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Yes, I know about the Global Hotkeys, but I was hoping that I could replace FFs Ctrl+B to search Linkman. I can probably make an AHK script for it, though.

Is it possible to tie a hotkey to the Search Linkman button within Firefox? I'd love to be able to replace the builtin Ctrl+B Bookmark search to use Linkman instead.

Otherwise, consider it a feature request ;)

this doesn't help, but it sounds like (?) a power hum (leaking from the PS?)

if it is then disabling the soundcard probably won't have any effect (the fact that muting has no effect would seem to support this...)
As I said, disabling the soundcard DOES have an effect, which is why I'd like to find a tool to help me out ;)

Are you remembering to run it from an elevated command prompt?

Also, have you tried disabling any sound-related mixing devices you don't use? Probably not related, but on a number of computers, I've had annoying background noise until I disabled stuff like Mic in and midi.
Yes, I ran it with elevated privileges. Devcon is able to find all hardware devices, but it wouldn't let me disable a device.

I'll try to see if disabling some mixing devices, thanks.

Thanks for your replies, all :)

Yes, I've tried mute, but unfortunately muting the speakers doesn't have any effect on my problem.

I've been looking for a tool that lets me easily (shortcut, hotkey) disable and enable a hardware device.

Reason: I recently bought a new laptop that has an annoying whining noise coming from the speaker. It's not really noticeable when I listen to music, watch a video, etc. i.e. something with sound, but when I don't want to listen to anything, it's annoying. Disabling the soundcard makes the noise go away. Ideally I should get a new laptop, but I'm not too hopeful that the problem will be fixed with a new laptop (more people with same problem), and I'm hoping for a BIOS and/or driver update that'll fix the problem...  :(

...anyway, as long as the problem persists it would be great to have a tool that I can use with a hotkey to toggle the soundcard easily. I'm on Win7 x64, btw. I've tried MS' devcon, which is a "command-line utility [that] functions as an alternative to Device Manager" (, but apparently it doesn't work on Win7 (not disabling/enabling anyway, it reads the list of devices all right).

I'm sure an AHK script could be written for this purpose and I'm hoping for some assistance from one of the fine coders of DC  :Thmbsup:

Winners of 'DonationCoder Mug' (3):
  • CleverCat
  • tomos
  • TucknDar

Yay! I'm sure my coffee will now taste a whole lot better! Thanks!

And what a wonderful moment to spend my 1000th DC post ;)


Find And Run Robot / Re: Windows Key ONLY for hotkey
« on: March 18, 2010, 03:57 AM »
You can do it with AutoHotkey. I found a solution in this thread: http://www.autohotke...orum/topic46323.html

The required code:
   Input,v,L1 M
   If ErrorLevel=Max
      Send, #{%v%}
   else if ErrorLevel=NewInput
     Run, c:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe -show
~LWin Up::
Obviously set the correct FARR path.

edit: Completely unrelated, but is there a thread to make your 1000th post? ;)
Screenshot - 18.03.2010 , 09_59_15.png

Living Room / Re: Will you miss newspapers when they're gone?
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:14 PM »
I'll miss it too, and I'm not sure it'll disappear for quite a while, tbh. I usually wake up early, even in the weekends, and the mornings just wouldn't be the same without a cup of freshly made coffee and real paper newspaper. I obviously love everything about computers, but I can't really see the screen ever replacing newspapers and at least not books! Paper rules! :-*

Living Room / Re: == AMAZING!
« on: March 03, 2010, 03:41 PM »
If only these cool deals where available to Norway :(

But whenever I've used Amazon, delivery time and everything has been excellent. Would use it more if shipping was better, but that's not a complaint, it's quite understandable.

Living Room / Re: Strange question about salsa
« on: March 02, 2010, 12:49 PM »
Haven't tried it, but that sure is a strange question about salsa :P

f0dder, I'm not certain how well it fares for your needs, but I'd at least try SoftMaker Office 2010.

I'm not part of their PR department or anything, but I want to add that they also have a academic license, for the students and teachers among you.

