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I'll take a crack at this one.  How soon did you need it by?
yesterday!!  LOLLL  jk

Lol, too true.  I've been working on this for months and it's surprisingly hard with no coding experience.  I was really getting desperate and found Snap2HTML which did about 60% of what I needed but if skwire could make this app in the proposed design below it would really be wonderful.  It's a pretty basic design.

skwire, thank you so much for being willing to help me with this. I deeply appreciate it.  I have spent the last few hours putting together a proposed design to eliminate the guesswork. I sincerely hope I don't offend you or this community by making this too custom but it would really make the world of difference.  I would need to have the source code to be able to make the necessary personal modifications. I would compile using AHK to EXE compiler.   I hope this isn't asking too much.  I really wish I had the time to learn Autohotkey, but too much going on in my life to take on such a task :(

Here's some technical criteria to consider:
1. Should list only files in a subfolder called "Data" located in its own directory. For example, a user places a folder called "Data" in the app's directory and the app reads it from there.

2. The main types of files that will be launched/printed:
  • RTF files
    PDF files
    LNK files (short to RDP file)
    .URL (web site)

3. No menu bar needed or desired as it will clutter the interface.  One can quit the app using top right X.
3. Be able to read & list up to 20-30,000 files in multiple directories. Your apps are lightning fast so I don't see this as a problem.
4. You can put generic names in the titles "AppTitle"  and I can modify those in the source code.
5. Settings window allows to configure font, & font size & relative data path

Other considerations:
1. I assume since these are made in AHK there will be no dependencies or prerequisite software
2. I will be avoiding using MPRESS or UPX compression as I need to avoid the identification of this software as malware by McAfee AV. I checked splaylistmaker as an example, and happy to say most brand name AVs don't mark the app as malware) :)
3. Source code is needed to make very basic (non-programming) adjustments if needed.
4. I know this is a standard for all your apps, I would need it to be completely portable (store all settings in config.ini like your other brilliant apps). 
5.  I would need to be able to launch the app via USB key so making the directories relative (e.g. \Data vs C:\Data) is of critical importance.
6. Should not access network since all files will be stored locally

Re. the Snap2HTML method, a possible alternative is HFS, (HTTP File Server), which can serve up a file structure easily.

The default HTML can be modified, it's dynamic (just copy new files into the folders it's looking at and refresh), access control if needed, plus a lot of other options ... there is a search function but it isn't 'as you type'.

Unfortunately due to security considerations, they won't let me install any networking apps like HFS on the computer.

I'm going to give chrome --kiosk/--app mode a shot next Monday and see if that works for the needs. Keep the comments coming guys. I really appreciate it!

I did

Is this for local use? Or in a network (LAN) you control? Or is this for a machine that "faces" the internet?

In case of the first situation, you can get away with the use of HTTP protocol, instead of the HTTPS protocol. And if the files are stored on the computer running the kiosk software, the only thing you need to do to create a link in the HTML is:  file:///C:\example\folder\structure\example_file_name.mp4  This will result in click-able links that open the linked file in the browser, not the default configured application. Depending on the file type you may need to install extensions in the browser to allow the browser to open them.

In case of the second situation, you can still get away with the use of the HTTP protocol, as your traffic remains in the LAN network you control. You will need to make the files available on a share if these files are located on a different computer in your network. You can assign a drive letter to that share and use:  file:///Z:\example\LAN_share\example_file_name.pdf   File will still be available as a link, your browser will still be able to open these if the appropriate extensions are installed.

In case of the 3rd situation, on a machine that "faces" the internet, you will need to use the HTTPS protocol. Most browsers won't allow any cross-link to the HTTP protocol anymore and only if the files are stored on the internet facing computer it might still be possible to link them in HTML using:  file:///<drive letter>:\example\folder\example_file_name.rtf   From a security standpoint, files stored directly on such a computer likely end up being more trouble than they are worth.

Unless I misread your request, a solution like: NextCloud  may be much more useful. You have a nice web interface for file management, you can create a user in that ecosystem, which can only open files and nothing else, remove the password for that user and you have already practically all you need. Unfortunately, it is not a lightweight solution. And there is no version of NextCloud to install on Windows. Given the stance of the developers, there never will be a version for Windows either.

You'll need a computer (virtual or on real hardware), install Linux on it, turn that into a LAMP server, then install NextCloud on that machine, configure it with user accounts/rights/extensions to your needs and finally add the files you wish to be available in the NextCloud instance, turned into a kiosk of sorts. VirtualBox (for creating virtual computers) is freeware, Linux is open source and can be freely downloaded (Ubuntu Server LTS version, it is one of the simplest ones you can use, because the installer has an option to turn it into a LAMP server immediately), NextCloud is open source and can also be freely downloaded.

What it will cost, is time. How much time? If you are a quick learner, not as much as you would think. Configuring NextCloud will be a bit of a time sink, because you'll see what nice things the default version can do and then you'll get a whiff of the available extensions. You'll likely end up dreaming up much more use-cases for that NextCloud server. There is an on-line demo available where you can try out NextCloud and get a glimps of it's features (for the instant trial, the password is: demo). It can be as open or as closed off as you want it to be. And it runs just as well on-premise as it does in any type of cloud setup too.


