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Hi all,
I'm looking for a very specific app to help out a non-profit.

Something like this:

1. Reads all the files/folders in a specific directory and allows the user to run it from the local machine. The great majority of files will be PDFs & RTF files.  Must NOT be able to open the folders themselves and give access to the explorer file directory.
2. Needs a search functionality built in that searches inside the aforementioned (ideally search as you type).
3. Needs to have a very lightweight/quick interface as there will be close to 22,000 files in the folder.

I had tried to use Snap2HTML to create a structure of the folders in HTML and then converted the HTML EXE.  This process took me about 15 hours to work through & figure out only to get stuck at a technical limitation of HTML :(

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Coding Snacks / *Batch* JPEG to HEIF converter app
« on: January 06, 2020, 04:07 AM »
Here we go!  I predict this will be a very very popular piece of software in the near future.

1. Drag as many folders as I have and the program recursively looks for jpg/jpeg files and converts to HEIF.

1. Lightweight
2. Fully 100% Portable (all settings in folder)
3) *MUST* Keep ALL EXIF data of original file
4)  Author Must write "I love donation coder 1000 times on a chalkboard LOL!!)

I could not find a utility that did this IN BULK recursively for Mac or Windows

Let me preface this that I've been using price trackers like to track Amazon prices for a long time.  I discovered one of the most incredible and hidden gems on the web-- Pricecaseis a price and stock tracker for sites like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and most importantly, CostcoIt is the ONLY site on the web that reliably evaluates COSTCO.COM prices for sales/price drops/in stock

Unfortunately, the site is and has been experiencing severe database issues and is unreliable at best. I've talked to the author and he mentioned he created as a side hobby project and doesn't have the time to maintain it. A little part of me died inside because I can't tell you how many bargains this useful site has given me.  Costco cleared out a $300 X-mas tree for $99.99 (Now it's $400!) shipped. This saved our Christmas last year when someone stole ours.

Someone please, please come up with a solution.  Can an individual program be programmed similarly run locally to scrape for the information every so often and send an email or notification of some sort?   

For those of us in the USA, Costco online has some of the cheapest prices on Earth. The deals you can get for clearance items is insane at times and we've saved thousands after there's been price drops for items we bought.  I can't believe no one else has created a price tracker for Costco online because it gives the user a leg up in snatching deals before others.

Before anyone suggests change detection sites - they often times do not work, don't have stock detection and have a multitude of false negatives / positives.   I also tried WEBSITE-WATCHER but even after studying it, it gives about 20 false positives a day even with the screenshot method :(

Is anyone willing or able to code something that would help detect stock alerts and price changes for  There is no other solution on the web. I know there's blogs like frugalhotspot  & Costco97, but they are not live and specific to specific products.--- believe me I consider myself the expert at Costco.

Someone please help.

Coding Snacks / Killing app the way Alfred can in OSX
« on: October 28, 2019, 04:02 AM »
I use Listary 5 and would kill some kind of a solution to kill programs easily and quickly based on process name.  Does anyone know of a program that could do the same?
Alfred on OSX does it best by using an extension. I type in kill <process name>

Hi all,
I am sure if this is within the scope of DC, but it's worth a shot and it seems people all over the Internet want something like this. I can't believe no one has coded anything that currently works on the Internet for this.   The closest thing I've found is called "iTunesFolderWatch" located here:, but it's not maintained, costs $, doesn't work, requires .NET 2.0 which i'm finding is difficult to find on the Internet, and most importantly NOT portable.

Basically, a lot of people like me keep their music in D:\ directory instead of the standard C drive just in case they need to reinstall. Unfortunately, iTunes does NOT allow you to "automatically" add music to its library, unless you use a very specific folder deep in the C drive.

1. Program must watch a specific folder(s) and automatically adds the music to the iTunes library (like this pic:
2. Must be lightweight
3. Must be able to minimize in tray
4. MUST be portable (pretty please!). All settings should be contained within the folder.

Is this a proper ask?

