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Screenshot Captor is wonderful. We can configure many settings. And best: it's free! 3 3 3 Thanks to developers
I have been using Screenshot Captor for probably about three years now and I love how well it works and that I can quickly resize every screenshot I take without having to open any other program.
I have been using Screenshot Captor for over ten years and nothing comes close to it in performance and usability. It hardly ever crashes (if it does its probably a Windows issue or some other app interfering).
I love screenshot captor. I have been using it for years. It is dependable and it is very fast and it has so many features. I think it is the best screenshot program out there.
Just another Testimony
I was looking for a good screenshot tool. And i found it. Its pretty good!
I dont have a printer and I find this very useful, without this program I'm not sure what I would do. To the makers thanks so much for your hard work on this great software.
Michael Ronga
I found DonationCoder while looking for a good tool or utility to take screenshots for me and make it easy. I read through the site and it mentioned that members of non-profits and such are able to request a permanent free key. Since I had published a novel that I give away for free, I decided to apply. They got back to me quickly and offered me a lifetime free key! He is very generous and supports others who also donate to charities, give to non-profits and the public, and serve the community...and the tools offered can be quite handy. I am very glad I found DonationCoder and I tell everyone I know about it if they are looking for good utilities or software!
i've been using several other "hardcopy"-tools for years but after dome time something went wrong; now screenshot captor is on the run... Firt checks say: might be o.k.

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