I should have provided more information, sorry.

All 20,000 + files will be locally stored and locally accessed.

I started investigating using Snap2HTML code of the folders in combination with local HTML + Google --app or --kiosk mode.

I am still very interested in a lightweight app to do this though too if possible.

How often do the files change in the folders you wish to make available? If those are pretty static, then it might be an option to use a generator for static HTML pages. Pages can be maintained by using MarkDown files (or AsciiDoc...yep, harping on that again), the generator will turn the adjustments into static HTML pages and these could then be served to users that can only open a browser that is hard-coded to only open these static HTML files.

I don't know how but we have plans to go with Kiosk mode in LTSC, but those plans are severely delayed due to COVID19.  I've already checked out kiosk mode and custom apps on my home computer but I don't think it would work for our needs.

The files will change constantly (every 6 months most likely but most likely every year).    I don't know HTML, but I did find a very cool app called Snap2HTML that creates a directory of files to HTML.   The only problem is unsecured HTML is not allowed on the computers anymore :(   I tried to compile the HTML into an EXE using a specialized app, but there's limitations since HTML cannot open local files.  I got "file not found" errors and the dev confirmed there's no workaround and that i'll have to find another solution.

What version of Windows will you be running?  Windows 10 Enterprise and Educational (and maybe Pro) already have this in the OS.

We use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC.  They've been talking about bring Kiosk mode for a long time, but unless I am missing something this won't replace the functionality of an app with a basic interface to be able to scroll through various files.

Does anyone know any apps (paid or free) that could build such an app without knowing any programming?

So you want a kiosk app that displays the files and folders in a directory and allows you to launch them... is that pretty much it?

Ya, I guess that's the best way to summarize it.  I don't want them to be able to open the folder, just the files. I  hope this request isn't too far out there. :(

Hi all,
I'm looking for a very specific app to help out a non-profit.

Something like this:

1. Reads all the files/folders in a specific directory and allows the user to run it from the local machine. The great majority of files will be PDFs & RTF files.  Must NOT be able to open the folders themselves and give access to the explorer file directory.
2. Needs a search functionality built in that searches inside the aforementioned (ideally search as you type).
3. Needs to have a very lightweight/quick interface as there will be close to 22,000 files in the folder.

I had tried to use Snap2HTML to create a structure of the folders in HTML and then converted the HTML EXE.  This process took me about 15 hours to work through & figure out only to get stuck at a technical limitation of HTML :(

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Coding Snacks / Re: *Batch* JPEG to HEIF converter app
« on: October 09, 2020, 10:19 PM »
The fact that apple has backed HEIC makes it the standard for me as I take pics exclusively from my phone

Coding Snacks / Re: *Batch* JPEG to HEIF converter app
« on: September 01, 2020, 12:16 AM »
For those of you who have a Mac, Permute is a wonderful application for this.

 I've done some testing and can confirm it's working now.

Jody, you are a god among gods.  Sometimes the simplest issues are the hardest.    I sincerely appreciate your time and effort for the updated build & for this brilliant program.

Paging @skwire..

4 years later I ran into the same problem as what I posted above on July 2016.   I've confirmed that Winamp is misordering (100 before 20) because of the way it's listed in the playlist.

Is there any hope for a fix for sPlaylistmaker?  This has been a solid app for the past 4-5 years and I hope to have it listed in proper numerical sorting for the tracks.

Thank you good sir!!

Coding Snacks / *Batch* JPEG to HEIF converter app
« on: January 06, 2020, 04:07 AM »
Here we go!  I predict this will be a very very popular piece of software in the near future.

1. Drag as many folders as I have and the program recursively looks for jpg/jpeg files and converts to HEIF.

1. Lightweight
2. Fully 100% Portable (all settings in folder)
3) *MUST* Keep ALL EXIF data of original file
4)  Author Must write "I love donation coder 1000 times on a chalkboard LOL!!)

I could not find a utility that did this IN BULK recursively for Mac or Windows

So I want to issue a correction.  I think he might have changed his mind a little and is going to try and move to another host in a few weeks.   I did request the source code should he ever decide to give up completely on the site (assuming Costco still worked at the time).

In the past 24 hours, it's sent me an In Stock alert for a hot item, saved me $55 and potentially $20 for my parents. I love Costco!

Let me preface this that I've been using price trackers like to track Amazon prices for a long time.  I discovered one of the most incredible and hidden gems on the web-- Pricecaseis a price and stock tracker for sites like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and most importantly, CostcoIt is the ONLY site on the web that reliably evaluates COSTCO.COM prices for sales/price drops/in stock

Unfortunately, the site is and has been experiencing severe database issues and is unreliable at best. I've talked to the author and he mentioned he created as a side hobby project and doesn't have the time to maintain it. A little part of me died inside because I can't tell you how many bargains this useful site has given me.  Costco cleared out a $300 X-mas tree for $99.99 (Now it's $400!) shipped. This saved our Christmas last year when someone stole ours.

