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Zoom Player and Other Media Players

APP NAME:                    Zoom Player Professional
APP URL:                       http://www.inmatrix.com
APP Version Reviewed:     5.00 Preview 7
Price: $0 to $36 depending on edition


For the past few years, I have been a long time and devoted winamp user. But as of lately, winamp development has ground to a halt. Due to numerous bugs, like fast forwarding an avi file causing the player to freeze, I have begun the hunt for a new media player. Winamp was beautiful in that it could handle everything I threw at it with the exception of DVD playback.

Enter Zoom Player. Upon discovering this program, I was skeptical that any program could hold up to the torture I put my player through. However, I was soon to find out that I would be pleasantly surprised. Zoom player not only handled every format via a plugin (so you can customize it to your liking) I threw at it (RM, RAM, RV, QT, AVI, MPEG, Any audio format, AND DVD PLAYBACK), but it did it with class.

This is a rather large "mini" review by josh, who also managed to organize a discount for donationcoder members and get some copies donated for us to give away.

Read the full mini review and the numerous resposes and contributions to it ...

Virtualization Tools - What's Free, What's Not and What's it do?

blog clipart
As a follow-up to a recent irc discussion, mouser asked someone (I volunteered) to write up the status of the Virtual Machine Software in the world today.  Or at least the world as we know it.  :P

Read about the differences between VmWare, VirtualPC, Parallels, Xen, Boch, and the different versions of each..

ClocX - Free, attractive, highly configurable clock software

blog clipart
I recently discovered a very nice clock program. The program is called ClocX and can be obtained at http://clocx.php5.cz/. It is highly configurable in terms of settings, shape, size, and background images. It has several nice options, including my personal favorite "click through", which allows it to be set to stay on top of other windows but lets you interact with the window beneath it as if the clock was not there.

This is the nicest donationware clock program I have ever found and is better than many shareware clock programs.  :Thmbsup:

What are your favorite RSS feeds?

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Hi all. I've been reading RSS feeds for a while and deleted a bunch of feeds today, which, of course, made me wonder what feeds I should add.

So, what RSS feeds are your favorites?

See all the rss feeds people have suggested so far, and add yours..

Chasm: Wonderfully Animated Flash Game

mycaps Screenshot - 002 , 02_01_PM , Jul 16 2006_thumb.png
This click adventure is very profressionally drawn and animated with tons of personality.  Excellent but tricky.

You cant just solve this by clicking around, you have to figure out the puzzles.


i cannot remember another flash game so professionally animated to look like a cartoon.
posted by mouser donate to mouser
discovered on can't remember, sorry!
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DClock - Always on top, hotkey activated StopWatch

The StopWatch can be accessed from DClock's menu or you can run StopWatch.exe.

The hot-key is Ctrl-Shift-F9.  It will either start it or pause/resume it. You will have to stop and reset from the buttons on the StopWatch window. I can only assign one global hotkey to a window so I felt it was best to pause instead of stop.

You reset by clicking the stop and then the start button again.


You can download the latest version of DClock on my homepage here:

Direct download of standalone stopwatch program here:

Click here to dicuss and see other related programs..

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