The NANY 2023 event is now closed.

If you are a coder, any new program (or addon) that you have released in the previous year, which is freeware/donationware for home users is eligible.

And if you are not a coder, you can still participate by helping coders with ideas and testing.

To join in the adventure, visit: The NANY 2023 forum section.

NANY contests:

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The program is overall extremely easy-to-use and you're able to get the captures you want with little effort, thanks to the simple design.
Uses very little resources.. Highly recommended.

NANY 2011 :: Wrap Up

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The NANY Year End Event at

NANY stands for "New Apps for the New Year", and the NANY event represents the playful and generous spirit of the site and the people who visit it.

During the NANY event coders of all abilities are invited to create a new free application or web service for the public.  The event culminates in a month long celebration of software on  Read more:

As of today, you can watch video screencasts of each of the 30+ NANY entries from this year, and download and use any of the brand new applications!

Start with these entries
There are some real showstoppers here -- some very polished cute little programs and some unique power tools.

JottiQ is a very polished application that makes it more convenient to use Jotti's malware scan website, an online service optimized for one-by-one scanning of files using multiple antivirus engines.  Allows you to queue up multiple files and easily identify files deemed suspicious by multiple engines.

The Bard
Power tool for organizing your soundeffect library - Quickly preview/move/copy large numbers of audio files into your favourite custom folders. (forum post)
AskApic is a new web site where people can post images ask questions about them -- where are they from, what are they of, etc.  Community driven with tons of features including tagging, friending, slideshows, etc.

Webcam Video Diary
Highly configurable program to help you quickly record, label, annotate, and manage videos and photos from your webcam throughout the day.  Supports standard file formats and configurable file/directory naming patterns, custom hotkeys, and can stay resident in the system tray when not in use.

Snap DB
Simple, portable, minimalist flat-file database application with as-you-type search and filtering.  Includes import and export functionality.  Best of all, the viewer utility can be packaged with a data file and sent to friends for easy portable sharing of data.

List Numberer
Quickly number a text list in many different formats with easy input / output through the clipboard.  Perfect for when you want to create a text list of items using custom numbering, padding, etc.

Ten Timer
Ten Timer allows easy timing of ten different items in one easy-to-use window.  Remembers timer labels and makes it easy to keep track of many timer events all in one window.

Quick Cliq
Quick Cliq speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to folders, files, programs, URLs and command line operations.  It also offers window management, extreme clipboard manipulation, and note taking capabilities.  All of this is provided in a compact menu that you can show anywhere and within any application or window through customizable hot keys and mouse gestures.

Color Warlock
Browse and create custom named-color pallettes.  Colors can be selected by name or hex codes for use when coding.  Palettes can be easily switched between and shared amongst co-workers.

Ethervane Radio
Minimalistic internet radio player with an international internet radio database supporting instant search.  You can mark stations as favorites to quickly keep track of your favorite stations.  Lots of possibilities for future development and perfect when you don't want the bloat of the big media players.

Auspex performs text Replacements, Completions and Corrections in any application using predefined rules and intelligent learning for frequently used words and phrases.  Includes clipboard functions and other productivity tools.

Speed Monitor
Continuously tracks the loading speed of a set of multiple web pages you specify.  Easily control the polling interval and track how fast certain servers and web pages respond over the course of a day or week.  Perfect for spotting occasional random slowdowns.

Continuously tracks the loading speed of a set of multiple web pages you specify.  Easily control the polling interval and track how fast certain servers and web pages respond over the course of a day or week.  Perfect for spotting occasional random slowdowns.

Duplicate Photo Finder
Compares files from one or two folders for duplicate images (only jpg supported) using different techniques including file size, file hash and pixel data.  The duplicate result set allows you quickly delete duplicates.  Includes source code(!).

Automates MS Outlook task creation.  TaskDaddy takes a single line of input from you and turns it into an Outlook task without having to open the full interface of Outlook.  TaskDaddy can also be used from the command line by more experienced users.

A unique slot-machine inspired word game where you spin tumblers to create words.  WhirlyWord is written in cross-platform java that will run from your browser.

A unique and advanced tool for triggering right-click context menus through a non-interactive command line tool.  Extremely useful for advanced users who need to invoke a right-click operation on a file from another application or script. Web Service (forum post)
A new website that allows collaborative management of quotes/reviews about your products, anonymous user feedback and comment display on your website.  An extremely useful tool for web masters -- though still in very early beta stage of development.

Card Creator
A very easy to use tool that lets you combine several photos into a greeting card using various templates.  This is an early release and printing from the application is not available yet.

A full screen comic/magazine viewer inspired by CDisplay.  See forum post (above) for links to free comics to download.  Note: the installer is a bit flakey.

After you've checked out the above entries you might want to check out these
Some of these may appeal to a narrower audience, or be a little rough around the edges, and some might be considered proof-of-concept prototypes.

NetLaunch is designed for use on a computer (probably a netbook), which is often going in and out of wireless access.  The idea is that NetLaunch will sit as a background agent, and check network status.  On status change, the program will launch/quit programs depending on user-defined rules.  Still needs a bit of polishing.

