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Living Room / Re: - 100 Guides and Cheat Sheets
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:35 AM »
Hi mouser,
I have Makeuseof in my feedly RSS list. Love them.  I thought he removed the password from the PDF files.  It is suprisingly easy to guess :-)

General Software Discussion / One-drag video conversion?
« on: August 25, 2013, 02:02 AM »
Hi all,

I am looking to convert ALL of my AVI, 3gp, DAT mkv, etc.  videos to MPEG-4/H264 in an effort to save file space (will I be saving space??).  I just want to drag all of my videos, press convert. The resolution and everything remains the same. The only things that change are 1) format 2) container (MP4).   I do something similar with my music using xrecode II.   

I know about Handbrake, Freemaker converter and a few others, but are not really what I am looking for.

Is there a utility like this out, or am I out of luck?

Very weird thing here.
When I drag and drop a photo (essentially reducing the size) and then double click it in Windows 7, rotate it  and save it, the file size returns to around what it was previously.  Any ideas why?

hey skwire,
Don't worry about deleting files. I found an app that does what I need it to do for my specific taks (MP3gtoolz).  Spinzip is still my tool of choice for all other projects. Saves me so much time :-)

I have 3 great suggestions for spinzip

1)  I am using spinzip to recompress my karaoke cdg + mp3 collections and am running out of space on my HD.  Possible to add a "delete original item after processing" or something to that effect? It compresses the files in question and deletes it, then moves onto the next.  Obviously, this should be an optional checkmark, with another dialogue WARNING user about it

2) Include a "PAUSE" button

3) Instead of just "working..." in the bottom left, change it to "Working 5% ETA ________  Elapsed time _____)

It's just amazing that I can have this program made and then altered for a very specific need. Just amazing. Love this forum.  Times are tough right now, but when I get a job again and get back on my feet, donations are coming.

Wow thanks so much skwire!! You are so amazingly awesome!

The first time I used it, the program included mp3 files that were in the same directory as the ZIP files despite the option being checked to exclude. I cannot replicate it anymore after the first time it happened.
This is precisely what I wanted and will save me so much time and will be very useful for the karaoke community.  thanks again sooooo much!!!

Yes. It should be option in the dropdown box for ZIP files or RAR files. 

Just to clarify, it would NOT be BOTH mp3 and zip. The file would only contain .zip entries if that option is chosen. 

yay skywire! Thanks so much. This will be a great help for me.  Let me know if I can do anything to help you.

I made a m3u file from s_playlistmaker and replaced .mp3 with .zip

Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing .zip
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On

Hey skwire,
I was the original requester of s_playlistmaker. I think you'll be happy to know I use this software on a WEEKLY basis and has remained the standard on all my computers.

I have run into a snag and I hope you can help me.  I am building a PC Karaoke setup using OGG+CDG (converted my MP3s>OGG) files.  I use Winamp +CDG plugin to play them.  Each file will be zipped (.ZIP) format to save 30-40% of space.

For example:
5 Help Me Make It.cdg
5 Help Me Make It.ogg

5 Help Me Make

My request for s_playlistmaker which I hope you can implement easily. Can you add ZIP and RAR support to the creation of playlists?  I want to be able to add files to my karaoke songs folder (all zip files), drag it into s_playlistmaker, and product a m3u or m3u8 (with zip files' names) and subsequently  drag this file into Winamp +CDG plugin.

There is a way I can do this already, but holy crap it's a royal PITA (involves WinRAR, spinzip and about hours worth of time just to create 1 playlist)

Please please please tell me you can/are willing to do this! :D

 rofl just a heads up.
After YEARS of asking/begging/yelling-kicking-screaming profanities for this function in RIOT and Caesium ... after I found Photoresize, both programs now support what I want.

Can you believe that! ROFL

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Image optimization tool
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:29 PM »
Thanks skwire! Good to see you again :-)

I just saved 8GB of room using that awesome utility

Okay I finished the tests

test 1 Photoresizer: 473 MB (496,117,161 bytes)
test 2 - RIOT folder:  470 MB (493,519,346 bytes)

Quality is pretty much the same. Minor difference in some pixels when flipping back and forth repeatedly between pictures, but overall I am very pleased.

This is the tool I was looking for now and makes it really easy to process my stuff!!!! thank you so much!

Now if there was only one for video ;)

Thanks for the clarification regarding the skip smaller feature.

I think where I am having difficult and need your help desperately is to find the "sweet spot" for JPEG optimization.   Am I wrong to assume that RIOT has some magic algorithim for quality/size ratio?

These are the settings:

0. I do NOT want to mess with the dimensions!!
1. Remove all meta dataa (EXIF, comments, etc)
2. 75% quality
3. Chroma subsampling 4:1:1 (????)
4. Standard optimize (not progressive)
5. Preserve file modification date

This is the name that I got: PhotoResizeP100ICROEG.exe

Please confirm if this is the correct name matching what I got. I am going to do some basic tests and compare file sizes/quality

I tried comparing the file sizes/quality.   I really want to use your app vlastimil.  It would serve me TREMENDOUSLY and is exactly what I am looking for. 

