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Compelled to Donate
HI really like what you guys are doing. I know it is tough to be open, fair, and NOT get taken advantage of. As a user I fell more compelled to give when I am allowed to donate what it is worth to me.
Interaction on the Site
I really enjoy how interactive you are with your site, it is quite refreshing actually.
Wait.. Huh?
STICK UP WHERE THE SUN DO'NT SHINE [seemed to be an automated response to forum activation email]
Ok We Admit It, the License Key Thing Can Be a Bit Confusing
I can find no way of registering the program. If it is explained, it is hidden in a mass of unconnected words.
More Enjoyable After Donating?
It's my pleasure to support what is obviously a very good source of dedicated programmers, and I will have that much more enjoyment out of using Find & Run in the future.
Use Once and Throw Away
If I paid for every useful program that wants $30 or $50 or $100, I'd never be able to pay my rent. So I find myself stuck...I want to help out the hard working programmers of the world, but can't always afford what they're asking. Your approach seems eminently reasonable to me, especially since I frequently find I need to use a program only once or twice.. BTW, downloaded and used the screenshot program [Screenshot Captor] the other day. That thing kicks ass over any other program I've tried!
It Won't Go Away?!?
Have tried both add/remove and uninstall. Your program will not go away. [solved later over email - it was still running in the tray]
Take a Deep Breath
I could just die!!!! This was so fantastic!! Fabulous set up: with introductions to what it is, why people want it, etc. Incredible, useful, explanations. Shows something is available for everyone. Unbelievable demonstrations. It was just amazing. You must be exhausted, but, I hope, very pleased. [about the screencasting review]

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