Worth a shot, anyway ;)

I'm under the impression that Softmaker 2010 is now out of beta.  I haven't tried it, but I was impressed the few times I've used the 2008 version.
Yes, you're right about SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows, it was released in December IIRC. The Linux version is still in beta testing, however.

Softmaker 2010 beta has huge kerneling problems. And scroll is jumpy full screen. it feels like a wine app.
Hopefully being beta is the important clue and it will work out better when finished :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: February 21, 2010, 03:18 AM »
I have been challenged, by my wife, to read every one of the books in my massive collection (just over 150) of Isaac Asimov literature.
:o that's quite an Asimov collection, indeed! I've only read "I, Robot", which I really liked, btw. I've got a few more that I want to read eventually.

Currently reading "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carrol

Living Room / Re: What's a good giveaway idea?
« on: February 20, 2010, 07:41 AM »
I like Stoic Joker's idea. Just depend on your own self and give to the reply that you like the most. You can't calculate needs or who deserves something most, so just go with your gut feeling!

SoftMaker Office :-*

I've never been a big fan of OOo, mostly because it feels very slow and I haven't been impressed with how it handle .doc files (which in a way is understandable, I guess). SoftMaker Office has done this much better for me. SoftMaker Office feels so much lighter too, can easily be made portable and has a pretty good academic license (good for students and teachers, although more expensive than OOo ;) ). There's a version for Linux, also, btw. I find the support excellent, too. The developers are actively discussing bugs and features in their forum.

Works for me as well. And I love the PgDn function! :Thmbsup: Veeery useful!

General Software Discussion / Re: Bartels Media paranoia
« on: February 13, 2010, 05:58 PM »
Or just meet in #donationcoder where we can use all the fun NSFW language we want, as well >:D

edit: Just to clarify: not directed at anything or anyone in particular... just a tongue in cheek thing of course

General Software Discussion / Re: Bartels Media paranoia
« on: February 13, 2010, 05:41 PM »
>  "To their defense, though, they did fix my issue promptly. It's too bad they behave like this"

@Tuckndar: Why complain? Because we clean up our forum from questions that are already asked elsewhere in order to keep the forum easy to browse for you? Is it more important for you to get quick help or is it more important for you that redundant postings populate our forum for the pure sake of archiving?
I "complained" because I couldn't find an answer to my specific question, and found it odd that you removed my post. I would imagine it was a question that someone else might ask as well, which is a benefit with a forum support system vs purely e-mail support, there is a public search functiion. Your e-mail and support was top notch, however. Btw, the page you link to does not give an answer to the problem I had ;) I know that if I use it for commercial purposes I'd be cheating you, but I didn't and you acknowledged that, hence me saying your support was top notch when I explained my problem. ;)

General Software Discussion / Re: Bartels Media paranoia
« on: February 11, 2010, 12:46 PM »
I've had something similar happen, when I got some false reports about me using the free version for professional work, which I posted about. The post was deleted within minutes and I got an e-mail about the issue. To their defense, though, they did fix my issue promptly.

It's too bad they behave like this, because it really is an extraordinary product! I'm sure AHK can do pretty much the same, but I'd rather keep the advantages of the PhraseExpress dialogs and features  :-\

Been intrigued by this program for a while now... maybe time to dig deeper into it. And I see you have an even more favourable students discount :D

I'm especially interested in the "stick to certain window/webpage stuff". That may certainly be veeery useful!

Living Room / Re: Essay - Blogging: a great pastime for the elderly
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:43 PM »
Your post is far too long, mouser!  :P

Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: February 06, 2010, 03:40 AM »
Just finished "Battle Royale" and started reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I'll read "Through the Looking Glass" next, to be fully prepared for Tim Burton's version of the tale  :Thmbsup:

As I told you per mail, Perry, it works for my crazy Norwegian language as well now :)

Yes, it would probably be a lot easier with a simple Payware-button and $49.95 for each of mouser's programs...  :-\

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