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I was referred by a colleague/friend many years ago to DonationCoder.com. I now refer others because I think the software is great and very useful. For the same reasons, I donated and appreciate all of the work that goes into the software and the website. LaunchBar Commander, ScreenshotCaptor, and URL Snooper are what I use most often.
E. Hill
I was delighted to support you and your great software. FARR is used 20x a day by me. That is the #1-#5 reasons why I donated. Your hard work and awesome software is appreciated!!
Vic D.
Thanks for screenshoot captor. Its awesome app, I love your work you have put in it :)
D. Thony
I don't contribute in order to get a license to your software so much as to support your effort and to express my admiration of and appreciation for your work. Also, I really admire your dedication and the posts of your regular contributors. I wish there were more sites like DC: just good, honest discussions of software and matters of interest to serious (and, in my case, not really sophisticated or programming-capable) PC users.
T. Whitman
I was searching for a screen capture utility and Screen Captor worked exceptionally well. I like to support good quality applications and SC certainly fits that bill. For the price I am getting a bargain so I have no problems in supporting your cause. Keep up the great work, DonationCoder is a great environment.
Ian F.
I use clipboard help and spell every. Single. Day. Love it. Happy to donate.
Eric T.
I can't thank you guys enough for what you do; quality programming without ads, real solutions to real problems -- and PORTABLE!!!!  Did I mention portable?  I love not installing apps, and so does my desktop.  You guys rock!
Dan R.
Long time Find and Run Robot user, also have started using Clipboard Help and Spell. I did get the new license key and it worked flawlessly. I donated because I believe in supporting the authors whose intellectual property I am benefiting from. Thanks for your continual support of your software.
L. Rosenfield

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