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Thanks for the reply ham. nice to see you :)

I was JUST about to post that I believe I figured out my issue and Open++ works for my needs for now.  I would absolutely love if skwire would create something like Open++ because it's discontinued, outdated, and buggy. It's sort of like a "Splat for right click context menu" :D

Here's a picture of the final result I just finished with!

I wish I could move the Open++ menu a lot higher :(

I scoured the web for a long time and the only software even remotely close to what I want here is Open++, as I mentioned.

Portable download link:

I cannot figure out how to use this to "Send" apps to it.  If anyone can figure this out, let me know.

As simple as it sounds, I have not found anything (yes I tried Open++).  I want a Splat-like program for the SendTo menu.

Essentially, the app runs 100% portable in the folder, with the exception that it registers its DLL (with a cute icon) to the Right click menu (as high on the menu as you can possibly get it. NOT at the bottom).  You add the shortcuts you want in the SendTo list and it shows up in the context menu with the app's native icons and all.  The list of shortcuts, again, should be stored locally in the app's folder and NOT tied with the system at all. The only link is the right click DLL menu association.

The whole rationale is:
1. SendTo main is a PITA to move mouse to when you have a lot of context menus taking up screen. Those seconds count when working with a lot of files
2. I constantly lose my rapidly rotating SendTo entries whenever I reinstall windows. This happened for startup entries too, but skwire's awesome app "Splat" fixed it.
3. Further 'portabilizes' windows to reduce relying on stupid system folders.

Picture: IMAGE:

Help me skwire! You're my only hope. lol!

So my final solution to this is to dump my current video player and just use PotPlayer (the best!). It auto-rotates videos

you somehow have a knack of finding that little niche that I desire and programming an awesome app for it.

Splat is now my #1 go-to startup launcher solution. Where have you been all my life? :D :D I reinstall windows frequently and having to keep up with constantly changing startup entries is a royal PITA. I want to run splat at startup and have it be my pipeline to run all of my startup apps. I don't really need it running in the backgrond either. Once it does its business at startup, it can quit..  I toyed around with the app and I think it's doing everything I wanted.

Side note: I have UAC completely turned off (Enable LUA=0) so admin rights not an issue.

Some suggestions:
1. Create right menu context entry > "Duplicate" function (For entries, not profiles)
2. Allow us to manually choose display name or have another column for NAME           |      TARGET        | Arguments.
3. It's not the worse thing in the world but I would remove the options tab - remove the profiles tab and just create a text label called "Profiles". Then I would put "options" or "preferences" under menu, unless there's some design considered I haven't thought of.  PIC of area I'm saying to remove:
4. PLEASE allow us to customize the columns. I don't need working directory or notes...
5. Give us the ability to keep entries in the list, but "disable" them. Disabling them puts a red X over their name or dims their entry dramatically.

Bugs (#2-critical bug)
1. EDIT: I think this may a bug, but I keep having to resize the columns (specifically working directory) but closing the app and reopening splat doesn't remember it.

 I know the role of profile shortcuts (for startup) but i was messing around and....
I have also discovered a infinite loop crash in splat. Create a new entry for splat  with following:     

Action: Profile
Launch this profile: startup
Put it at the top of the list.

Now, right click / run selected entries.  Infinite loop, crash. Proof:


EDIT: removed report about breevyportable.exe problem since it's not splat's fault. I created a workaround in the profile to kill breevy.exe before running breevyportable.exe again :)

Thanks mouser. That worked :)

Is there a way to type db <search string> to search the folder "D:\Dropbox\Documents" without searching any other folders?

I actually did look at the help and settings and couldn't find any reference to this (maybe I missed it?)

Listen, when it comes to my iPhone... the App Store is fucking unstoppable. I LOVE not having to worry about having the latest updates for my mobile apps (gosh, I remember those Windows Mobile days.. what a nightmare!).

When it comes to my Windows PC,  they can pry my portable software from my cold, dead, and decomposing hands.    After 20 years, I believe I have perfected my data setup.

C:\ - System drive only
D:\ - Data drive (Applications for music,   music, movies etc)

I make a tuned but 'clean' copy of Windows and back it up with Acronis TrueImage every time a new major version of Windows comes out (10, anniversary edition, etc). I store everything on D:\Applications, and 98% of my apps are portable so if I lose the system, my data is complete

If my system gets a virus or corrupted, I restore the acronis image. If I get crytolockered, my bitlockered drive has a monthly backup of everything.

If my entire system catches on fire, I have an emergency offsite drive that stores everything as a 3 month backup.

The app store interferes with this system. Also, a lot of of my older windows apps are no longer maintained, so they will never go on a app store.

Selection in 99.999% of Windows applications is performed by using shift+arrow keys, ctrl is to be added when selecting larger parts of the word at the cursor. Ctrl+arrow (right/left) is used to 'jump' to the next/previous word. Ctrl+up/down action depends on the type of application and input-context.

Argh! This is what I get for staying up all night.  Yes, you are right and I modified the opening post.  I meant to say I want to be able to use CTRL + SHIFT + arrow keys (left or right) for selecting one of multiple words between spaces.

