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I have used your program many years yet and find that your program is the best in this class. Thank you a lot for your great work and the possibility to use this program for free and as portable version.
I should like to inform you that the licence key and the instructions you sent me were spiffing and worked superbly. I have been using Screenshot Captor since around 2004 in its various versions... I obtained a 2011 version of the software and, because it worked so wonderfully, I donated most gladly to Donation Coder. All version updates since then have been installed and, once more, I was more than grateful to you for such a wonderful product and continued to make donations. I have used other small bits and pieces from you throughout 2011 as I kept finding that previous ones I used for XP did not function. As long as I am happy with trying out your products I shall be thrilled to make donations which, ultimately, will lead to more interesting stuff being introduced I am sure.
Joe Z.
This is a very good website that provides simple but good material. They're open to everyone and they answer fast and sincerely. Thanks.
Fantastic site, NOTHING I have downloaded so far has any nasty hidden junk, unlike many others which probably should go unnamed.
tuck frump
Absolute easiest spending decision I've ever made! Your extremely quick reply and generously open licensing policy made the contribution an absolute no-brainer. If Publisher's Clearing House ever drops off that big check, I'll make a hundred donations! I have received the license key and the instructions were crystal clear. Please keep up the great work.
Tom F.
Wonderful program that I use often to capture information in a window for teaching and working documents. I would suggest anyone download and use.
Gary Farr
I use LaunchBar Commander, Screenshot Captor, and Clipboard Help+Spell daily and frankly would find it hard to function without them.  I use the portable versions and they are a lifesaver when I am having to bounce from computer to computer. They do what I need and excel at being reliable and useful!
Anima L.
Screenshot Captor is an amazing tool, by the way.
Chris S.

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