The NANY 2023 event is now closed.

If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

To join in the adventure, visit: The NANY 2023 forum section.

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The Form Letter Machine
The form letter machine is EXACTLY what I needed and I've spent hours now making a very complex tree that will serve my purposes very well.. By the way, your [demo] "movie" provided several minutes of good entertainment for my two kids--they thought it was a hoot. They're nerds in the making, I guess :)
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FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest

A new FARR plugin. It query's Google just like the Google Toolbar and returns suggestions and checks your spelling live.

Type gs and your query.

Read more and download

Sincerely, Jens Peter Grosen

This plugin is sure to be a favorite of FARR users; the results come instantly on a fast internet connection -- i can't think of a faster way to find stuff on the web.  I love this one.

FARR (Find and Run Robot) v2 download for those who don't have it already: here.

Javascript SDK and its plugin for FARR

Screenshot - 12_29_2007 , 10_01_10 AM.png
FScript is a FARR plugin SDK that allows you to write plugins for FARR in javascript.

In addition, I made a Del.icio.usplugin for demonstration that let's you search your posts. 

  • FScript is a Javascript SDK for FARR
  • plugin allow you to explore your bookmark from FARR

A lot of people are going to be happy to be able to search their items from FARR, but the truly remarkable thing about this entry is that it includes a complete SDK for people who want to create FARR plugins using ->Javascript<-.  That is just insanely cool, i didn't even know that could be done.

FARR (Find and Run Robot) v2 download for those who don't have it already: here.

AccuTicket v1.0 - Free Ticketing Software

AccuTicket is a free ticketing application for concerts and/or events. The interface is easy to use, enabling quick creation and validation of tickets. Tickets can either be invalidated or deleted, once entered. If a ticket is invalidated, it will be marked as invalid, and that it has already been validated. If it is deleted, it can not be recovered for future use.

This program will be updated to include interface changes, updates, and the ability to sell tickets, as in a point of sale system.

Read more and download..

DonationCoder Search Deskbar

deskbar & menu.png
After installing, just right click your taskbar and on the menu, under Toolbars, just select "DonationCoder Search Deskbar". If you do not see it listed there, wait a minute and check again.  You can also add this to your Explorer windows by selecting it from the View > Toolbars menu in Explorer.


Just type in one or more search terms into the box, select the type of search you want to perform from the drop down list, and click the Search button. Your search will be opened in your default browser.

You can access a handy popup menu, with lots of goodies to explore, by right clicking the search button with the little picture of Cody on it. There are some things on the menu that will require you to be a member and logged in on the forum for them to work. There are also some things on the menu that can only be used if you are a full member of the site.

Extremely cool..  And I think app103 is going to be offering custom toolbars built for other sites at some point, so if you run a forum you might stay tuned for developments on that front.

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SnapSuite 2008

Here is my N.A.N.Y. 08 submission, a large combination of many programs made by myself in order to simplify many daily tasks.

SnapSuite is a fully featured program with manu unique features.

It has a program launcher recognizing many popular programs like Opera and Thunderbird (known as AppLaunch)
It has a semi-automatic typing tool to automate long words and phrases (AutoType)
It has an Instant Message/Chat Room cleaner for times when the boss/the parents come in and the content on the window is not..."suitable" (AutoType)
It has a media control "center" that lets you control playback and volume levels (MediaControl)
It has a full callendar, notepad (known as "MultiNote") and file downloader (MultiBar)
It has a basic web browser based on the Internet Explorer engine (SmartBrowse)

SnapSuite's main feature, however, is none of these. It has a complete, automatic, and extremely simple to use computer maintenance solution. This part of the program, known as SystemCare, allows you to do 4 stages of file system cleaning, registry cleaning, system optimization, file system defragmentation, registry defragmentation, malware scans, Windows/Office updates, Apple Software updates, and updates to other programs (most of this is powered by 3rd party, freeware programs - these are tested extensively and used on all computers in my home for maximum peace-of-mind and usability). If you don't have something that SystemCare needs to help you keep your system in tip-top shape, it will automatically download AND install it for you! SystemCare also includes 2 schedulable programs for quick, automatic system maintenance while you are sleeping or otherwise away from the computer.

Continue reading and download..

Tim - Image to Text Converter

The program converts an image (jpg or bmp) to a text, which looks like the image in grayscale. You can choose any monospaced font and any font size you want to format the text with, and also any set of allowed characters. The result can be saved as text and then you can format it correctly in a text editor, or you can save the image of the text already correctly formatted.

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