Hi mouser,
When I press CTRL + SHIFT and use Left or Right arrow I am unable to select the word(s);  I am able to do this in virtually every other program.  Is it possible to add this functionality to FARR? I realize it may not apparently to most people how useful this is, but it is once you start using it. Pretty please, it is one of the last things in my quest for FARR Meta-search. (Thank you, btw! It saves me a ton of time!!!).

PS: Metasearch working great :)

Hi skwire,
I've been using sPlaylistMaker since its inception and I haven't had any major problems until now.  I am hoping you can figure it out. Using M4A files.

These are the offending files. You'll notice that Directory Lister has the same error in listing as sPlaylistMaker.

Here is director lister's files:

Here is the sPlaylistmaker's m3u file:

Here is an image of the settings I use:

The problem is that the listing jumps from 10 > 100.  :(
See pic:

I am not having this problem with any other albums.  M4A files do not allow the extra 0's needed  MP3s do, but it's not an option to convert my collection. :(

It may not be 100% sPlaylistMaker's fault. but is there any way to correct this in the program?  I have subscribed to this thread  so I will see replies quickly.

Thank you again for all that you do. It is sincerely appreciated!

Thanks again for this tool. I use it on a weekly basis :)
Saves me so much time!

Hi mouser,
Thanks for the reply

Is there some documentation about keyword modifiers or an easy explanation on how to use it? Sorry to take up your time!

Find And Run Robot / Running two instances of FARR simultaneously?
« on: March 05, 2016, 11:18 PM »
Hi Mouser et al

First - LOVE this software. Thank you for spending the time to code/update/support it.

Question - is it possible to run two instances of FARR simultaneously from TWO seperate folders (with their own settings)? 

The reason I want to do the following: have 1 for my program files and another one (with URLs only) filled with URLS that take me to the direct download pages of the portable apps I use for easy updating.  I know this sounds silly, but I really, really don't want to taint my "programs" FARR with duplicate entries for URLs.  I considered using the scoring system to lower the listing but honestly, it's just so much darn easier having them seperated with different keys.

I did try to do this, but it wouldn't work.  Please help!

Skwire Empire / Re: Release: Comic Book Archive Creator
« on: February 06, 2016, 11:07 PM »
Hi skwire,
This is a very useful too.  I actually came thinking I was going to file a bug report, but apparently I need to echo phig & aerlas's requests.

Whenever I added multiple PDF files, it would output only to one CB7 file.  There really should be a setting to allow "Convert to individual CB files" or something.
Is this technically possible and/or feasible in the near future?

See pic:

I agree with you about 7zip's performance.  However, please see my comment on this post:


No worries. If it was an easy add, I would've said go for it, but if it requires an entirely new build I would say focus your energies elsewhere.

Bandizip actually works pretty well and supports multiple formats. Too bad they don't support creation of RAR files.

So I found out bandizip (portable version too!) has an option to do this for all compression formats. With that said, I am still very open to an option to have this work in spinzip as I like the interface better :)

General Software Discussion / Re: YNAB moving to a subscription model
« on: January 10, 2016, 08:11 PM »
I have tried about 103 financial apps.

Here are my results:

Mint - for daily checking of accounts
Expense tracker - HomeBudget (iOS).  They have an Android app too, but I can't vouch for the quality.

I advise everyone to try the lite version. If you're just interested in tracking your expenses, this is THE app to buy. There's a lite version you can try out.  Trust me, i've tried all of them including YNAB.


Is there any chance you could create an option to use .7z format (7zip) to Spinzip?  If you don't want to pollute spinzip then maybe fork over another app called "Spin7zip"?  Pretty pretty please?!
  I have found for almost all applications .7z is far superior in compression to regular zip and it would be so darn useful and appreciated.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip
« on: June 27, 2015, 10:43 AM »
I appreciate your feelings skwire.  using video2mp3 via sendto menu is a good enough workaround for me. To keep an open mind, i will try format factory. Thanks guys!

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: automated mp3 rip from video clip
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:15 AM »
I am sorry to rehash this thread, but I wanted to appeal to skwire for a request:

A interface. Any interface. A blank page that says "drag video here" is even better than nothing. Dragging a video into the application icon is really a cumbersome and time consuming for people like me who use FARR or shortcuts.  One workaround I have come up with is to put video2mp3 into my sendto menu and send videos that way, but a drag-n-drop window would be great ^_^

Acknowledged. Will report back. Stand by.

Edit: works.

Post New Requests Here / Re: Can DimSaver become DimScreen?
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:41 AM »
You, mouser and NirSoft are really my heroes of these small pieces of software.

The best app I found so far (and I have searched!) is PangoBright for dimming, which works pretty much perfectly, except 1) no settings savings (thus can never be portable) 2) No hotkeys. 3) Development dead + no way to contact author

I want to bump what Bubel and webdude both asked for two and 'tritto' their request.

Here's what DimScreen needs:

1. A new cool icon for the system tray (to replace the hotkey screen)
2. Menu dimming (as requested above)

This is a great app and helps me immensely post eye-surgery :]
The hotkey support is an absolute GODSEND for me to control via Eventghost!

Thank you!!

Ok, I understand your explanation and I followed your directions exactly and I still am having the file size issue problem.

I have "use Lossless rotation when possible (JPEG)" in Xnview  Under Settings / Browser/ Misc (3rd/last checkbox) ENABLED.
I open a photo (compressed with Photoresizer ) in Xnview
The file size doubles.

What am I doing wrong?

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