There have been requests from all over web, but I could not find one decent tool to do this. (Closest was MLHotKey but dev stopped in 2008 and it reverts @ startup).  We need a small, lightweight and portable tool to do this!
Here's a description from reddit: https://www.reddit.c...ool_to_hotkey_mouse/

The requirements:
1. User should be able to assign a hotkey to a specific window.
2. Give us at least 10 entries (windows) to assign hotkeys to.
3. 100% Portable

Let me know if you guys know of any software that does this.  Otherwise, someone has to make this and fulfill netizen's requests :D

Donation-mod-gods, please forgive me. This is a duplicate from an OLD thread here: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=36870.0

I felt it was worth starting a new thread as I am hoping for a new app.

Here is my part of my decision tree I use:

I have used FARR for a long time, but have replaced it with Listary as of last year. I still use FARR though for some uses.

I want a program that does this:

Allows me to enter all of the links with specialized %s or {query} or whatever and lets me create "group " those individual search entries. That way if I want to search for tools, all I hav e to do is type "tools" and it will launch chrome (default) for tools. 

Ideally, be able to integrate logo images in some way.

I have wanted something like this for a long time and the only one that does it perfectly is Alfred for Mac, but nothing for PC.  FARR can do it, but it's a bit messy. Listary Pro author promises in 6.0, but it's unverified and will take years more.

This can't be that hard can it?  skrommer? skwire? mouser?

You guys got any ideas for me?

I searched Google for 60 min + /r/software + Donation coder but couldn't find anything useful.
I want something like Cuckoo for Mac.
1) Simple.
2) MUST be portable (this is the reason I don't want to use Windows Task Scheduler as the settings are tied to Windows).
3) Must be able to choose mp3, wav, or m4a file for sound.
4) Decent interfaceknow if such an app exists?

As simple as it sounds, I have not found anything (yes I tried Open++).  I want a Splat-like program for the SendTo menu.

Essentially, the app runs 100% portable in the folder, with the exception that it registers its DLL (with a cute icon) to the Right click menu (as high on the menu as you can possibly get it. NOT at the bottom).  You add the shortcuts you want in the SendTo list and it shows up in the context menu with the app's native icons and all.  The list of shortcuts, again, should be stored locally in the app's folder and NOT tied with the system at all. The only link is the right click DLL menu association.

The whole rationale is:
1. SendTo main is a PITA to move mouse to when you have a lot of context menus taking up screen. Those seconds count when working with a lot of files
2. I constantly lose my rapidly rotating SendTo entries whenever I reinstall windows. This happened for startup entries too, but skwire's awesome app "Splat" fixed it.
3. Further 'portabilizes' windows to reduce relying on stupid system folders.

Picture: IMAGE:

Help me skwire! You're my only hope. lol!

Is there a way to type db <search string> to search the folder "D:\Dropbox\Documents" without searching any other folders?

I actually did look at the help and settings and couldn't find any reference to this (maybe I missed it?)

Hi mouser,
When I press CTRL + SHIFT and use Left or Right arrow I am unable to select the word(s);  I am able to do this in virtually every other program.  Is it possible to add this functionality to FARR? I realize it may not apparently to most people how useful this is, but it is once you start using it. Pretty please, it is one of the last things in my quest for FARR Meta-search. (Thank you, btw! It saves me a ton of time!!!).

PS: Metasearch working great :)

Find And Run Robot / Running two instances of FARR simultaneously?
« on: March 05, 2016, 11:18 PM »
Hi Mouser et al

First - LOVE this software. Thank you for spending the time to code/update/support it.

Question - is it possible to run two instances of FARR simultaneously from TWO seperate folders (with their own settings)? 

The reason I want to do the following: have 1 for my program files and another one (with URLs only) filled with URLS that take me to the direct download pages of the portable apps I use for easy updating.  I know this sounds silly, but I really, really don't want to taint my "programs" FARR with duplicate entries for URLs.  I considered using the scoring system to lower the listing but honestly, it's just so much darn easier having them seperated with different keys.

I did try to do this, but it wouldn't work.  Please help!

Inspired from This old thread

My ideal scenario would be this. 

Along the same lines as my request for Automatic JPEG compressor, I would like this same thing for using the latest handbrake for windows 8.1.

