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Clipboard Help And Spell is the best free clipboard I have ever used. It's simply and very convenient. Please support by donating to the creator.
John Smith
i cant afford to donate any money, but ive gotten a good portion of my friends to try the app and they like it so far, hopefully it makes up for the lack of a donation
i am happy with this software, easy to use and the recording is clear and superb
It's a woderfull tools, help me to finish task at school, easy to use, very recommended.
Gemala Q
I was looking for a screenshot capturing software that's very simple, is easy to use and small in size. I've used tons of them so far. Won't be naming them, but I'll tell you this, Screenshot Captor is the quickest and the most simple of all. Highly recommend this. Love from Bangladesh ❤
Sajid Karim
thanks for your fanatastic app and work.their work help me alot.
mohammed tuama jebur
I've used similar software for a very long time. This one is the best so far. In fact, I've uninstalled all of my alternatives because they are all obsolete, in my opinion. Great work, GREAT product! Thanx so much.
This program help me in so many ways. Using the oldschool method of pressing the Prt Scr key is out of question now. From PDF text sections to memes on Facebook or photos, i can get, cut, edit whatever i want on the screen and send to someone using just a few shortcuts. This software is definitely a must-have one in any computer i use.
Jefferson Sales

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