Park Cursor Aside
Whenever you type on keyboard or in an edit box, Park Cursor Aside automatically parks (moves) the cursor aside to a defined screen position, so that your view of the document is not blocked by the mouse cursor.

BlackJack in C# with source code
The classic Black Jack game.  The C# Source code is included for coders to extend and build on this blackjack program.

Let's you keep notes associated with web page URLs in Firefox or Internet Explorer, and shows them in a standalone application window when you visit a site.

Llama Tray
A small utility that sits in your system tray and shows a random quote, poem, or joke from a system tray menu on request.

NANY Excuse Manager
An inside joke for NANY participants: it lets coders submit excuses for being late presenting their entries.

Partial Download
Command line utility that downloads first few bytes of given URL.  Could be useful for partially downloading a huge movie file and checking it for it worthiness before downloading the full thing.

Treat Yourself Nicely
An unfinished system tray utility that you query when you want to have a snack -- if you don't wait long enough you will be denied.

UpdateVersion is a command line tool for programmers, that can update some target files (pad files, dcupdate files, versioninfo files) with the actual version and release date information extracted from a source executable file.

An early version of an educational children's game/toy, where kids lay out vegetables in a garden and learn about companion planting techniques.  Author asks for more feedback for future feature ideas.

Proof of concept utility that checks definitions on multiple sites at the same time and displays them in a single window.

Crush Sniffer
This is a proof-of-concept pair of Linux and Windows tools that go hand in hand and let you examine some common log files from your Linux system on a Windows pc.

Goodness is a Chrome extension designed to block certain sites from being visited -- to help you control your bad urges.

FScript2 is an advanced plugin wrapper for Find and Run Robot that allows coders to write plugins in Javascript.  NOTE: FScript version 2 is a major attempt to simplify updating but it is still in a very experimental alpha stage and shouldn't be used unless you are an early beta tester/developer.

NANY 2011 :: The Event Closes

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Welcome to DonationCoder's month long Super Celebration of Software!

N.A.N.Y. 2011
NANY '11 has closed and we're busily going through the entries with a fine tooth comb to package them up for the grand unveiling toward the end of January 2011. In the meantime you can see all the Entries on the NANY 2011 board.

We tried something new with this year's NANY: in an effort to maximise the fun and productivity of the event we decided to start NANY midway through the year giving the coders the ability to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project. And it's certainly been exciting to see activity increase on the NANY board through the year. Many coders posted Teasers both to whet the appetites of the members and to get feedback on their projects.

NANY Numbers 4.png

The end of the year is often a hectic time, which only increases the challenge to complete the NANY Entry. Some Pledges have been fulfilled early whilst others have had to be withdrawn due to other commitments and other Pledges have remained open or not progressed past the Teaser stage but will hopefully be developed later.

From my perspective NANY 2011 has been a wonderful success that has allowed greater flexibility in the Event. 47 Pledges through the year is huge, and to get 31 completed NANY's is an awesome achievement that the DC community can be very proud about!

Teasers (Unfinished - though look out for updates and late completions)

Pledges (Unfinished)

Withdrawn Pledges

Huge Software Give-a-way

As part of the New Year Celebration we've been joined by some very generous software developers who are offering full licenses to their professional programmes! This software has been specially selected to enable our hard working coders (and their helpers) to produce high quality packages.

More details will be posted in the next couple of days...

A Word About DonationCoder is a site for people who love computer software, and like the idea of supporting each other's work through donations - it's funded entirely by individuals who join the site. Since its founding in 2005, the site has grown steadily and has well over 200,000 registered members from around the world. Of course it's free to sign up at our site and join in on the community forums. Our DonationCredits system was designed to make it as easy as possible for users to make small donations to specific authors and fellow site members (read more about our DonationCredits here:

The programmers at are dedicated to providing professional quality software and professional quality support; other members are active in the forums reviewing and discussing all types of computer and software issues.

The New Apps for the New Year event was started as a fun way of celebrating the New Year. Dubbed NANY (New Apps for the New Year), this experiment has become a yearly tradition on the site, and represents the playful and generous spirit of the site and the people who visit it.  The event celebrates the joy of programming and is open to coders of any ability, whether they are regular members of the site or not.  All participants receive a mug featuring our beloved bird/duck mascot Cody -- there are no winners or losers.

The Official NANY Update

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NANY 2011: Event Update

NANY 2011 is a bit of an experiment this year, in an effort to maximise the fun and productivity of the event we decided to start NANY midway through the year giving the coders the ability to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project.

We are now halfway through the event and to date we've seen a steady rate of Pledges and a great deal of activity around the Entrants who have released Teasers and opened up their projects for forum discussions.

NANY Pledges
NANY Entrants pledge that they are going to release a new application for the New Year at some stage before December by posting a Pledge Thread on the NANY 2011 Board, instructions can be found here.