The Mac Already Has This

I want to be able to put a shortcut to "SendTo" menu so whenever I sent my iPhone .mov VIDEO(S), handbrake will launch and each convert the one file or batch convert them automatically.

I want to believe this is possible. Can anyone help?

Coding Snacks / Is there any way of 'saving' file associations?
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:56 PM »
Hi all,
This problem has been following me for a long time. Is there any way to 'save' file associations in Windows 8.1 to a .reg file?  For example, .txt is to notepad. I have many file associations I would like to save so I don't have to keep re-associating after Windows reinstall.  I would just run all of the reg files on reinstall and not have to do them manually by hand. I have tried all of the programs listed in portable freeware, donation coder, and google search for hours and have yet to find something that does this.

I do use 'portable file associations' in XYplorer, but I really want to be able to have the file association in Windows option.

Is this possible?

Title says it all.

Being left-handed, I find I deviate more to keys on the left side of the my keyboard. Thus, I decided to use the `  (tilde) key to launch FARR. It is incredibly convenient, but there is one slight annoyance.  When focused is strictly on the desktop (and not any other windows or apps) FARR wont toggle. I use Win + A as backup, but I really would like to stick with the tilde key 100% of the time so that my work speed can increase without hesitation.
Is there any to prevent this from happening?  

There is one work-around -- run FARR using EventGhost D:\Applications\Donation Coder\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe with command line argument -toggle
This workaround royally sucks though because it is incredibly slower than FARR's wonderful hotkey integration.

I hope we can find a solution to this :(

I am running Windows 8.1 64bit.

Hi mouser,
Long time no see! I have finally decided to use FARR as my #1 launcher. If I use it 100% of the time, you can be assured I will be an active member of this forum. I have been told I am the absolutely grandmaster of breaking things, so if there's any issues/potential improvements in FARR, I will find them :)

Anyways, here's a few things (running latest version)

1. (Urgent)  How to do I launch apps using hotkeys? For example, I want to launch Chrome with ALT+C.  There is a shortcut in the folder for Chrome, so I would like to assign it to launch using ALT+C.  Oh mouser. Please o please o please tell me FARR can do this.  If not, I want to beg and plead you if you could implement it somehow. It's the only thing keeping me from using your app 100% of my time.  I tried reading the help, fiddling around for hours but could not figure out how to do this.


1. I know FARR launches QuickDocLauncher.exe, but when I do it independently it launches and closes and takes up 100%.  There is literally no way to recover from this unless I log off or restart. Not a big deal, but I am guessing this shouldnt happen.

2. Icons are not showing in shortcuts created by UACpass. This is definitely what seems to be a deficiency in FARR, as windows and any other program sees the original icons.
Here's an pic of the problem:

EDIT: I think some explanation is in order.  I created a custom shortcut using the program UACpass to run the app in TRUE (Win 7+) admin priveledges without prompting me.  My UAC switch in CP is at the highest level.  Here is an example of the shortcut. It points to schtasks.exe, but there is an icon associated with the shortcut. It seems FARR is trying to poll the icon from the original icon instead of the shortcut.
Here's the shortcut: C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "UAC pass\pia_manager"

3. It seems like FARR is not respecting the setting for launching folders in the 'custom app' I set (XYplorer). It does so under most cases, but not all. For example, If I type C:\test in FARR it will launch fine in XYplorer. However, if I launch a shortcut for C:\Test it will launch the folder in Windows 8.1 64bit. Is this intended?

I have searched far and wide and I cannot find an app that does this easily and rapidly.

Basically, here's the problem:

iPhones and iPads (along with many other devices) record based on their orientation. They record to AVC / MPEG4  / .MOV containers.
Anyways, if  you have the iPhones oriented the 'wrong' way (for example, straight up), the video will record sideways and virtually all video players will display them sideways (Zoomplayer, VLC, MPC-HD, etc.)  The only player that correctly reads the EXIF tag is Quicktime, the most bloated, crappy player of all. 

Anyways, I have all but given up trying to get developers of Zoomplayer or madVR to implement some sort of auto-rotate option, so I am turning to the source material.

