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  • Friday September 24, 2021, 3:55 am
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Living Room / Re: Programming/Coder humor
« on: August 24, 2021, 06:42 PM »

General Software Discussion / Re: email sender rewrite proxy
« on: August 18, 2021, 05:12 PM »
This thread sounds like the same problem:

Thanks - I didn't look deep enough in the support forum! This looks promising.

General Software Discussion / Re: email sender rewrite proxy
« on: August 17, 2021, 05:17 PM »
Sadly there is no way to modify the system. And of course the people who set this up have been gone for years. (Isn't that always the case?)

I still have some vague ideas bouncing around in my head, maybe one of them will pan out. But between all the folks who visit DC, we have seen almost everything before.  :D

General Software Discussion / email sender rewrite proxy
« on: August 17, 2021, 01:50 PM »
Hi folks! I am in need of collective wisdom. I need a band-aid to go between ancient LOB software and M365 email.

The company finally killed off the on premise Exchange and Notes servers. However, with all of the systems running on local servers and sending out emails to both company and external recipients, I had to put in place some proxy servers to gather the messages and relay through 365. This is done using hMailserver with a simple authenticated relay configuration, and sender addresses are all set up with mailbox delegation to the account the proxy server is sending as. Works fine, except...

We have one old system that sends email reports using a very specific sender address. The authors of this software hard coded the sender address using a domain that is currently owned by IBM. And because the relays can only accept sender addresses that are known in the organization, and we cannot define this domain in 365, the emails are rejected.

I have done my due diligence and have changed the offending sender address to an acceptable value, with the same number of characters, everywhere that I could find on this server. Still the bad address gets used. I have spent way too much time looking for where it is coming from, our DBA has dug through the database, still can't find it.

So all that is to explain why I am looking for an email proxy that will allow you to rewrite a sender address. Mail comes in, if it's from address xyz then it gets changed to be from abc, then gets sent on to the "normal" proxy. If the sender is not xyz, then it just gets sent on.

It needs to be something that can run on Windows server, ideally something as simple as hMailserver. I tried to write a rule for hMailserver to do this but was not successful. Volume of messages is low so does not need to be super efficient, just needs to be reliable.

Anyone have any ideas? I have not yet stumbled upon the magical query to make the google give me a good answer...

If there was a password change recently then usually a phone, people don't ever remember to change the password there also. Also go into credentials manager (control panel) and cleat the stuff out. but look at the 4740 security event for the machine name, usually (not always) there's one listed.

For tougher cases you can turn on netlogon logging on the dc (google it, and don't forget to set a size value, 32mb should be fine but i think it's in bytes) and check the log, that can help identify indirect causes, the log is in windows\debug\netlogon.log which is renamed to .bak when it's full.

T-Clock / Re: Not working at all
« on: May 31, 2021, 08:28 AM »
Do you have an antivirus/antimalware program where you can whitelist files and/or folders? It honestly should be pretty straightforward unless there is something actively interfering.

T-Clock / Re: Not working at all
« on: May 25, 2021, 06:19 AM »
I know we've covered this recently but don't have time to find the other thread. T-Clock Redux works great in Win 10, currently I am on 20H2. My instructions for "installation" are here (it isn't a run-installer kind of install), these are for an older release but the process is exactly the same:

How to set up T-Clock 2010 build 95

1. Copy the entire T-Clock folder (contains Waves, Win32, x64 folders) into Program Files
2. Run clock.exe from the subfolder of the proper bitness
3. Right click and choose T-Clock Properties
4. On the About tab select Start T-Clock when Windows starts
5. On the Clock Text tab, choose Marlett, size 8 neither bold nor italic
6. On the Time Format tab, check Custom Format and set it to hh:nn:ss  POSIX\ndddd mmmm d, yyyy
7. On the Mouse tab, set the Action to Show Calendar and set the tool tip to dddd mmmm d, yyyy

Steps 5-7 are my preferences, replace with whatever you want.

Living Room / Re: Interesting "stuff"
« on: May 22, 2021, 10:08 AM »
Fwiw, in my recent experience, there is a lot of ransomware that doesn't give a whit if it's running on a VM. Considering the virtualization of America's businesses, it does not surprise me at all that ransomware doesn't hold back on a VM any more.

But for that - just so everyone knows - best practice is (1) don't link up your VMware to use domain credentials, and (2) don't back your stuff up to permanently connected repositories (like "my backup drive is an iscsi connection to a big disk array") or to a NAS that is linked to the domain. Those things mean that bad guys who acquire domain admin have access to all your assets and can scramble at will. Sending copies offsite is the best.

And worst case your business pays and gets it all back, then you have to fix your external access holes RIGHT AWAY because successful perps often sell your system access to additional bad guys.

And also fwiw, I installed the Russian language on my home PCs after reading this because there's no down side and might be free, albeit iffy, protection.

