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Nathan Gelen from Download3k image
Whether you are contacting the technical support for an application or you want to share something with your friends, Screenshot Captor is the right tool for the job.

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Quick Change Artists: How on God's Green Earth Do They Do this?

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This can't be real:

Watch and amaze yourself as 2 artists get in and out of clothes faster than your eye can see!

Continue reading the rest of the entry and discuss..

foundmagazine.com: Very cool website of stuff found by others on the street

We collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles - anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life. Anything goes... (from Web site)


Bookmarkable Website: www.thisisbroken.com

Nice site where people submit images of base human design decisions.


mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 06_44_AM , Jul 22 2006_thumb.png

Cool: Send flash emails that show the process of writing

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Fuzzmail records the act of writing and lets you send it as an email. Dynamic changes, typoes, pauses and writeovers are captured and communicated. We created fuzzmail because we wanted a more emotionally expressive alternative to email, so that an emailed love letter does not have to look the same as a business letter.

GridMove 1.13

blog clipart
At last!!
I present GridMove v1.13 :D

New features:
  • Next grid / grid list. When the on drop zone mode, right click and the grid will change to the next one on the list. this list can be costumized in the options.
  • Options Menu. No more .ini file editing, all is done through the tray menu now.
  • New command mode. Pressing win+g will bring the new command window up. No more selecting number and pressing enter. Now, you only press the number of the window and it'll be moved there. If the grid has more than 9 elements, it'll wait for the next digit, but if you just give it one and wait a bit, the window will be moved. Also, by pressing 'n' you get the next grid, pressing 'r' reloads the script and pressing 'm' maximizes the window.
  • Dynamic Grids. Now, the custom grids can featura variables line [Monitor1Width] or [Monitor1Left], and can be expressions. This means you can create your own and share it!
  • MultiMonitor support. The default grids will now work on multimonitor configurations, displaying the same grid on every monitor. It's also possible to create custom grids with variables like [Monitor2Width] or [Monitor3Top].

I hope you like this new version, here's the links:
.exe version
.zip version (the .ahk version is now a .zip version as it includes several .ahk files and image files, all included in the .exe version)

Our very own JGPAIVA has released version 1.13 of his gridmove utility. New features include Multi-monitor support, dynamic grids, a new command mode, and a next grid/grid list feature. Check it out!

Read more about the program and about how to make your own grids..

Joel On Marketing: "It's not about me!"

mycaps Screenshot - 001 , 10_54_AM , Jul 21 2006.png
Joel Spolsky runs a software company, and he writes very well on the subject of software.  He has written some insightfull articles that we've talked about on this site.

But he is an incessant and unrelenting self-promoter.  Which seems undeniable unless you ask Joel himself.

Here's a section of an interview from a new book by Bob Walsh on Indie Software Vendors.  They are talking about blogs and marketing, and the subject comes around to Joel's blog:
Q: "Do blogs fit there?"
Joel: "Tell me whose blog.  On my blog, I don't attempt to blog for the purpose of marketing."
Q: "So PR is free and low price.  It may be your blog, or it may not be."
Joel: "I don't think a blog can do marketing"
Q: "Well, what would you say about Joel on Software then?" [joel's blog]
Joel: "Ah! You see this is sort of different. Joel on Software is editorial not on the subject of my business."

A fun drinking game is to visit joel's blog and drink every time you see a story that promotes his own software or books.. but please kids don't play this game unless you can afford to sleep off a nasty drunk at a friends house.


All kidding aside, joel is a great writer.  But come on joel, your blog is not on the subject of your business, and it has nothing to do with marketing?  That's a good one.

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