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Living Room / Re: Take the xkcd weird correlation survey
« on: September 07, 2015, 12:27 PM »


One might argue that your first three word choices aren't random choices at all. ;)
I'm sure the data will likely support your hypothesis -- but has anyone pulled the data and analyzed it yet?

P.S. I'm still looking for a monospace Comic Sans-like in bitmap font format.  To code in.   

Screenshot - 9_6_2015 , 9_19_26 PM.png

http://www.comicbook...Constant-p/cl343.htm -- I'm sure it could be bitmap-ified!

Announce Your Software/Service/Product / Re: Basic Calculator
« on: September 06, 2015, 02:59 PM »
I think you need to make the equal button the same size as the others, and since you'll have a blank space, let the user move the buttons around like the 15 puzzle...

Living Room / Re: Take the xkcd weird correlation survey
« on: September 06, 2015, 02:57 PM »

Hey - we matched on three words!  :P

General Software Discussion / Re: urgent free AVG expired request!
« on: September 05, 2015, 09:58 PM »
Oh, goodness, it's been a few years since I have had AVG installed on a computer, but I'm not sure if those popups are really from AVG. The window title is odd, the Activate Now link is word wrapped, that button at the bottom says "Extend Your"... I think it is popup crapware trying to trick you into clicking things.

FWIW I redid all my A/V after all the myriad of Windows 10 upgrades at my house. I ended up putting Avast back onto my PC, but everyone else gets Bitdefender Free. It has basically no controls, but they shouldn't be doing anything that would require controls. Ymmv.

Really? The site shows up in Arial on my PC with AdGuard running.

Hm... lotsa spam here this morning, is that an artifact of the upgrade or just a happy coincidence?  :P

Details seem missing from the story.

I agree.  Details seem a bit sketchy.
He was quick on the draw.
-cranioscopical (August 23, 2015, 12:26 PM)

It was only penciled in at the time.

Canvasing the comments has proven quite interesting.

I still wouldn't draw any conclusions from it. I'd wait until we get the complete picture.

Found Deals and Discounts / Forte Notation free until Sep 14
« on: August 22, 2015, 10:23 PM »
Thanks Gizmo for this tip! (from this link)

I've written before about Forte Notation. It's a program which turns your PC into an electronic sheet of music paper (that stuff with rows of 5 lines on it). You can compose music, and listen to it, just by dragging and dropping notes into the correct place with your mouse. Keep dragging, and moving any note that doesn't sound right, until you end up with a tune you like.

Forte Notation has always been available as a limited-feature freeware edition. But until September 14th 2015, in order to celebrate half a million downloads, the company is now giving away full licences to the Basic edition. This normally costs $24, and has a number of features that the free version does not. You can export your composition as a wave file, for example, to play on any PC. And you can have more notes, verses, staves and so on.

To grab this $24 program for free, head to and enter your email address. You'll then receive a download link to the program, and a licence key (which you'll need immediately in order to install the program).

General Software Discussion / Re: Is Windows 10 a trojan?
« on: August 16, 2015, 08:17 AM »
it's just getting guilted by association because it's new.

New name, anyway. This is Branchcache which has been around since 2009. Anyone who has had to deal with plants shutting down because their piddly T1 circuits have been preempted by Windows updates appreciates the concept.

What 40hz said - use groups. May not really apply to you at home, especially if you aren't trying to restrict access to anything, just plant that seed though.

That said, even if this wasn't an issue caused by FlexRaid, it would still leave a bad taste in my mouth because of what you're seeing. But I'd likely do what 4wd suggested, save off the data and completely recreate the FlexRaid setup from scratch and copy back in. I just don't know how far I would trust it going forward.

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I didn't quite know how to answer your various comments and questions to my ugly taskbar / notification area, because right after posting "Reply #31", I installed Stardock Start10, but in my setup it really looks the same as Win 10 (but without the errors), so only a few would ever notice the difference... But it's still not pretty (here on top of a black wallpaper):

With Start10:

 (see attachment in previous post)

At the moment my clipboard is Clipdiary from Softvoile.

Curt, this is off topic, but out of curiosity did you use Start8? I have not seen an email about an upgrade from Stardock. Also wondered how you are finding Clipdiary, how long you have been trying it out.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10: Migration-woes thread
« on: August 09, 2015, 01:03 PM »
I'm holding off a bit before hitting my main desktop PC since it's my workhorse (middle of the road though it is), but I went through the process with my laptop (which is actually newer and nicer) since it also has everything on it that I use and I can give it a good test. I had to start the process several times, ended up uninstalling antivirus (and some cruft that I should have cleaned out ages ago anyway), but what really seemed to help was switch from the 32 + 64 bit dvd over to the 64-bit only dvd.

Only real pain in the neck so far is that the Cisco IPSEC client is broken (of course) and the mitigations don't seem to work, in fact Win flat out refuses to let the program install. Rather than beat on that horse I switch to Shrewsoft which has worked fine.

