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I have been using the screenshot captor software for many years. It is the best one in the category with lots of options and very easy to use. After capturing the screenshot, you can change it and copy it again to the clipboard using shortcuts. Very fast and useful.
Binu Mathew
Good product .. getting the hang of it
Very user friendly, thank you screen shot captor!
tony roa
Screenshot Captor is a great program. It's powerful with lots of ways to customize, but still very simple to use. It's rock solid, always ready, never crashes, and unobtrusive. Always there when I need it, waiting quietly in the background. I highly recommend this program.
I love it and I like the ease of use way better than Jing! Very user friendly, thank you screen shot captor!
Dawn Shivlar
It's the best screen capture program I've ever use, even though I can't donate, but it warms my heart that they said I can give anything to a local poor instead, it shows me how much kind, thoughtful humans are they. THANKS FROM THE HEART.
Asma Zidan
SO easy and intuitive software. If you need one screencapture tool in your life, this is IT!
Peter Hill
Terrific software.... much better than the others I tryed in the past.... Congrats !!!

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