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What you're doing is using normal rotation and then when you save it, it is recompressing the image using whatever options are set for JPEG compression, which looks to be close to 100%.

Bingo. I think this is it.  Could explain why JPEGr (another AWESOME program) also has the same problem

wtf? That  is so very bizarre. I am able to replicate this 100%. 

Here is the image I am using:

Before compression size: 318kb
After compression size:  265 kb

I double click on it the JPEG file and press SHIFT R in Xnview (rotate right). Save the changes

Post-rotate size: 901kB♥


Post-rotated and compressed again:  260kb

I am using:

If I compress the image and then rotate it, the file size will return to normal

Wait, are we talking about the same thing? I am talking about rotating it after its been compressed with the aforementioned tool.   After I rotate it, the file returns to original size and I have to rotate it again to get it back to where it was.

I have been using your app for the longest time and it has saved me a lot of time and grief. Thank you!

I want to tell you two things:

1. The problem in the aforementioned thread (with respect to sizing) still exists.  I am following all steps correctly.
 a) Send JPEG to your app. b) rotate the picture  in ANY app [windows, xnview, acdsee, etc] and save. c) observe file back to original size. d) send picture back to your app to get it back to lower size.  No idea why this is happening

2. Any chance for a front end GUI / progress bar for your app?  I know it's a simple app, but I was just converting 26GB of Pics and it would've been nice to know the progress of it.

Inspired from This old thread

My ideal scenario would be this. 

Along the same lines as my request for Automatic JPEG compressor, I would like this same thing for using the latest handbrake for windows 8.1.

The Mac Already Has This

I want to be able to put a shortcut to "SendTo" menu so whenever I sent my iPhone .mov VIDEO(S), handbrake will launch and each convert the one file or batch convert them automatically.

I want to believe this is possible. Can anyone help?

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 RELEASE: Portable Extension Warlock
« on: April 19, 2015, 08:07 PM »
Thanks for the heads up mouser. No worries on the timing. Been waiting forever for this, so I am patient ;)

With that said,
The best, most ideal functionality would be a utility that when double click, would assign file associations to windows explorer based on the (portable )user entries.

That way there would be no middle man like PEW.  Is this possible? mouser? I haven't seen anything like this.  Is there even a chance of building something like this?

N.A.N.Y. 2012 / Re: NANY 2012 RELEASE: Portable Extension Warlock
« on: April 19, 2015, 07:27 PM »
Hi hamradio,
Sorry for the delay. I didn't subscribe to this thread to see the response in time.

Anyways, here are few issues that are lacking to make this one of the most useful utilities EVER.

Bug #1: 
1. Open clean (virgin) copy of PEW
2. Immediately click top left button for "Save the launch file" (with no entries).  [[Note: PEW saves launch file]]
3. Close PEW
4. Open PEW
5. Observe error (see pic)

The utility is exactly what I was looking for. It is cleanly designed and portable and actively developed. However, few things make it ultimately not so useful for me. I know there are others looking for the same thing, because the net was littered with requests similar to this one with no solution in sight :(

Here are the problems::

1. CRITICAL: Right click > sendto is extremely cumbersome and time consuming. While some people may welcome this and dropzone for portability, honestly this is not the tool that would be useful.  The best functionality IMO would be all your portable file associations in PEW just like it is, but what PEW does is "associate" itself with Windows (8.1+) set file associations so that when a user opens the file IN WINDOWS EXPLORER, it launches PEW and PEW in turn quickly launches the other app and (PEW) closes itself. 
The reason to do this is because reinstalling and re-doing file associations is an inveritable NIGHTMARE on Windows 8+, so this functionality would help save a lot of time. 

In summary. The user would:
1. Launch PEW
2. Add all associations
3. Save/close PEW
4. Launch PEW and have it "associate" with all the file extensions in the app entered.
5. PEW will take over file associations and place the user-enabled icon (if any) in windows explorer
6. When User double clicks on "Fileextensions.txt" for example, it will launch PEW > Notepad++.exe with text file >> closes PEW
2. If #1 is enabled, PEW should allow user to choose/change the icon displayed in windows explorer (so you can see set and forget your icons with 1 click) and save this information/icon information portably
3. Minor: Settings?
4. Minor: Should have AUTO-update check setting / portable self-installation available.

Please tell me if I am completely out of line, but I have not found an app that does this. I have tried all of them I believe.

Shades, that was the first thing I tried. It didn't work for me unfortunately.  I think I even posted in the thread for help.

I don't reinstall 95% of my apps. They are all portable.  Some examples are Zoomplayer, Xnview, Notepad++.  That is my predicament. I would like to be able to easily get my file associations back on my portable apps.

I see one potential problem so far. If the app itself associates itself with the registry the DISM app doesn't add the location of the application to the "ProgID".  When I export and import again on a fresh install one would reasonably assume it would know to open INI with Notepad++ but wouldn't know where N++ is.

Wow, are you kidding me.

It can't be that easy. All this time I have been looking to external solutions.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to know if it truly worked until I reinstall, but THANK YOU for the info!!