To date we've had 22 Pledges!
NANY Activity 2010_10_29.png

The NANY challenge, although competed by individuals or groups, is performed in the midst of the community and offers the DonationCoder community ample opportunity to get involved with the event through the N.A.N.Y. 2011 forum. Find a project that interests you and get involved with its development: feature discussions, bug testing and Teaser feedback. It's great to see the development of general forum interest as the event progresses:

It's exciting to see the NANY pledges capture the interest of the DC Community, in particular TaskDaddy and Auspex have generated a lot of discussion!

Teasers: Feedback Required
Teasers are a way for the NANY Entrants to give prospective users the opportunity to play with an early build and hopefully get some valuable feedback for the development.
  • Webcam Diary
    Mouser decided on this application based on a Poll -- now he's asking for feedback on what features users want in a Webcam Recording/Diary Utility. Now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this application's development!
  • DCDisplay
    DCDisplay will be a replacement for CDisplay (which hasn't been worked on for years).
  • Scion Character Manager
    An electronic character sheet for a RPG called Scion that tracks character stats, calculates dice pools for all the basic actions, and allows the user to add their own actions, weapons, purviews, knacks, and rules that get auto calculated.
  • TaskDaddy
    TaskDaddy takes a single line of input from you and turns it into an Outlook task without having to open the full interface of Outlook. It's intended to be a quick way to input tasks. It is inspired by Bob Menke's Add Task script, written in VBScript. It works as both a GUI and a command line tool. DaddyDave also has a Features Poll to get user feedback on Future / Missing features.
  • NetLaunch (Now with GUI!)
    Netlaunch is a program to launch applications based on Network status.   It functions in both Agent (GUI) and command-line form.
  • Auspex - a Windows Productivity App
    Auspex will present the busy PC user with several enhanced input features: Replacements, Completions, Corrections, Runs and the Big Clipper.
  • ContactFX
    A versatile Addressbook and Contacts editor with FARR integration.

Are you a Coder just itching to get in on the act?
We've had specific requests for an enterprising entrant who's keen to fulfil someone else's dream. If you're keen to participate but are looking for an idea why not check these out and contact the author for more details?

Anyone can get involved with the NANY event by offering their talents to the hard working entrants to help with the ancillary aspects of their entries. Volunteering on NANY projects is a great way for everyone to get involved with the Event, coders and non-coders alike!

We also have some great tools to give-away to help you get the job done:

Add your name to the list and get involved over in this thread: NANY 2011 :: Calling All Volunteers and Entrants wanting a hand

If you can help with the following specific requests please get in touch with the Entrant directly (and let me know if you want to take advantage of the software give-away):

Alphabetical List of Pledges

NANY 2011 :: Announcement

N.A.N.Y. 2011
New Apps for the New Year

NANY has for some years been the premier software event on DonationCoder where we've seen 100's of new applications released for the New Year for the simple but glorious pleasure of the Cody Mug; from its humble beginnings in its inaugural year of 2007 to the big events of 2009 & 2010. NANY is a community event where coders pit their skills against the clock and DC members join in with suggestions, testing and help with other aspects of the entry such as graphics, icons, translations and help documentation.

This year we are broadening the event, reducing the complexity and rules whilst providing the same encouragement to software authors of all types and backgrounds to successfully complete the NANY 2011 challenge. You can form a team to work on the one project, you can re-write one of your old applications, publish an online web service script, you can write a plug-in for another programme: you can almost do whatever you like as long as it's new, yours and free.

This year the opportunity exists for coders to start the process early and aim to build a substantial new project for release as part of NANY.  We will try our best to feature large applications appropriately and get them the attention they deserve. It's never too early to start planning and discussing your NANY 2011 entries, and although you can pledge as late as December, we encourage you to pledge early and enter into the NANY Community spirit and take advantage of the vast resources available to you on DonationCoder.

  • Pledge that you are participating in NANY 2011 by starting a New Thread on the NANY 2011 Board. This thread will eventually contain the released version of your software. Your thread can also be used for suggestions, ideas, bug testing and reviews if needed, up to release.
  • The software can be anything!
    • Game, productivity application, utility, web script, etc.; for any OS, for any device, for any purpose; big or small, full-featured or simple (Though this year we've made lots of time available and we'd really like to see some larger, full-featured releases!).
    • It needs to be free for personal use, donationware, or open source -- and be a program that hasn't been previously made public.
    • You retain all rights to your software.
  • Post the Release Version to your Pledge Thread before the end of the year.
  • After January 1 we will evaluate, package and publish the entries on various sites, such as Newsletters and YouTube videos.

We ask that non-coder volunteers become part of the Event and offer their services to help the coders with things like beta testing, feature suggestion, graphics/icon development, etc. We've had some very generous donations of software that will be given to our very generous volunteers that will make the best use of their time... more details later.

Entry Ideas
The NANY 2011 Ideas Thread is located here. It's a great place to put your idea for that app you were always wanting (but too afraid to ask); and if you're a coder, then it's a wonderful resource of ideas that already have user interest.

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