I tried using your tool and RIOT still gave me better file sizes.  Could you replicate the best setting/file name for me?  If I use "skip smaller" option, it doesn't do anything.

Finished Programs / Re: SOLVED: Image optimization tool
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:59 AM »
Also, probably should add discussion going on here.

I tried your tool vlastimil. It didn't do anything.  I tried dragging folder/folder structure Nothing.  Just folder structure  and nothing.  Pictures only and nothing.

Name is PhotoResizeP100ICRSOQ85.exe  and PhotoResizeP100IMRSOEQ85.exe

I tried both and neither worked. Am I doing something wrong?  I am dragging folders with jpeg files inside.

UPDATE:  when I remove "Skip smaller" option, it worked.   Will I be able to tell the difference in quality between two images? With RIOT, I really cannot.

It is not a specialized "RIOT" tool as you call it, it simply resizes .jpegs, but with P100, the physical size remains the same, and it only re-compresses them. Today's digital cameras usually produce relatively large file with unreasonable compression options, so saving a lot of space with negligible quality loss is possible - experiment with the compression quality.

vlastimil -- the reason I didn't try it because I was uncertain that it did the same thing.  Does RIOT do the same thing as your tool (in term of "optimizing" that RIOT does? IS that all it does?)

Stand by vlastimil. I am online now. Let me see what your post is about :-)

Finished Programs / SOLVED: Image optimization tool
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:24 AM »
Hi all,

There is still no program that does this that I found on the Internet.

I am currently using RIOT (a program that efficiently optimize images for the Web? ) , but we need a tool that  supports “Batch optimizing into original subfolders".    There is currently no software that I can find that can do this. Please help!!!

Basically, I want to be able to optimize photos in subfolders, have it delete the original image, and place the 'optimized' folder back into the original folder. 

Hi all,

It's been one year and there STILL isn't a solution for this.  RIOT does not support “Batch optimizing into original subfolders".  I have tried every other program I could find by Google on the Internet and could not locate a good program to do this.

Please help! :(

Hi guys,
I am really embarrassed to say I forgot about this request -_-
Just remembered now that I had a need for it.

SS-- see the following link:


scores of users are wanting the same thing. RIOT does everything we want except the following:
1) Allow you to save the processed file inside each folder  (and delete original file)
2)  drag and drop folder and recursively 

Also, another INCREDIBLE program I have found is xrecode II.  It is hands down the best audio conversion program I have ever found. It also creates audiobooks, but the chapter creation is not as customizable as Markable2.

If anyone can find a better program, please let us know!!

skwire, sure, no problem :)

I found a program that does just this.  It is called Markable2.  It is not free, but there is no other solution.
The batch function is *slightly* more laborious but it works great :D


I have searched ALL OVER THE WEB for this. Mac has Audiobook Builder, but Windows has no good batch audiobook builder.

The way I do it now:
1) Have a collection of mp3s
2) Merge using Mergemp3 (rawstream mode if the programs throws an error)
3) Import the collection of merged mp3s (if you have more than one audiobooks) into iTunes music using similar Album name (e.g. DonationAlbum)
4) ... i dont do chapter assigning yet.

What I want:
a) I have chapter 1.mp3, chapter 2.mp3, chapter 3.mp3
b)The program merges the mp3 files into one file
c) The program remembers the timing of each assigned chapter, create chapters in the huge mp3/m4a file based on the position for each mp3 file, and names the chapters based on mp3 file name
d) converts mp3 to AAC using m4a container using its own way or launches (easier) iTunes to do the conversion
e)   Renames mp3.m4a file to mp3.m4b to enable bookmarking
*) the program can be run as many times as possible to do batches

 The only software that is available helps in this regard:

1) MergeMP3 -- works beautifully, but does NOT create audiobooks, nor does it allow saving chapters inside of the file.

2) MP3 to iPod/iPhone Audio Book Converter: Theoretically does what I want (minus the chapters), but there are reports on the net [b]that I can personally confirm[/b] that software makes broken m4b files with any player seeking wrong time in m4b to seek to when fast forwarding. essentially, useless, but this is the closest there is and serves as an example:

3) Chapter and Verse --  Does everything I asked for but terrible in implementation; buggy; always tells me the file is not AAC, even though itunes converted it. (such as merging and chapters based on individual mp3 files). 
Proof that Mp3 to ipod/iphone converter is broken:
[quote]I have used it successfully – sometimes. The problem is the output file sometimes has the wrong duration encoded in the file which causes various problems, including causing iTunes to crash. I say sometimes, but it is actually more like 75% of the time

Exactly my problem.

Basically, we need a program like MergeMp3 to combine the MP3 files
(allow the user to see the order it's being combined in).

Then, the program launches an iTunes module like MP3 to iPod/iPhone Audiobook Converter does (or it can do it on its own, if possible) to convert the MP3 file to AAC (m4a).  Then the program renames the file extension to m4b to enable bookmarking.

I realize this is a royal project and a major PITA, but it's worth it!

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