you for making such an informative and useful site.
The Silent Majority
Even though I have not contributed anything to the discussions I follow the site every day.  I find the discussions interesting and informative. I think it's a nice community.
We Have Prizes
AWESOME! Thank you so much! I never win anything so this is a real thrill. [on winning one of our free software giveaways]

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