Edit: and if you do that just remember, Windows-Spacebar lets you switch back to your preferred language when you accidentally switch to Russian.  :D

Depending on the Acronis product, some of the boot disks have a separate task (separate from backup/restore) to adjust the O/S for new hardware. If your Acronis boot disk has that, try running it.

And if you have downloaded the drivers for your new hardware, maybe put them all on a USB stick, you can point Acronis to this new group of drivers to make sure it sees what is needed.

@Deozaan would this count?


Velaris we are happy to have you here!

General Software Discussion / Re: I Need Help!
« on: May 07, 2021, 06:03 AM »
Somehow I missed your first post, but found this one. Great detective work and a simple solution!  :Thmbsup:

 :Thmbsup: What he said!!

So many too resources, lol.. How can anyone ever find them all??
We all get here on different paths and see different things along the way - and as Curt reminds us, what we're looking for might already be here!  :D

Just as a note, Lopesoft FileMenu Tools includes a "pack to folder" option that does what you want (among many other useful things). There's a limit of packing 20 objects for the free version, a license (€10+vat) removes that restriction. I purchased a license years ago and it has worked well.

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: April 23, 2021, 06:53 PM »
Getting ready to start "Alive, Son Of Awake". Brief article on it here. Excerpt from the article:

In this age of anxiety, anger and contestations between the West and the Islamic world, many epoch-shaping stories of intellectual exchanges between our cultures are often forgotten.

A powerful example comes from literature. Millions of Christian, Jewish and Muslim readers across the world have read that famed tale of the man stranded alone on an island: “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe, the 18th-century British pamphleteer, political activist and novelist.

Few know that in 1708, 11 years before Defoe wrote his celebrated novel, Simon Ockley, an Orientalist scholar at Cambridge University, translated and published a 12th-century Arabic novel, “Hayy ibn Yaqzan,” or “Alive, the Son of Awake,” by Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Tufayl, an Andalusian-Arab polymath. Writing about the influence of Ibn Tufayl’s novel on Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe,” Martin Wainwright, a former Guardian editor, remarked, “Tufayl’s footprints mark the great classic.”

Ibn Tufayl’s novel tells the tale of Hayy, a boy growing up alone on a deserted island, with animals. As he grows up, Hayy uses his senses and reason to understand the workings of the natural world. He explores the laws of nature, devises a rational theology and entertains theories about the origin of the universe. He develops a sense of ethics: Out of mercy for animals, he turns vegetarian, and out of care for plants, he preserves their seeds.


Of course there is more, sounds very interesting. This is generally not my style of book at all, I prefer the SF that I gorged on in the 60s and 70s, but I have less time and often just pull out the Kindle. That said, my SIL referenced this article in a post and I am now committed to reading this so we can all discuss it when we meet this summer.

I am looking forward to it but it will be more work than I am used to...

Contro do you have "Here We Go" maps installed? This app downloads the maps ahead of time. I do not know if it has Canary Islands however I can verify that the app works well. I have a couple of phones with no sim card and the maps work great. Very handy if you are "away from the grid" or if you are in a huge crowd and everyone else got all the cell connections before you.  :D

You know, looking at the RollbackRX product page, I can see how you would "lose" disk space. It is creating snapshots of your system for recovery. So if you downloaded a bunch of movies or had them on your C: drive, then when it does a snapshot it would have to safeguard that data which would mean protect it from being overwritten or removed. That stuff has to be stored somewhere, doesn't look like any options to put it anywhere else. So probably your disk use would depend on how many snapshots you keep, how often you clean big files off your disk, and how often you reset the baseline.

The free version looks interesting and I can see a use case for example on my son's pc where there just isn't that much that changes. I guess this software worked fine for you other than the disk space issue?

Screenshot Captor / Re: Some thumbnails only show an icon
« on: April 10, 2021, 03:26 PM »
You could try the "nuclear option" and rebuild the thumbnail cache, that might clear out something - instructions here.

Yeah Windows managing paging is a terrible idea. So many many times I look at a server and the recommended page file size is say 8200mb, but directly underneath that is a note that it's currently using 4140mb.

It looks like you have lots of stuff in Downloads. It's perfectly fine to save things there if you want, however you don't want to clog up your C: drive.

Right click on Downloads and go to Properties and click the Location tab. Use the Move button to change the place where Downloads points:


If you're going to save videos in Downloads, best to move it away from C: if you can.

^ What 4wd said - Wiztree. First pane shows where the space is being used. Second pane is top 1000 largest files. Between the two of them you'll get a better picture of what's used where.

Maybe that should get you to make a NANY 2022 area?  

Yea... New Area for the Next Year!

Very Nice!

The first time it ran Avast slapped it while it checked if it was ok, which threw a few unhandled exceptions, then when it decided the program was ok it restarted fine. I moved the exe into a good place and added the content menu, very handy tool! Thank you!  :Thmbsup:

So how long has it been since techsupportalert started pushing full-page popup ads, did I miss the start or is this new?


Does not make me want to revisit.   :o

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