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I use Find and Run Robot several times a day, every day. I am a bit of a keyboard freak and love the way I can launch an application, website or Google search with just a few keystrokes. It really helps me to maintain that state of flow when I am working, without having to navigate the distractions of the start menu.
Philip J.
I truly want to say DonationCoder THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I am a freelancer and I found that there are very little companies that give software for free (I mean really free), and this fact makes me really respect this company. I am a student now, but I will donate surely later… once again thank you.
I found Process Tamer through Google because I was tired of Dropbox eating 50% CPU at startup. Dropbox works great when you only have a few GB of stuff and only make small changes. But when you are routinely making thousands of changes to a terabyte, it slows down considerably. Anyhoo neat software from you guys and thanks.
I decided to donate because I value the work of developers outside the commercial mainstream, and the app I wanted to use (Screenshot Captor) appears to have all the features I need in a screenshot utility, and then some. Thanks for your work and I wish you every success in your endeavours.
I have used your program many years yet and find that your program is the best in this class. Thank you a lot for your great work and the possibility to use this program for free and as portable version.
I should like to inform you that the licence key and the instructions you sent me were spiffing and worked superbly. I have been using Screenshot Captor since around 2004 in its various versions... I obtained a 2011 version of the software and, because it worked so wonderfully, I donated most gladly to Donation Coder. All version updates since then have been installed and, once more, I was more than grateful to you for such a wonderful product and continued to make donations. I have used other small bits and pieces from you throughout 2011 as I kept finding that previous ones I used for XP did not function. As long as I am happy with trying out your products I shall be thrilled to make donations which, ultimately, will lead to more interesting stuff being introduced I am sure.
Joe Z.
This is a very good website that provides simple but good material. They're open to everyone and they answer fast and sincerely. Thanks.
Fantastic site, NOTHING I have downloaded so far has any nasty hidden junk, unlike many others which probably should go unnamed.
tuck frump

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