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I've now tried this, and it really is great. A few minor annoyances to start off with (maybe I just didn't get it at first), but a great PIM! If I still use it after a couple of weeks, then I'll try to find the time to write a mini-review.

This may be IT! Great find, which I'll try for some time to see if it suits my needs. Huuuge download, though, at 31mb even without .net 1.1. But if it's any good, so be it.

I'll definitely give WsW a run on my computer. I procrastinate far too much by checking a ton of websites all the time :(

Hopefully WsW will free up some of that time.

I'm quite happy with Kerio 2.1.5.

Over at wilderssecurity forums there's a couple of custom made rules, which serve as a good starting point.

I realize that you've had problems with Kerio, but I'll still recommend it. Very lightweight, and I'd even consider using it if I had a hardware firewall, just to be able to see what goes in and out.

I'm no techie, but this works for me :)

General Software Discussion / Re: recommend backup soft?
« on: February 26, 2007, 03:32 PM »
I'm happy with Genie-Soft backup too.

Notice: I will be replacing FarrFox with FarrMarks soon, giving it the ability to search firefox and opera, and ie bookmarks.
Excellent! I use Opera and currently I only need to export the bookmarks to html and change appropriate path setting in FarrFox to get it to search my Opera bookmarks :) But native Opera support would certainly be better !!

Excellent, mouser!

Looking much forward to the plugin system  :up:

ah, ok, that could be right. I haven't seen this in other applications since switching to xp recently, though.

Some issues (using latest Alpha on XP Home)

1. Focus. Even with "Always maintain focus" on, focus sometimes shifts to another window, which can be pretty annoying. I can't seem to find any pattern when or how this happens, but it does from time to time. Note that I have window focus follow the mouse pointer, the window under the pointer is raised and focused after 500ms (or thereabout....), but I didn't have this problem with the latest full release.

2. Tooltip stays on top when exiting FARR. This occurs when the pointer hovers over any result, and I exit the FARR window with Esc. See screenshot

3. List results all displayed in lowercase. This one's a bit weird, when previously launched results (i.e. based on date and/or score) are launched from the list without typing anything, just using the numpad keys, upon next launch of FARR the result is all in lowercase... Look at the screenshot:
As you can see only two results contain uppercase letters, and these are the newest entries in the list, and hasn't been launched by pressing the corresponding number key. I'm sure that after I launch it with the number keys, it'll be displayed in lowercase letters.

This is not a big problem, but it's weird and makes reading the result list slightly more difficult.

Hope this helps. I'll be happy to elaborate on any of these issues if needed. I might stop by IRC later tonight, too, btw.

Living Room / Re: Apologese - I will be offline for a while ...
« on: February 16, 2007, 03:10 PM »
This sort of thing is a favourite with Norwegian "consumer-tv programs" (if you know what I mean by that). The dealer is responsible for any faulty products in that they've actually sold the product to the end user... in Norway, at least. :-\

Find And Run Robot / Re: Hiding the FARR Title Bar
« on: February 12, 2007, 11:50 AM »
Can't say the titlebar bothers me, but for an ultimate minimalistic tool, it'd be nice to be able to hide it.

General Software Discussion / Re: DC Toolbar...
« on: February 10, 2007, 05:26 AM »
Another more customizable browser perhaps? Personally I prefer Opera, but Firefox is an excellent alternative as well.

Or is there any particular reason why you use IE? Maybe one of the IE-"front ends" is better, such as Maxthon or AvantBrowser. (Note: I have no experience with either of these two, but they seem quite popular)

I'd do Task #2, too, but for the fact that I use Opera which isn't supported by StumbleUpon  :-\

Guess I'll have to launch Firefox to sign up...

Irfanview would be my first suggestion, too. I'll send an e-mail.

PSPad is another invaluable freeware tool. Author is Jan Fiala, support AT pspad DOT com

Another one I'll send some words of thanks to, is "Jackass JoeJoe" of (ArsClip, StartRight, RenameMaster): jackass DOT joejoe AT gmail DOT com

Thanks, Darwin. I'm not surprised by your answer, but it was quite helpful. Currently there aren't really any apps that causes me problems like that, so I'll save my $ for something else  :Thmbsup:

February Giveaway and Discounts
Chameleon Startup Manager (40% discount)
This app looks great, but does it really make the startup faster? Disabling services and apps is one thing, but I'd think that rearranging the startup order would at best give the illusion of a quicker startup, not actually speeding things up, maybe even causing the startup to be slower. has anyone tried this (or other similar apps) and found "scientific" evidence one way or the other?

seems fine to me. Especially with the aid of lsh shell utility.

can't find lsh (for windows, that is) online, though unfortunately....

jgpaiva: I think I'd have changed my vote from indexing to plugins, so if it's ok with you, we'll just swap votes  :P

nice try, lanux128, but I don't think mouser'll fall for that. Sitting back and watching, I mean ;)

I use Opera, and the same thing can be said for the bookmark file that it creates. It shouldn't be too hard to eventually write a plugin as all links are stored in plain text format. but until there is plugin support, I'll try not to get too excited about possible plugins ;)

I voted for indexing, but plugins would be awesome. Bookmark searches like lanux128 described would change the way I launch my bookmarks.

Opera, baby!!  8)

Living Room / Re: How do you spend your time on the computer?
« on: January 25, 2007, 01:43 PM »
I would've liked to say that I spend most of my time on the computer doing important work and being creative, but I think the following list is more realistic... in no particular order, except the top two taking up about 50-60% of the time spent on the computer.  :-\
  • Surfing, mainly various forums
  • Reading mails
  • Checking out software
  • Trying to get files and folders organized
  • Organize and edit pictures
  • Writing school assignments
  • Chatting
  • Managing CD/DVD/Book collection
  • Writing articles for a fanzine
In addition I'm a periodic gamer. I think I've been hooked on two games for a few months during the past year and a half: GTA San Andreas and Football Manager 2007.

Must say I'm very impressed by Recuva. Found ancient deleted files even on my USB pen drive. An only in seconds!

Will be just as valuable as CCleaner!

Find And Run Robot / Re: New FARR v2 Icon Design Needed
« on: January 22, 2007, 01:00 PM »
Beautiful, dclagoa. I agree with Farmsteader though, that at 16x16 the Robot could be more distinct with a little less glare.

I'd definitely go for this as default ;)

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