Oh, and Photoshop CS3 says it isn't registered again (and how I hate trying to get stupid Adobe to do anything). Should have unregistered it before I started. <grumble grumble>

All in all not too bad, if nothing else comes up I will be set to upgrade my wife's pc...  :P

By all the tools did you include SetACL Studio? I would try installing it (30 day trial), take ownership at the root level and propagate it down all the way, then try giving everyone full at the root level and propagate down.

In any event the software ought to be able to delete folders for you later if you need to.

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Privacy Concerns
« on: August 04, 2015, 07:47 PM »
I don't type it in for them...because it's a guest network, I just make the password when I turn it on, then tell them what it is lol - Makes no difference cause once they leave my house, I shut it down, and just change the password the next time it needs to go on...though, it's rare I have it's rare that I need to do it ^_^
I have a guest network. The kids' machines use it, and I turn it off when they need to get to bed.  :P

Part of the delight is that Microsoft never mentioned (at least in anything I saw) just what this notification would look like. I even did a quick search, and couldn't find a picture. I went ahead and pulled down all 5 of the ISOs I need and have worked from there, but just got the notification on my main box. And in case you haven't yet seen it, the "Windows 10 Upgrade is Ready Notification" looks like.... this:

Screenshot - 8_3_2015 , 6_30_39 PM.png

Just in time for the new week, we have this from fosshub.

We have bets in at work on which client will report this to us first after honkling their file server... (honkling = a whole letter worse than just honking a box...)

According to the Cisco’s security team, they have found a new scamming campaign that spreads CTB-Locker ransomware. This trouble comes in the form of a fake Microsoft email, telling Windows users that their Windows 10 download is ready.

These messages in Windows 10 ransomware scam mimic the emails sent by Microsoft, along with some text mistakes and changes. However, scammers have managed to spoof the address of origin as [email protected] To make the messages look more authentic, attackers are using the same color scheme used by Microsoft to fool the users. Thus, these emails look more legitimate.

Batch is great for a lot of things. You could use some of these utilities from Horst Shaeffer to tart up a batch file nicely enough, winput.exe can ask prettily for some input from your users.

Screenshot - 7_22_2015 , 8_38_58 PM.png

Way too much.

Remove Hardware, Bluetooth, Beats audio, Windows yammer-at-me center, Dolphin text editor
Xmarks, Citrx receiver, Listary, Intel AppUp (I thought I had uninstalled that!), Gateway IP monitor
Virtual Clone Drive, WinTV, Popfile, Net Extender, VistaSwitcher
D4, Glasswire, Teamviewer, Skydrive, PDF24
File uploader, chrome, RescueTime, Adguard, chrome notifications

In the tray: Win 10, Winpatrol, Avast, ProcessLasso, drive activity, System Explorer, Screenshot Captor, Ditto, network, speakers, and T-Clock

Oh yeah, you can see I have CrossHair running too. :-)

And note that the MS15-078 bulletin does not include Win 2003. I think they waited 6 extra days to release it on purpose.

Heh! You remind me of this:

WildGem says that's an invalid regex...

Living Room / Re: Partitioning or Not w. single HDD?
« on: July 06, 2015, 05:32 PM »
But I say stable setup because then you have an idea how large to make the system partition.  The tendency is to make it pretty lean.  But if you like to install lots of utilities then over time you may find the size that seemed adequate starts to feel a bit tight.
If you install Windows, the O/S will eventually, over time, decide to use more space than you have allocated to the system drive. Just sayin'.

Living Room / Re: Be prepared against ransomware viruses..
« on: June 27, 2015, 04:17 PM »
Hey, you need to keep in mind that encrypting a file is a valid process. All you're doing is changing a file's contents. You could pull up a jpeg in an image editor and change it from a blue cast to a green cast, or edit your copy of the works of e e cummings and change it to ALL UPPER CASE or something. That's all that's happening. Heck, I encrypt files regularly -- the only difference is that I know the encryption key.

The more recent Cryptowall variants that I have seen are sneakier now - they don't always select every eligible file to encrypt. They also set the last-changed time stamp back to the file's original time stamp, so you can't tell from that what files were affected. Maybe that could be a clue to a/v software that something is amiss.

Living Room / Re: Be prepared against ransomware viruses..
« on: June 27, 2015, 01:45 PM »
Does anyone know of any mainstream security software that uses a "honeypot" approach of watching for certain files being modified?

Our largest client got hit several times with Cryptowall, and another one got hit on a large file server -- that took over 24 hours to encrypt. After I thought about that, I sprinkled several test files (jpg, doc & xls) with known checksums in various places in the shares, and wrote a script to look for flag files (HOW_DECRYPT etc) and compare the checksums. If it finds any flag files or modified honeypot files, it looks at the owner of the flag files (since that's whose box is doing it) and spits out emails to get the box pulled and start remediation.

Mainstream stuff ought to be watching file creation, and as soon as it sees a flag file created it should shut down the remote client and start ringing alarm bells.

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