The NANY 2023 event is now closed.

If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

To join in the adventure, visit: The NANY 2023 forum section.

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NANY 2015 - New Apps for the New Year Roundup

Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world on January 1st of the new year (browse previous year entries here).

NANY is really the funnest thing we do on this site, and it's one of the few times we can all play together.  There are no winners or losers, it's simply a celebration of programming and creating new software and sharing it with the world.  You can target any operating system (desktop or mobile) or even make a web-based tool.  It can be a game, utility, large application, whatever. Best of all, everyone who participates gets a free commemorative coffee mug.


Congratulations to everyone who has participated in NANY this year. I hope everyone had fun!  On behalf of everyone on the site, I thank you for helping us kick off the new year.

You can see the list of entries here:
(note this is still a work in progress so entries may be added or updated in the next couple of days)

And please show some appreciation to those who participated by sending them a small donation..

NANY 2015 Release: Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)

Application Name Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)
Supported OSes Windows 7.  Probably works, but not tested on, Windows XP/Vista/8/10
Web Page Website
Download Link Download
Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)

Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination) is a program that allows you to build launch profiles that can include the following: 1) Launching applications, files, folders, URLs, etc., 2) The closing/killing of processes, and 3) Starting and stopping of services.  You control the order and you can also insert two types of delays in between actions: 1) Time-based delays (wait n number of seconds before going on) and 2) CPU-usage delays (wait until the CPU usage gets below a certain percentage).  Hotkey support is extensive; each launch profile can have its own hotkey or you can use one hotkey to launch multiple profiles.  Profiles can be launched via the main interface, hotkeys, or the tray icon.  Usage examples include:

  • Startup profile to control the timing and order of which apps you want to start after booting your computer.
  • Pre-gaming profile to close/kill/stop unwanted processes and services.
  • Post-gaming profile to open/start those same processes and services.
  • URL groups to launch sets of websites.
  • Development profile to start up your IDE, debugger, etc.



Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run Splat.exe to start the application.

Uncheck the "Start with Windows" option if you enabled it and then delete the folder you unzipped it to.

  • Commandline parameter support to run a profile without seeing the GUI.

  • If you plan to use the service starting/stopping functionality, you must run this program with administrator rights.

Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (for Android phones/tablets)

I decided to combine my recent experiments with alternative programming languages/platforms with NANY this year, and release an Android app for NANY 2015.

My first Android App is tentatively called "When Last".

It's a simple app that helps you keep track of the last time(s) you performed some activity (like changed the batteries on your smoke detector).
This is actually an idea that I think was discussed on the forum in the context of a desktop app several years ago -- and it may have actually been coded as one at that time?


Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY Release: Galaterra

My entry this year is a brief, proof-of-concept game implemented in JavaScript. It demonstrates an implementation of loops, commands, etc. all processed via the browser. This entry was created using Twine (


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NANY Release: Ballistic: an easy list filter

Application Name Ballistic
Short Description A word finder and filter
Supported OSes Windows 7
Web Page Documentation pages with screenshots
Download Link Download Ballistic
System Requirements Only works on Windows
Author Link to Author's Profile page on Stack Exchange

This program was designed to aid in making word puzzles.  The authour publishes a childrens' magazine, and Ballistic helps in making custom crosswords, word searches and other word games.
You can use the pre-made wordlists or even a custom wordlist, and easily filter the list to match certain criteria.  It doesn't generate puzzles or games, but you can use it to find words that will fit in your puzzles.  You can easily find a word that matches any pattern.

I made this program for myself and have hosted it for a few people, but it has never been officially released.  This is my first public mention of the program.

•Use any wordlist (simple text files)
•Comes with a collection of pre-made lists
•Reports the number of Matches
•Wildcard Matching
•Typoglycemic matches
•Export Results
•Copy Results to the Clipboard
•Quick List-switching menu
•Quickly open the list in current text editor
•Full-featured GUI with lots of options

Planned Features
Update the word lists
Fix bugs
Maybe create an installer.

Please visit the documentation page for more images

Just extract the zip file to a folder and run the exectuable.
There isn't any installer at this time.

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?

Just exit the application and delete all the files.

The searches are faster if you disable the progressbar.
But the progressbar is fun.

Known Issues
Typoglycemiacize List is really slow for long lists.
If you stop the typoglycemiacize process midterm it won't save.  I can fix that.

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NANY 2015 RELEASE: Task Manager

Application NameTask Manager
Short DescriptionA Simple open source outliner
Supported OSesTested on Windows 7. Should run on platforms supported by Qt5.
Web Page
Download Link

For now it's just a simple task/note outliner. Also it's a native single file portable app, written using Qt framework. Since it's open source you can hack it yourself if something doesn't fit you or if you want to add new feature.

See github page.


Click here to read more, download, and discuss

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