The NANY 2022 event is now closed.

If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

To join in the adventure, visit: The NANY 2022 forum section.

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DonationCoder Freeware Utilities
The DonationCoder web site also offers far more than just the programs.. It's well worth a visit but make sure you have some spare time to spend as there is plenty to see! They rely on donations for funding and are currently offering lifetime membership which gives a non-expiring key for all programs. Although the programs are freeware the benefits of membership in terms of such things as early access to new utilities and discounts on reviewed software.
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Tim - Image to Text Converter

The program converts an image (jpg or bmp) to a text, which looks like the image in grayscale. You can choose any monospaced font and any font size you want to format the text with, and also any set of allowed characters. The result can be saved as text and then you can format it correctly in a text editor, or you can save the image of the text already correctly formatted.

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