I just want an app that you drag to the window and it reads the EXIF tag and rotates the video permanently accordingly.  Alternatively, one can specify how the video is to be rotated (90 C, 90CC, 180,  etc etc).

Is this at all possible?   There are many, many people who would benefit from an app like this.  I haven't found any app on the web that does this easily. If I missed something, please speak up!!

Hi guys,

This is culmination of 13 hours of google searching and I still have not figured out a way to do this in chrome.  I am turning to you guys!

Basically, I want to be able to type "am" (short for anime meta) and a search string in my Chrome address bar OR an a small app and have it launch the resulting search entries in new tabs/windows (prefer tabs).

For example: I type  am <search string>   or  am naruto  and that will search the following sites (I replaced the search query with %s)

FakeSite1   http://www.FakeSite1...h/search?searchitem="+s+"&searchradio=releases&submit.x=0&submit.y=0
FakeSite3  http://www.FakeSite3...p;filter=0&term="+s+"

It will popup 3 popups (or prefer tabs) with Bakaupdates / BakaBT / Nyaatorrents
here's some background threads where this was achievable in Opera. I cannot get any of these working in Chrome.  :(   I am CERTAIN this is not that hard, but I am at a loss as to how to proceed next.

Some background threads.

There are a handful of people who want this very specialized function for years.  Please help!

General Software Discussion / One-drag video conversion?
« on: August 25, 2013, 02:02 AM »
Hi all,

I am looking to convert ALL of my AVI, 3gp, DAT mkv, etc.  videos to MPEG-4/H264 in an effort to save file space (will I be saving space??).  I just want to drag all of my videos, press convert. The resolution and everything remains the same. The only things that change are 1) format 2) container (MP4).   I do something similar with my music using xrecode II.   

I know about Handbrake, Freemaker converter and a few others, but are not really what I am looking for.

Is there a utility like this out, or am I out of luck?

Hey skwire,
I was the original requester of s_playlistmaker. I think you'll be happy to know I use this software on a WEEKLY basis and has remained the standard on all my computers.

I have run into a snag and I hope you can help me.  I am building a PC Karaoke setup using OGG+CDG (converted my MP3s>OGG) files.  I use Winamp +CDG plugin to play them.  Each file will be zipped (.ZIP) format to save 30-40% of space.

For example:
5 Help Me Make It.cdg
5 Help Me Make It.ogg

5 Help Me Make

My request for s_playlistmaker which I hope you can implement easily. Can you add ZIP and RAR support to the creation of playlists?  I want to be able to add files to my karaoke songs folder (all zip files), drag it into s_playlistmaker, and product a m3u or m3u8 (with zip files' names) and subsequently  drag this file into Winamp +CDG plugin.

There is a way I can do this already, but holy crap it's a royal PITA (involves WinRAR, spinzip and about hours worth of time just to create 1 playlist)

Please please please tell me you can/are willing to do this! :D

Finished Programs / SOLVED: Image optimization tool
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:24 AM »
Hi all,

There is still no program that does this that I found on the Internet.

I am currently using RIOT (a program that efficiently optimize images for the Web? ) , but we need a tool that  supports “Batch optimizing into original subfolders".    There is currently no software that I can find that can do this. Please help!!!

Basically, I want to be able to optimize photos in subfolders, have it delete the original image, and place the 'optimized' folder back into the original folder. 


I have searched ALL OVER THE WEB for this. Mac has Audiobook Builder, but Windows has no good batch audiobook builder.

The way I do it now:
1) Have a collection of mp3s
2) Merge using Mergemp3 (rawstream mode if the programs throws an error)
3) Import the collection of merged mp3s (if you have more than one audiobooks) into iTunes music using similar Album name (e.g. DonationAlbum)
4) ... i dont do chapter assigning yet.