Coding Snacks / Is there any way of 'saving' file associations?
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:56 PM »
Hi all,
This problem has been following me for a long time. Is there any way to 'save' file associations in Windows 8.1 to a .reg file?  For example, .txt is to notepad. I have many file associations I would like to save so I don't have to keep re-associating after Windows reinstall.  I would just run all of the reg files on reinstall and not have to do them manually by hand. I have tried all of the programs listed in portable freeware, donation coder, and google search for hours and have yet to find something that does this.

I do use 'portable file associations' in XYplorer, but I really want to be able to have the file association in Windows option.

Is this possible?

Where are you guys getting the betas from??

I  am really glad to see this program updated. I was gonna look for an alternative next week but I saw an update today :)

This is the only external plugin I really want to use with FARR, but unfortunately it just doesn't work for me. :(

Using Win 8.1 64bit w/ latest FARR2

This is the pluginlog.txt error I get:

06:03 PM, Sunday, March 15, 2015
 Error initializing plugin do_init function
D:\Applications\Donation Coder\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\FARRGoogleSuggest\FarrGoogleSuggest.dll

Can someone help me fix this problem so I can use this awesome plugin? :(

Running explorer with full elevated priveledges (killing it and running as admin) fixes the problem above. Not my ideal solution would be an understatement of the century and I still don't know why it's happening :(

I'm running Windows 7 and it works fine when focused on the desktop.

Can someone else with Windows 8 test this?  Surely there must be some explanation for such an odd thing.

As suspected (sigh) and as most of my problems stem from, I have concluded that MS Window's UAC implementation is to blame for the blocking of the keystrokes.

Even if I turn the slider in the UAC control panel, I still have problems.  Disabling UAC thoroughly through a reg key, effectively giving the machine full and TRUE admin access using the following reg key

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Yes, can anyone with Windows 8.1 (pref. 64bit) test this?  Might be a UAC thing, since it almost always is. This MIGHT not be a FARR specific issue, since Eventghost is having the same strange issue (?).

Truelaunchbar doesn't have this problem, which is why I never noticed it before.

The "`" character (I don't know what it is called) is an authentic single key on the keyboard, and should not be used (even if it could be) as a single key to start an app up.

Don't knock it till you try it! That's the key I use on my laptop (which doesn't have a Pause/Break key) -- works well for me, and is in a convenient location.

I still can't get this while FULLY focused on the desktop. Can you? (Click somewhere on an empty desktop) and try hiding the this key we are talking about (the other tilde)

By the way, never, ever take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

LOL. Ew!

Hi IainB,
I misspoke. I was simply using the >>  '  <<  key (NOT tilde).  It is strange. This seems like it's NOT just a FARR issue, but also a Eventghost issue. The only app that I can find that will allow me to launch hotkeys from the desktop is TLBhost (Truelaunchbar in portable mode)

If you want to use your left hand to press the hotkeys, could I suggest that you use remapkey to make CAPS LOCK = Right Shift
You could then (say) use as your FARR hotkey: Left Shift+Right Shift+ tilde

Sleeping pills def. kicking in, but can you explain this in more detail. How do I remapkey to make CAPS = Right Shift and what does that mean?  FARR will launch with CAPS?

Title says it all.

Being left-handed, I find I deviate more to keys on the left side of the my keyboard. Thus, I decided to use the `  (tilde) key to launch FARR. It is incredibly convenient, but there is one slight annoyance.  When focused is strictly on the desktop (and not any other windows or apps) FARR wont toggle. I use Win + A as backup, but I really would like to stick with the tilde key 100% of the time so that my work speed can increase without hesitation.
Is there any to prevent this from happening?  

There is one work-around -- run FARR using EventGhost D:\Applications\Donation Coder\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe with command line argument -toggle
This workaround royally sucks though because it is incredibly slower than FARR's wonderful hotkey integration.

I hope we can find a solution to this :(

I am running Windows 8.1 64bit.

I just had an "Aha!" moment when I realized one of my favorite apps ever made, EventGhost, will easily do hotkey launching for apps, shorts, etc.

It still would be nice to have this feature in FARR though, as I am sure some would find it useful!

Regarding #2:

The best way to show you is to give you the instructions on how to replicate the issue:

1. Download UAC pass (it is Completely safe)

2. Make a dedicated shortcut

3. Drag it into UAC pass.  It will create a shortcut wherever you chose in the settings (I clicked "My desktop" for destination).  Anyways, that shortcut is now pointing to Schedtasks, but it has an icon!

4. Put that shortcut in a /TEST folder.  Name is mouseristhebest

5. Add that folder to FARR.
6. Search for mouseristhebest
7. Observe no icon of shortcut

Regarding #3:
here's a pic of the problem

That "Sandbox" file is actually a shortcut inside of another folder. If I press the number 1, it will launch the shortcut but NOT in XYplorer. It will launch it in Windows Explorer, which to my understanding violates the intended function of the setting (?).

Also, one final request.

I am at the main window in FARR, main text box is focused.  If I hold down CTRL + SHIFT and click arrow left, it should select the word my marker is closest to, but it doesnt.  I can use SHIFT + ARROW LEFT fine, but when I add CONTROL button to highlight entire words, it doesn't work.  Any chance this could be added as well?   Hotkeys take priority though IMO ;)

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