Someone please, please come up with a solution.  Can an individual program be programmed similarly run locally to scrape for the information every so often and send an email or notification of some sort?   

For those of us in the USA, Costco online has some of the cheapest prices on Earth. The deals you can get for clearance items is insane at times and we've saved thousands after there's been price drops for items we bought.  I can't believe no one else has created a price tracker for Costco online because it gives the user a leg up in snatching deals before others.

Before anyone suggests change detection sites - they often times do not work, don't have stock detection and have a multitude of false negatives / positives.   I also tried WEBSITE-WATCHER but even after studying it, it gives about 20 false positives a day even with the screenshot method :(

Is anyone willing or able to code something that would help detect stock alerts and price changes for  There is no other solution on the web. I know there's blogs like frugalhotspot  & Costco97, but they are not live and specific to specific products.--- believe me I consider myself the expert at Costco.

Someone please help.

Coding Snacks / Re: Killing app the way Alfred can in OSX
« on: October 30, 2019, 12:26 AM »
In 99% of the cases, I know what process I want to kill by name -- I just have to search for it. I've assigned process hacker a keyboard shortcut but I would really love to speed this process up.  Alfred does this beautifully with a custom workflow. "kill <process name>" and it finds the process name and kills it for you.

I'll give FARR a shot for this purpose, but I replaced FARR with listary due to various reasons (I still love FARR and you mouser!!!)

Coding Snacks / Re: Killing app the way Alfred can in OSX
« on: October 28, 2019, 07:42 PM »
TY skwire!  I wish Listary had this. :(

Coding Snacks / Killing app the way Alfred can in OSX
« on: October 28, 2019, 04:02 AM »
I use Listary 5 and would kill some kind of a solution to kill programs easily and quickly based on process name.  Does anyone know of a program that could do the same?
Alfred on OSX does it best by using an extension. I type in kill <process name>

The problem is I don't want to copy all of the music files. I thought I could get away from doing this with an app designed to add it to the iTunes.

The junction link worked, but unfortunately iTunes completely mutilated my carefully arranged collection that winamp relies on. ugh

@dcsev - I use Link Shell Extension for this - http://schinagl.priv...kshellextension.html
I keep my music on an external drive and just create a hardlink to the music folder on C:. Works great for me.

It doesn't give the tray alerts but is easy and simple.

i actually tried a junction link and it works, but now I'm running into another problem!  iTunes doesn't my m3u files  and has removed them from each in a new folder called D:\Music\ Not Added.
This has obviously ruined my Winamp setup that uses Album List to pull m3u files and present the CDs in their original playlist orders.

Without question, iTunes is the worst piece of softwar eApple has ever released.

Any chance of getting a lightweight app to do this?

The powershell seems like an inelegant solution. Might have to do the junction links, but I have no idea how iTunes will handle it. I don't keep itunes running 24/7 - only when I want to sync music to my phone.

@dcsev - I use Link Shell Extension for this - http://schinagl.priv...kshellextension.html
I keep my music on an external drive and just create a hardlink to the music folder on C:. Works great for me.

It doesn't give the tray alerts but is easy and simple.

I didn't think of that. I suppose I could use a hard junction link to sync the directories without running the app.  I'll try this and see if it works.

Hi all,
I am sure if this is within the scope of DC, but it's worth a shot and it seems people all over the Internet want something like this. I can't believe no one has coded anything that currently works on the Internet for this.   The closest thing I've found is called "iTunesFolderWatch" located here:, but it's not maintained, costs $, doesn't work, requires .NET 2.0 which i'm finding is difficult to find on the Internet, and most importantly NOT portable.

Basically, a lot of people like me keep their music in D:\ directory instead of the standard C drive just in case they need to reinstall. Unfortunately, iTunes does NOT allow you to "automatically" add music to its library, unless you use a very specific folder deep in the C drive.

1. Program must watch a specific folder(s) and automatically adds the music to the iTunes library (like this pic:
2. Must be lightweight
3. Must be able to minimize in tray
4. MUST be portable (pretty please!). All settings should be contained within the folder.

Is this a proper ask?

N.A.N.Y. 2019 / Re: NANY 2019 Release: SCURLed
« on: January 06, 2019, 12:50 AM »
This looks like a cool program.  I am absolutely in love with skwire's apps and I wish development would continue for Splat (although admittedly it does everything I want!).

NANY is such a  cool event.

Looks great! can't wait to hear the response from the person who requested this.

That would be me :)
I am going to test this out at work.  I have a feeling Citrix windows are going to be a royal PITA, but this will be very useful. Expect feedback in hopefully less than a week.

PS: mouser-- so I ripped every video from alejandra's youtube channel (  and watched all of them at 2x speed.  I find myself to represent the pinnacle of humankind when it comes to organization so I am a critic.  She definitely is organized and I learned a few minor things here and there, but overall I don't like her system as much.  She organized for sure, but definitely cluttered.  She organizes just to be organized.  I think her system wouldn't work as well in a small apt.  Roughly 70% of the stuff she did I have digitalized in my computer.  Anyways thanks again for the recommendation. Was fun watching her. She seems a little neurotic, but at 2x she sounds batshit insane . haha!

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