What I want:
a) I have chapter 1.mp3, chapter 2.mp3, chapter 3.mp3
b)The program merges the mp3 files into one file
c) The program remembers the timing of each assigned chapter, create chapters in the huge mp3/m4a file based on the position for each mp3 file, and names the chapters based on mp3 file name
d) converts mp3 to AAC using m4a container using its own way or launches (easier) iTunes to do the conversion
e)   Renames mp3.m4a file to mp3.m4b to enable bookmarking
*) the program can be run as many times as possible to do batches

 The only software that is available helps in this regard:

1) MergeMP3 -- works beautifully, but does NOT create audiobooks, nor does it allow saving chapters inside of the file.

2) MP3 to iPod/iPhone Audio Book Converter: Theoretically does what I want (minus the chapters), but there are reports on the net [b]that I can personally confirm[/b] that software makes broken m4b files with any player seeking wrong time in m4b to seek to when fast forwarding. essentially, useless, but this is the closest there is and serves as an example:

3) Chapter and Verse --  Does everything I asked for but terrible in implementation; buggy; always tells me the file is not AAC, even though itunes converted it. (such as merging and chapters based on individual mp3 files). 
Proof that Mp3 to ipod/iphone converter is broken:
[quote]I have used it successfully – sometimes. The problem is the output file sometimes has the wrong duration encoded in the file which causes various problems, including causing iTunes to crash. I say sometimes, but it is actually more like 75% of the time

Exactly my problem.

Basically, we need a program like MergeMp3 to combine the MP3 files
(allow the user to see the order it's being combined in).

Then, the program launches an iTunes module like MP3 to iPod/iPhone Audiobook Converter does (or it can do it on its own, if possible) to convert the MP3 file to AAC (m4a).  Then the program renames the file extension to m4b to enable bookmarking.

I realize this is a royal project and a major PITA, but it's worth it!

Hi all,

I am currently using RIOT (a program that efficiently optimize images for the Web? ) , but I need a tool that respects folder hierarchy.  RIOT does not currently do that, nor does its plugins.
Anyone have any recommendations that their current program that does?

Finished Programs / DONE: Batch m3u8 creator - similar to createm3u
« on: September 05, 2011, 12:35 AM »
I have searched ALL over the web and I have not found a single program that will do this in a batch fashion. I am certain a lot of (domestic & international) users will find this very handy!
CreateM3U 0.1.1
Create .m3u playlists with drag&drop of files and folders. For each folder a single .m3u file is created named after this folder. It will not replace already existing playlists of that name. The generated playlists do not contain EXTM3U information because a simple .m3u is nothing more than a text file with a list of file names per line. The initial tool for this task for me was a batch file ;-) As the generated playlists only include filenames without any path, as they are located along with the media files, they can be moved together with the files, for example for portable mp3 player usage.

Basically, I want to do every CreateM3U does, but with making m3u8 files. m3u8 files are basically unicode-friendly versions of .m3u playlist files.
The different (AFAIK) between m3u and m3u8 files is: m3u is ANSI  m3u8 is UTF-8 files compatible with foreign languages.

Basically, createm3u is the perfect program in every way, except it doesn't make the files m3u8 (UTF-8) format so my mp3 Winamp player skips over ? characters. :(

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Unicode-based texter program
« on: March 31, 2009, 09:33 AM »
Title half-assedly says it all. ;D

I'm sure some of you already know Lifehacker Texter

Lets you define text substitution hotstrings that, when triggered, will replace hotstring with a larger piece of text. By entering your most commonly-typed snippets of text into Texter, you can save countless keystrokes in the course of the day.

The program works great (albeit slightly buggy). 

Basically, Texter unicode compatible.

I'm learning Mandarin Chinese and typing Pinyin markers is a major PITA.

Texter has the ability to greatly simplify my task by replicating this online flash-based Pinyin Word Processor as I'm typing my document!

There are a shitload of people on the net who want to do something like this, but I just can't find an alternative. :(

I know about Accents 1.0 by donation coder, but it isn't unicode aware (I'm using it right now, I know) and also the functionality I want is closer to Texter.

I want to type the text in bold, which will convert it to the text on the right, respectively (see bottom).  Accents will not do this, but Texter will. Hell, texter is even lightweight AND portable.  Dammit, if only it was unicode aware. I know the Texter Source Code was released to the public.

a1  ā 
a2  á
a3  ǎ
a4  à

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